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  1. Shows with an ongoing story or narrative (Steven Universe, alot of TV dramas) have never appealed to me. I've always liked shows with little to no continuity where you can just watch one episode casually without referring to events from other episodes most of the time.
  2. Holy shrimp, haven't been here in a while.....

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  3. Matt0417 art! New drawing tablet! Now with shading!
  4. I don't like to judge episodes before they air most of the time, but this sounds really odd, and not in a good way like No Pictures Please. Speaking of Season 11, who knows? This might be an episode that sounds completely awful and out there like say Pat the Horse but ends up being really funny and interesting.
  5. -Nintendo Switch -Super Smash Bros. Ultimate -Bendy and the Ink Machine Switch Port -"The SpongeBob SquarePants Experience" -Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet -Bendy Funko Pop -Five Nights at Freddy's 2019 Calendar
  6. Top 10 Video Game Discoveries & Mysteries 2018- oddheader Weird WikiHow Images- WildSpartanz
  7. More indie game characters and shiz
  8. 10 Disturbing Puppet Shows From Around The World | blameitonjorge The Green Eggs And Ham YTP Collab - Waltman13 The real reason I wasn't in YouTube Rewind. (JackAsk #90) - jacksfilms
  9. More things Smash Ultimate Sunic the Hoghedge Krabs & Wario Springtrap (FNaF 3)
  10. I'll try to be more active on this site. If you can draft me into a team soon, that'll be great but take your time
  11. I'm finally back to posting more masterpieces 😛
  12. While this episode wasn't the most entertaining thing ever, it was pretty fun to watch. I like that the Dirty Bubble came back, but I would've probably wanted another MM & BB villain to fight Patrick. Unlike some more disliked Patrick-centered episodes, his stupidity isn't really annoying here and it's actually quite charming. He even punishes Mr. Krabs for being a greedy old hag lmao. Overall, liked it but could've done a bit more. 7.5/10
  13. Extreme Spots This was a pretty cool episode. The Drastic Radicals are very cool characters and I love how this is another "SpongeBob & Patrick's childish antics have to collide with actual superstars with legit experience" kind of in the same vein as Sun Bleached. Although it was pretty fascinating what the Radicals could do with SB's everyday activities, the episode could've had a few more jokes. The random Extreme Spots accent fish is pretty funny though. 7.5/10 Squirrel Record I'm sorry, but this episode didn't do much for me. It doesn't have a ton of problems but it's just soooooo boring. There's really not much else to say for an episode like this. 4.5/10
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