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    Anime, cartoons, SpongeBob (of course), video games, drawing, food, and collecting SpongeBob merchandise.
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    Krusty Towers
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    Plankton and Karen

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Hello, my name is Goobz and I joined The SpongeBob Community on October 18, 2018. Below, is the story of how I came to love one of the most memorable cartoon characters in history.

My Story of How I Came to Love SpongeBob:

It all started ever since I was a wee little one. I was 1 1/2 years old. Every time the cartoons came on TV, SpongeBob would be on there and I would love it; and I just couldn't stop watching it! My parents had went to a thrift store with me and the first thing I spotted was a SpongeBob pillow. My mom and dad saw me crying for it and decided to get it for me. Later, my parents had got me a SpongeBob table with chairs from Walmart. Those two times had sparked a beginning of my love for SpongeBob and my SpongeBob memorabilia collection. Ever since then, I loved every season, movie, video game, episode and now, I feel that here is where I can share my love of SpongeBob with people around the world.

When I post, I will always respect your opinion and I gladly ask that you respect mine! 😌

Besides that, I hope you enjoy viewing my profile and get to know me more!


- With love, Goobz 😘

My (now ended) show, The Goofy Gooberz Show: 


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