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  1. This is one of the funniest post-sequel episodes EVER. Plankrab is awesome, the "er-er-er" jokes got me every time, and Mr. Krabs and Plankton work together again. 10/10
  2. I really liked the look of the jailhouse Krusty Krab, as well as the rivalry between Plankton and Mr. Krabs. 8.5/10
  3. A few good gags, meh premise. They managed to make it somewhat interesting though by making Filthy Muck (Patrick) an "urban legend" of some sort 7/10
  4. I'm probably gonna get hammered for this, but this episode was alright. To be fair, I personally am much more of a sucker for stupid/random humor, and while it didn't work all the time, I certainly chuckled in a few places. 7/10
  5. 6/10 Certainly a sweet episode. However, Sandy's narration got to me after a while. I get that Gary and Spot don't usually speak English, therefore narration is pretty much needed, but Idk something about the way she does it gets a bit grating after a few minutes. Not much of a funny episode either, except for maybe the wedding scene.
  6. Been gone for quite some time, so I think I'll comment on episodes that aren't on my list. Big Pink Loser: A pretty memorable Patrick episode. Krabs a la Mode: Pretty good episode, I don't think it's even in my top FIFTY but I still really like it. No Free Rides: Always loved this one, it's usually not what the majority thinks when they think "highlights of Season 2" but I think it deserves better. Clams: SpongeBob doing parodies is pretty rare, and I've actually never watched the original 1975 Jaws, but this episode is still freaking awesome without the context. Survival of the Idiots: Amazing episode. Something Smells: Another fantastic one. There's not much to say on most of these besides I love it. The Paper: This episode is pretty underrated imo, it's one of the best of the first season and it's a shame it only comes on once a year Imitation Krabs: Another really solid Plankton episode. Squidville: Memorable and funny. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V: Probably the best MM&BB episode besides Mermaid Man Begins. SpongeBob Meets the Strangler: Love this one. Krab-Borg: This was one of the first episodes I watched as a child, still think it's really funny and amazing. Welcome to the Chum Bucket: A really funny episode with a bit of heart to it, great episode. Rock Bottom: I don't know how the writers manage to make such a good episode out of basically one character in one location but they did. Snowball Effect: One of the great classic SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward dynamic episodes. Dunces and Dragons: Possibly the most creative special out of all of em. Have You Seen This Snail: Patrick was my only problem with this episode. He's only there to not be helpful. Otherwise, it's alright. Pizza Delivery: This one actually isn't on my list, but it's definitely close. Just One Bite: Another fantastic SpongeBob and Squidward episode. Wet Painters: See Pizza Delivery.
  7. Plankton's Army: Love this one, the redneck stereotypes are the best. One Krabs Trash: The idea behind this episode is pretty well-done and in-character for Mr. Krabs, also really funny. I Had an Accident: God, I LOOOOOOOOVE this one. It turns probably the simplest and most boring premise into a treasure trove of weird. Mid-Life Crustacean: Another generally good episode. The Fry Cook Games: This is one of the only times SpongeBob & Patrick turn against each other for some time, and it works out really well. Rock-A-Bye Bivalve: Ehhhhhh.... Patrick always bothered me in this episode. It isn't awful, but Patrick does bring the episode down a bit. Fear of a Krabby Patty: Another classic, this is proof Season 4 does not need to be excluded from the 1-3 lineup of episodes. Life of Crime: This is an episode I've watched thousands of times since I was little, still love every bit of it. No Weenies Allowed: Another classic good episode. Nothing much to say. Friend or Foe: This is one of the biggest surprises of Season 5, and even though it's not as funny as I would've liked it to be, it was very VERY interesting throughout the whole thing.
  8. Patty Hype: Okay, this list probably will contain a good number of typical good pre-movie episodes, and this is one of them for me. It's a SpongeBob Christmas!: This one definitely deserves all of the praise it gets.
  9. Squid Baby: I don't hate this one, but I still get a sense of just "ew" from it. And not just because poop and diaper jokes. Stuck in the Wringer: Yeah, this one's pretty pretty bad. Alright, since everyone else is sharing, here's my full list:
  10. I actually kind of like Gullible Pants. The Season 3 specials aren't really that bad, or at the most they don't stick out as "bad pre-movie episodes". Same for Ink Lemonade in a way, it has some problems that have been regurgitated way too many times already, but I don't think it's terrible or sticks out in post-sequel in any way. It's only infamous because it has much of the same the "Dark Age" had to offer in terms of the worst episodes.
