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  1. I personally am a huge fan of tie dye clothing! How about you guys?
  2. traced one of my konata expressions digitally in paint.net and heavily edited the background which is actually from the show itself, final result here!
  3. Art thread time! OK, here's a Squid Girl because idk
  4. Had chimichangas and a Hot Pocket this morning
  5. *insert nostalgia critic gif here*
  6. WTF A GIF OF YOUR ART im dead omg i love it its so fucking cute 💕
  7. http://www.nickandmore.com/2019/02/11/spongebob-best-year-ever/ New news people! According to this article from Nickandmore, we are getting new plots for the show this summer that are pretty cool and weird ideas that has never experimented with before! SpongeBob closes the gap in his teeth and his personality changes, he becomes boss for a day at the Krusty Krab, and somehow Plankton and Karen have a baby! We will also be getting much more merchandise including plushes, vinyl figures, and will be greatly recognized by the fashion and art industries as we are getting SpongeBob runway shows and pop-up art exhibits all throughout the U.S.! We're also getting a new mobile game of the yellow sponge, and getting even more meme toys which I actually love by the way. Here's to 20 years of this great sponge! 🍻
  8. let's get some fucking autographs i guess
  9. Wow, and i mean wow, the remake of this song is fucking amazing! This is a real tribute. 👏