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  1. Season 4 is for the most part great! Season 5 is ok with many not so good episodes but still has some great ones in there Season 6 is bad with an exception of a few episodes Season 7 is bad with an exception of a few episodes Season 8 is pretty mediocre since I don't really remember one episode I loved in the season nor one that I despised Season 9's first half has a mix of mediocre and bad with an exception of a few pretty good episodes and the second half had many good episodes with some decent or not so good ones mixed in I should also mention that I hated the very stiff animation of seasons 5-9, season 4 was peak in terms of the show's animation IMO.
  2. I'm gonna be honest, while I can't really agree with you since there's many episodes from the post-sequel seasons I really enjoy, I can safely say that post-sequel seems to be forgettable (which doesn't necessarily mean bad). I can remember pretty much everything from seasons 1-9a, but most stuff after the sequel movie just becomes a blur with the exceptions of episodes like Feral Friends, Mimic Madness, and My Leg!
  3. A short and sweet episode that has great animation and a straight forward and compelling plot which stays true to SpongeBob. Straight up 10/10.
  4. I find the “Don’t Ask Who Joe Is” memes unfunny, other than the Squidward’s Suicide one lol.
  5. Nintendo 64 and Playstation 1 games aged poorly and I find some of the most popular ones overrated.
  6. An ice cold coca-cola from the local gas station.
  7. I'm just gonna say that I should've joined this years ago lol, anyways glad to be here now.
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