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  1. I found hilarious some of the jokes that a lot of people doesn't found funny for example: - The Diaper gag in Whirly Brains -The eye in the road joke in The Getaway - Patrick being brain dead in Drive Happy (it reminds me of the "Stupidity Time Bomb" gadget of Doraemon) - Most of the jokes in Ink Lemonade
  2. My top 5 5 - Company picnic 4 - The Clam Whisperer 3 - Bunny Hunt 2 - Sportz? 1 - Ink lemonade
  3. I think that this episode would be very well received if it were a Gintama episode (Gintama is an adult comedy anime that has episodes that are grosser than this episode) And I actually liked this episode, I found the gross out humor and the wacky animation funny, I didn't expected this episode to be that good to me, and I don't mind at all the problems that people says about this episode
  4. This episode was great although not as great as Mr puff you're fired, but it has a lot of pretty funny gags, and the ending was hilarious! (like in a lot of spongebob episodes) a massive improvement over The Clam Whisperer 8.5/10
  5. This episode for me is not bad but meh, I've seen worse in other shows 5/10
  6. Well, this episode isn't amazing, but I found myself laughing a lot with the gags, and the ending was hilarious! 7/10
  7. I can agree with you, this episode has the potential to be one of the funniest episodes (as I find Patrick to be the funniest character, all people being like Patrick would be hilarious to me) but instead of it it's just townspeople being dumb in an uncreative way, but I like Pat the horse and it's a masterpiece compared to this and Patrick licking Plankton was the funniest part of the episode IMO
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