  11. New Fish in Town: All I remember from this episode is it being okay. Good Neighbors: This is one of the more infamous episodes from Seasons 4 & 5 and I still have no idea why. It's definitely not a great episode, but it was alright. Restraining SpongeBob: I've always had sort of a soft spot for this one. Patrick's antics are actually somewhat funny to me and I love the lawyer characters. The Sponge Who Could Fly: Again, I kind of enjoyed this one. It could've been way more rewarding and adventurous, but it was decent for what it was. Tentacle-Vision: This is probably my favorite of the episodes on this list. I've always found this one really funny, especially in the second half. The Battle of Bikini Bottom: I feel like this is a precursor to Sand Castles in the Sand in some way. For what it is, it's a pretty good episode and has tons of awesome visual gags. Dear Vikings: This one was decent. I've always loved some of the jokes like Squidward's made-up history of the Vikings and everyone except Gordon being named Olaf. InSPONGEiac: The ending is a bit half-assed, but I really like Patrick's part in this episode along with the trippy sequences ala Squidward in Clarinetland. Squirrel Jelly: Oh god, this episode, I put this on my actual list. The only thing saving it is some of the background design, like burnt down Jellyfish Fields. Aside from that, it's annoying, and really shouldn't have been a 16-minute episode. Plankton's Regular: The stupid twist that Nat was paid to be a customer always annoyed me, aside from that the episode is pretty below average. Hide and then What Happens?: Another really stupid one. It's clearly shown that Patrick is under his rock the whole time so the whole episode just feels useless. A SquarePants Family Vacation: This is one of the most boring episodes of the series. I don't think even a single joke was ATTEMPTED here. And for 22 minutes, that gets pretty irritating. Doodle Dimension: Goddamn I still really like this one.
  12. Since we're almost done, I'm just gonna state my opinions on 20-11 for now. Little Yellow Book; Damn, I thought this would be higher. I loathe this episode, it's annoying and incredibly hypocritical. Are You Happy Now?: Yeah, this one's awful too. It barely got out of being near the tippy top of my list, mostly because of SpongeBob throughout the episode. The Splinter: This one never really grossed me out, even when I was younger. But there's tons of noticeable problems besides the grossout anyway. Boating Buddies: Okay, don't freaking kill me, but I actually kind of like this episode. I like the second half more, I always found the boat chase scene really funny. I don't see it as "sQuIdWaRd ToRtUrE" either, it's just a typical SpongeBob/Squidward story to me. Slide Whistle Stooges: I would've forgot about this episode honestly if it wasn't for the second half. Again, do NOT kill me, but I've always loved the parts of this episode where Squidward is enjoying himself. The fact that he gets SO into it that he steals a goddamn garbage truck always puts a smile on my face. The ending joke is a little uncomfortable but it doesn't hurt the episode much for me. One Coarse Meal: Yet another episode where a half of it practically saves it. However, this one less so. I like the first two or so minutes alot, it's a typical but really fun SpongeBob/Krabs/Plankton formula dynamic. I don't hate this episode for the suicide stuff unlike Are You Happy Now, but the second half is still really stupid and every character just turns really annoying. Krabs is going too far, SpongeBob doesn't know how to take sides, and Plankton is Plankton. Trenchbillies: Eh, don't remember much good in this one, it's just forgettable. Big Sister Sam: See above. Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful: This one's fine, I actually like that Squilliam gets to lose again. Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy: I actually kind of like Sandy's parts in this episode, I don't find it cruel towards her, it's actually kind of amusing how everyone reacts. That being said, SpongeBob and "Not Sandy" (Plankton)'s parts are blehhh.
  13. Fungus Among Us: I was never really grossed out by this one, it's mostly fine. Rodeo Daze: Everytime I rewatch this one, I forget about it about 15 minutes later. Bleh. Yours, Mine and Mine: Yeah, screw this one. The Main Drain: I probably would've found this one fine if it wasn't for the horrendously stupid """""twist""""".
  14. The Cent of Money: Basically every "Gary gets taken advantage of" and "Mr. Krabs stirs up a gimmick/plan for more money" episode cranked up to 11. Terrible episode. Squid's Visit: I don't think this one's that awful, but there's way too many noticeable problems for it to even be okay.
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