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  1. And here's Cuddle Team Leader from Fortnite!
  2. Hey folks, I will be stacking my drawings here from now on if you don't mind! So that they're all in one cozy place - easier to find, easier to ignore! Oh and, just in case you want to support me in any way - you can subscribe to my channel on YouTube! But this is not necessary of course as long as you enjoy my videos
  3. Good idea, I can do that, or if moderators are ok to merge my topics into on thread under the "Drawing SpongeBob and all, all, all" name - I would be totally ok with that!
  4. Hey folks, thought to share this too as I did this drawing yesterday! It's a flying house inspired by Pixar's UP movie!
  5. Hey folks, check this out!
  6. Love this guy! He's so down-to-earth and focused on real values!
  7. Drawing poor guy!
  8. Drawing Gary the Snail!
  9. Definitely one of my favorite Characters! Flower #4:
  10. Drawing Patrick the Star!
  11. Hey folks! Here's my latest drawing of SongeBob! Check it out!
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