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  1. Thanos

    Joker (2019)

    We live in a society.
  2. I am not dead.

  3. A purple one, like me. An amazing character.
  4. Rap? More like crap.
  5. This movie is dog shit.
  6. Can't wait to suffer both the Kelp Forest slide and Rolling Ball Room in HD!
  7. I’m disappointed Nickelodeon rejected my spinoff plot lines. And now they go for this? Truly disgusting.
  8. did u have tractors on your farm?????????????????

    1. Thanos


      I only sow by hand, Fugman.

  9. I want my money back.
  10. Today is a good day.

    1. Aquatic Konquest

      Aquatic Konquest

      I, too, have been anxiously waiting for Taylor Swift to make another comeback. :funny:

  11. 5 more days.

    1. ooooooofy


      ikr Thanos I too am excited for the new Taylor Swift song!

  12. Only the power of feminism can truly stop me.
  13. Special shoutout to all who were snapped tonight. Thanos will return...... @jjsthekid @Mr. Eugene Krabs @Wendy the Witch @Renegade the Unicorn @Klu @RDSP @Patty Rose @kev @Sweat @Wintermelon43 @Cosmix humungosaur @hippythehippo @The Helpful Mexican
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