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GCA 13 winners announced!
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  1. are we judging these on comedy because if so then kamikaze wins for being the most unintentionally funny album of the past decade
  2. pretty great show, if I do say so myself
  3. i will challenge elon musk to a fight

  5. as the president of philly, i hereby decree all psychopaths that terrorize spongebob websites will be destroyed, along with the two infamous terrorists kev and g4ry!

  6. Boy, I sure love how for the alleged "world's most dangerous bad guy!", the warmongering neolib + neocon media said nothing about Soleimani at all until this year. Goes to show the so-called "liberal media" isn't truly loyal to the actual left and is on nobody's side. But it's okay. They and the assholes in charge think we're all moronic sheep that will blindly eat this up, so be happy for more war, folks! Don't ask questions, just consume war propaganda and be excited for the next one!!! The strings from the twisted puppeteer controlling Mr. Trump are clearer than ever here.
  7. Don't ask questions, just consume war and be excited for next one!

  8. haha I get the first status of 2020

  9. Uh oh! A shitstorm is brewing, folks! To those of you that do buy what seems to be the most controversial game of 2019, have fun!
  10. Sonic Team should make the next Pokemon game.

  11. I am a posh intelligent fan of The Simpsons who says that The Simpsons is way better than Family Guy. I hate Family Guy even though I haven't watched past the first three seasons. It doesn't have that same subtle and nuanced humor that The Simpsons does. Did Family Guy have an episode where Lady Gaga guest stars and makes jokes about her costumes? No. Did it have an episode where the husband and wife have marital problems? No. Did they make an episode where they kill off Krusty the Clown('s dad)? No. Does The Simpsons have any toilet humor at all? No. Jokes and plots recycled are better than fart jokes that The Simpsons have never done in the show ever in previous episodes. I know this because I watched the whole series and as a longtime dedicated fan, I know everything about the show and its epic characters. Peter Griffin wishes he could be like Homer Simpson and have a bunch of Emmys like he does. If you are intelligent like I am, you will take my side and praise The Simpsons and send hate mail to the Family Guy writers because it doesn't have that same subtle and nuanced humor that The Simpsons does. Did Family Guy have an episode where Lady Gaga...

  12. For my Halloween costume, I shall be going as "Man Spider".
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