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    Watch you sleeping,then eat you like a man.
    the man-----> ?
    You--> O-<-< =l
    bed--> !====! / \

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    Chinese Taiwan (or just Taiwan)
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    Crismas who? Karen's virus
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    noggin (Patrick's hand)

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About Me

Hi there if you are reading this I want you to know that your are reading a profile of someone who has terrible grammar(welp at least to me) if you can't stand me please walk away but please don't suit me thank you.

and finally 你好,如果你看的懂中文了話,那真是恭喜你了,你什麼也沒得到owo,不過很好,如果你真的看的懂了話,那這是我的全名「龘鞡蹦矲憊墬熙鞡膝瘌鯸」再說一次「龘鞡蹦矲憊墬熙鞡膝瘌鯸」。



1556003451297.gifmy first GIF : D  made by me,made for me,and made with me (?)

aslo  slove tihs hsit fro mi ; mc^2=?




































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Doubloons: $2,259

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Glove Balloon An exclusive item given to whoever purchased it from the Prize Store at Spin-Off Festival 9.1
Ice Cream 2019 1
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