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  1. Thanks everyone! Happy to be here!!
  2. Hey guys! Im a big Avengers fan and especially love Hulk. My favorite shows are Spongebob and Seinfeld! Best Spongebob episodes are Idiot Box,Chocolate With Nuts,and Spongebob Gets Fired. My favorite Seinfeld episodes are The Sponge,The Soup Nazi,and The Merv Griffin show. Favorite movies are Endgame,Thor Ragnarok,Captain Marvel,Spiderman Homecoming I also like The office,Black mirror,and Friends I'm proud to be tampanian and a Kirby fan,love Star Alies and Splatoon 2,I like Unikitty and Ok Ko.Camp Lakebottom and RWBY. I LOVE Jacksepticeye and Ninja,theneedledrop,and Pokimane [shes my crush] Favorite music Panic at the disco,My Chemical Romance,Fall out boy,Kanye west,Pink Floyd,The beetles,Queen,Death Grips. Hope i like this community and find good spongebob fans like me
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