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  1. Season 4 is for the most part great! Season 5 is ok with many not so good episodes but still has some great ones in there Season 6 is bad with an exception of a few episodes Season 7 is bad with an exception of a few episodes Season 8 is pretty mediocre since I don't really remember one episode I loved in the season nor one that I despised Season 9's first half has a mix of mediocre and bad with an exception of a few pretty good episodes and the second half had many good episodes with some decent or not so good ones mixed in I should also mention that I hated the very stiff animation of seasons 5-9, season 4 was peak in terms of the show's animation IMO.
  2. I'm gonna be honest, while I can't really agree with you since there's many episodes from the post-sequel seasons I really enjoy, I can safely say that post-sequel seems to be forgettable (which doesn't necessarily mean bad). I can remember pretty much everything from seasons 1-9a, but most stuff after the sequel movie just becomes a blur with the exceptions of episodes like Feral Friends, Mimic Madness, and My Leg!
  3. A short and sweet episode that has great animation and a straight forward and compelling plot which stays true to SpongeBob. Straight up 10/10.
  4. Since I don't have a low tolerance of gross things, it doesn't really bother me. The jokes could've been better overall but the episode itself really isn't the worst the show has to offer (not even close), but the animation sucked (like most of seasons 5-9a). I should also point out that I remember seeing and liking this episode when it first aired when I was younger, so this could be a biased opinion blinded by nostalgia or something. 7/10.
  5. I find the “Don’t Ask Who Joe Is” memes unfunny, other than the Squidward’s Suicide one lol.
  6. Nintendo 64 and Playstation 1 games aged poorly and I find some of the most popular ones overrated.
  7. An ice cold coca-cola from the local gas station.
  8. I'm just gonna say that I should've joined this years ago lol, anyways glad to be here now.
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