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    anyone who's anyone will be here
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  1. i'm sans perry

    1. SpongeCob


      i want moto moto to rip me in half

  2. farmerbob touched me

    1. TTLF


      thank you SI-LLY 

    2. SI-LLY


      dont feed the clowns touched me

  3. I am so fucking stupid for not remembering you were a member here when you had the same Avvie as Kem on discord 

    now I know who you are lmao 

    1. TTLF


      hello i am late by 6 days

  4. anyone who's anyone will be here

    the emperor

    princess oomla

    the royal court

    even real estate empresario tronald dump

  5. the man who built dump towers

    1. TTLF


      you're discharged

  6. i heard this is a season 11 hate club and i thought i would join in on the hate and only praise episodes like old man patrick ok but for real i am here because some people told me to join and after hearing about spongebuddy mania and ESB i thought: hey, why not join here
  7. hello i am new to SBC and i dont know how this website works so here's this funny image someone made. i will be happy to join all of you in destroying the worst and wackiest thing ever made, spongebob season 11. by the way i am a pieguyrulz fan and my lord and savior is the spongebob wiki
  8. I've come to make an announcement The Night Patty is a bitchass motherfucker, it pissed on my fucking wife. That's right, it took its wacky and weird dick out and pissed all over my fucking wife.
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