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  1. So when Nickelodeon was shouting from the rooftops that this would be SpongeBob’s biggest year ever, they meant that from a corporate view, right?
  2. I’m on team Rubber Soul for this one. It was more raw emotionally, but still consistently lively and catchy like their early albums.
  3. I think the PS3 startup is fine in its own right, but what could’ve made it better was longer, and if the instruments played reflected the most recent game you’d played. ie, for Uncharted it’d play percussion. It’d be insanely hard to programme, but it could’ve made you feel a stronger connection to your console.
  4. This was pretty good. I’ve seen my share of cartoon episodes about dorky characters becoming smooth-singers, but this injected some conflict with Squidward trying to use SpongeBob in consistently unique, funny ways. It’s one of the more nuanced episodes of Season 12 so far by subject matter alone, so it stands out from the pack in a great way.
  5. This is the darkest timeline. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLa8CAQKH-4
  6. I met Charles Martinet (Mario) at Armageddon Expo 2012 when I was 11. That was a great experience. Ones I’d love to meet are: Andrea Libman (Pinkie Pie) Billy West (Phillip J. Fry) Carlos Alazraqui (Rocko) Carolyn Lawrence (Sandy) Cathy Cavadini (Blossom) Debi Derryberry (Jimmy Neutron) EG Daily (Buttercup) Harry Shearer (Seymour Skinner) Phil LaMarr (Samurai Jack) Rob Paulsen (Carl Wheezer) Tara Strong (Timmy Turner) Tom Kenny (Nickelodeon Pinchface)
  7. This is a sad day for Disney. She was such a great voice Minnie, recognisable tone and excellent range.
  8. I take it this episode takes place before Boating School? https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/spongebob/images/a/a8/Boating_School_040.png
  9. Where were you when you figured out you can use Jack Kahuna’s face in FaceApp? Sadly not much happens when you use the old filters, but I’d guess he’s already incredible weary and jaded enough.
  10. Actual Teaser Poster Better than the SOoW teaser poster, that’s for sure.
  11. I felt like this was just alright. I set my expectations pretty low, because of the Trusty Slab being the most advertised portion of the special. But I’m sort of thankful it was only a small part of it all, and that it was more of a road trip than anything, with SpongeBob’s, Patrick’s and Rube’s adventure onto dry land going beyond a beach for once. For me, the best part was Sandy’s subplot about keeping SpongeBob’s party under control. It’s much more entertaining than the last time they pulled this sort of thing off in Party Pooper Pants, even if the point evaporated by the end of it. Worst part was Kel the Bean. No need for any of that junk, it just slowed the live action stuff down before it could even start. I mostly feel like I liked this because I set my standard pretty low, so I can understand why the people above me were disappointed, if they set them high. I was personally expecting a Truth or Square 2.0, but what I got was a Sponge Out of Water 2.0, a flawed but entertaining piece of SpongeBob that I would never hesitate to return to.
  12. Just figured since Friendship is Magic’s ending soon, which of the main 6 characters stood out to you the most?
  13. Well the Number 1 this year was a no brainer, but I’m surprised that Dying for Pie got to Number 2. Yep, it’s a good day to be Team Season 2.
  14. The only ones I’m surprised didn’t make the list are FUN, Wishing You Well and Mimic Madness, I think they’re all excellent. And I bet the “””mixed””” reception towards Truth or Square is gonna lean more positive when Birthday Blowout comes around.
  15. Christmas Who? is a close contender for being one of the show’s best specials, I’ll say that much. The ending in particular is super sweet, even though it comes after several minutes of moping around. Chocolate With Nuts, I’m happy to see always appear high up on the list, but I personally just don’t find the old ladies very funny.
  16. More than satisfied to see some of my top pics make it to this point.
  17. Gosh, that’s unfortunate. Regardless of how you feel about Jessie and other modern Disney Channel shows, you can’t deny that this is tragic. RIP
  18. So this is what I find, huh? My favourite Season 3 episode, and my other favourite Season 3 episode, and...rubber bath toys!
  19. Not much else to add from this point on, Frankendoodle and Wet Painters are also excellent.
  20. Just One Bite and Graveyard Shift are all-time greats of television, in particular for rapid-fire comedy and haunting atmosphere respectively.
  21. We’re really in the episodes that fully deserve to be on the list now. Have You Seen This Snail? for being an emotional rollercoaster, and Pizza Delivery for being a total journey.
  22. I have the same old enthusiasm about Dunces and Dragons, Sailor Mouth and SB-129 making the list, but Nasty Patty is something that grows on and off of me. Nothing but appreciation for the risks it took however.
  23. This is the first time Season 12 has held my interest, which isn’t a great thing, but eh. This was a cute episode that wasn’t just about shoving some sweetness in your face. It was about Dick Hardly being reincarnated as an evil Bikini Bottom weatherman.
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