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  1. Splatoon crossover and the dice man
  2. Yuri's secret brother..... who's a fish (Also yes I consider image editing "art")
  3. This episode is one that goes for style over substance and while there's nothing really wrong with that.... the only real negative in this episode is that it barely has any jokes. The fisherman conflict was also kinda forced in just so there could be some mild tension, but I loved the fact that he works there and steals from the place every night. It's just a super weird explanation and I'm a sucker for that kind of humor. Other than the comedy, I will say the Rock Bottom and new fish designs are awesome AND this episode has a TON of callbacks. Post-sequel isn't new to them, but it's handled perfectly in this episode. There's alot to see in every section of the episode, but it's restrained enough so it isn't distracting. Plus alot of them are quick. They aren't just to older episodes either. The cave sponge and the Tidal Zone, from the same season this episode is in mind you, also make clever appearances. (I also really hope the Tidal Zone is used for future supernatural-themed episodes.) 7/10
  4. This is a bit controversial, but this episode was kind of lacking for me. It's not a bad one, but I got a little disinterested in some parts. The thing that saves this episode is the unique visuals, I love the designs of the city. However, the narration at the beginning felt kind of unnecessary. Bubbletown is pretty much..well... a BUBBLE version of a regular society, it makes the whole narration thing feel like an idea that had barely any thought. I also don't think Mr. Krabs should've been a plot point either, although his parts were fine enough. All that said though, I loved the dark comedy of SpongeBob destroying Bubbletown. It takes the fact that bubbles are easily breakable and twists it dark on its head and it's awesome. Even with my complaints, it's a fine episode. 6/10
  5. I've been waiting for a full interaction between Sandy and Mr. Krabs for a while. Sure, we had the Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom and Shopping List, but only a small chunk of those really featured the two together. Their characters are also both competitive for different reasons. Mr. Krabs wants fortune, and Sandy is more athletic. I also loved SpongeBob's race for the formula towards the beginning, that was just so out of place that it was funny. 9/10
  6. This episode was weird and wacky in a fantastic way. Every scene was enjoyable in one way or another. They even brought back a few music tracks like the Trenchbillies title card music. Overall, great episode. 8/10
  7. Squidward: "He seems fine to me....."
  8. Finally got to playing Bendy & the Ink Machine's final chapter for myself (even if I already know what happens :P) and holy hell, it's actually awesome. The ending still confuses me in more ways than one though.....
  9. Okay so I noticed something within the sponge canon. In some episodes, SpongeBob and Squidward walk together to work. But... in a LOT of other episodes, Squidward is there before SpongeBob. Isn't he supposed to be the relatable adult who can't stand his job and SpongeBob be the boss's best friend lmao

    1. BackAlleyBreadsticks


      Squidward just has to be on the grind rise and shine Krusty Krew let's get this bread 🍞

  10. Some Spongeboy Me Boobs I drew at school 😛
  11. The first movie was alright, but super forgettable and felt like an average kiddy flick like most of Illumination's products. However, this idea of the vet was something that wasn't really explored in the first one, as the humans weren't there throughout most of it. I'm sure this is only one scene though, this isn't the OFFICIAL trailer after all. Illumination movies have always been something that I could watch once casually, but not go back to it unless it was good enough.
  12. I don't know about Sandy's Nutty Nieces, but Gary and Spot sounds interesting. As for FarmerBob, I don't wanna watch the above clip because of spoilers, but it's nice to see an Old Man Jenkins-centered episode after Seance Shmeance and High Sea Diving.
  13. So I rewatched "Giant Squidward" and holy hell.

    The citizens of Bikini Bottom make Patrick look like a famous physicist. 

    1. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      Trash ep i agree

    2. BackAlleyBreadsticks


      Giant Squidward is godly tho :funny:

  14. Pokemon Sponge and Squid "You can't start off free....."
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