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  1. 5 more days.

    1. ooooooofy


      ikr Thanos I too am excited for the new Taylor Swift song!

  2. Only the power of feminism can truly stop me.
  3. Special shoutout to all who were snapped tonight. Thanos will return...... @jjsthekid @Mr. Eugene Krabs @Wendy the Witch @Renegade the Unicorn @Klu @RDSP @Patty Rose @kev @Sweat @Wintermelon43 @Cosmix humungosaur @hippythehippo @The Helpful Mexican
  4. As we near the balancing, I have dished you all out a badge. This badge is to show you are yet to be snapped. When the balancing finally commences, you will either keep your badge, or.... get a new one...
  5. As I now have the power of the Infinity Stones, it is now my duty to fix this site by halving its population. SBC will now be perfectly balanced, as all things should be. 1) Post in this thread. Say you wish to be balanced, or bow under my rule, or even challenge to fight me! (You will fail.) Either way, I will set my sights on you. 2) At an undisclosed time I will begin the balancing. Half of all mortals who posted will be snapped, and the others I will show mercy to and be spared. 3) Be warned, because when I snap you it will show on the posts you make. You will also disintegrate into messy powder. Yuck. Good luck, SBCers. I’m waiting.
  6. Greetings, my now disposable slaves. For the past few months both on here and on your “Discord”, I have been watching. Watching how this community functions. It is truly disgusting to see, and I, Thanos the Mad Titan, have decided to take control. Your inept admins and mods have been banished to another dimension, leaving me in absolute power over this site. Here is how we will run things from now on: 1) Your silly sponge-themed categories have been renamed with better names from my dimension. 2) Ask threads and other similar topics will now count toward your post count. 3) Thanos items can be purchased in the iFish store if you wish to dress like me. 4) I will be balancing this site member by member. In my next thread you will volunteer to be balanced yourself, and by chance you will be either spared or snapped by me. Enjoy the new SBC, peasants. Taking over sites by force isn’t something one considers when balancing the universe, but this does put a smile on my face....
  7. Hmph. Forget Ant-Meal. With my impossibly serrated dental work, I will violently tear into your ripped, thick gluteus maximus muscles, gnashing and pulling and never letting go until I can get every last juicy, bloody morsel of your fleshy blood-squirting buttocks down my wet and slimy throat, leaving you with absolutely nothing but hollow bone where your exceedingly attractive rear end once harbored itself.

    Who's the mad titan now?

  8. Something big is coming.

  9. I am the most powerful being alive.

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    2. dmandamanAndKnuckles
    3. WhoBob


      lmfao that is legit dman? 

    4. dmandamanAndKnuckles


      Nah; I’d be a lot more melodramatic about it if I was legit

      I can thank Thanos however. Now I will never visit his status updates again

  10. Ant-Man would NOT be able to defeat me by crawling inside my ass and expanding. My butt is far too strong for that kind of nonsense, especially with the might of the Power Stone.
  11. I am incredibly excited to finally have my favorite episode ever, Choir Boys, on DVD.
  12. Who is your favorite Marvel villain?
  13. Greetings, I promise you will be spared on my beautiful farm.
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