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    Anime, cartoons, SpongeBob (of course), video games, drawing, food, and collecting SpongeBob merchandise.
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    Krusty Towers
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    Plankton and Karen

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  1. Have a great birthday, WoahResurrectedCrap22! 🎉 🎊
  2. Was there anything left at where your snow sculpture was previously at?
  3. King Krabs Crown, Popcorn Bucket, and a King Krabs Outfit is all I wish for this season!
  4. Lava Reef Zone, Act 1 - Sonic Mania (Plus)
  5. sign me the frick up, we gotta make someone happy this christmas, morty! let's go! on a wild wacky adventure through snowcember!
  6. Genius page, Wiki gives it a 13/13 "I cried due to the beauty of this page..." - Lumoshi
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