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  1. #13 WORST: Guess this is another episode that anyone wouldn’t expect seen in the worst list,isn’t it?I can see why,because when this episode first come out I loved it,it’s never been my favorite,but hasn’t have any issues either.But looking back,there one particular aspect of episode that made the whole episode get on the list:Protagonists are writen AWFUL!!! Okay,I should admit that set-up of conflict build up pretty well.The whole scene with Spongebob and Boss of the company is really clever introduce characters,premise and humor.Of course Spongebob gonna overreacted over such a deal as a milkshake,because he is so obsessed with his job and Ktusty Krab’s reputation!Boss’ act is understandable and solid as well,of course she is really busy so of course she has no care towards Spongebob! It’s really nice 2 minutes of plot...however,everything after that isn’t that great... Firstly,should we seriously need to have Patrick here?Episode not even try to explain why he became a main character in the rest of episode,if he would appear in the beginning it’s would be fine,but he just randomly popped up.And I don’t even say that most of the time he just giggling and deliver lame jokes,but at the same time I can’t blame him too much,Spongebob himself wasn’t better.All of episode both just really barely cared or even noticed what they done,in the one scene they ruined some property of the office and they didn’t cared,but then they magically realized that they made a disaster...I know that might be intentionally and been made for development,but the problem is that they dumped down again when they visited Cleaning Robot,and then they become smarter again,okay?I just don’t really enjoyed how quickly characterization of Spongebob and Patrick just changes in the entire episode.And fine,even if you think that everything that I said is stupid nitpicking,there no a single defense or argument for the ending of episode. I just really pissed off by the ending gag,if they just didn’t noticed anything that they destroyed,at all?This moment would work if goal of Spongebob and Patrick been just cleaning up the plumb of a milkshake.But not,Spongebob literally say that he gonna cleaning up the whole building. It’s just a big,stinky slap in the face for the viewer. It’s felt like a bad version of the ending of Man Ray Returns,speaking of that thought... I found some similarities between Krusty Kleaners and MRR.On the paper,both are about Spongebob and Patrick tried to be a heroes and solved problem that actually not a really a problem.I’d don’t think that it’s rip-off of MRR,they have enough of differences to have own individuality.But I think that MRR structured much better.Sure,both of protagonists are dumb,but they are consistent for the whole 11 minutes,and have a better reasoning to make what they done,ending is also made much better,even if Squidward’s house still been destroyed by the very end,at least Spongebob and Patrick tried to fix it,that was something that episodes like Shuffleboarding,A Friendly Game or Krusty Kleaners really missed. Begin said,I don’t think that episode overall is bad.Yes,I absolutely dislike the structure of characters,but there some good qualities for sure.It’s not the funniest episode of the season,but episode definitely has it moments,seppuku moment is hilarious,but I can say that I enjoyed some jokes even more.My absolute favorite joke is Night shift guy running gag,the pacing,idia,design of character is just perfect.Tank twist is clever.And even though I don’t like jokes around Patrick here,"Can I just say whoops"line is really funny.The whole new location is really good idea and made episode more interesting to watch.Animation and Art looks fantastic,probably one of the best looking episodes in post sequel as a whole.And of course fighting scene is really entertaining,no doubt in that. And you know what.After listing all of the pros of episode,I’m been even more disappointed by how lame characters are. It’s still a decent episode after all,but if characters would written more solid and had more reasoning for they’re acting-it’s would be such a great episode!But from what we get,it’s just acceptable.
  2. If next episode is gonna be Spin the Bottle I gonna lose all respect for you.
  3. #14 BEST: What a interesting situation we have.If previous 2 episodes been remake from older episode(s) that been appealed,here we have an episode that mixed up concepts from episodes that never really been cared or even disliked:Squid Wood and The Plays the Thing.I mostly agreed with this statement,even though I quite like Squid Wood,but I think if there episodes missed is that humor not really the best,Plays the Thing is generic mediocrity that I barely even remember.So from the recycling wise it’s already deserved some points. There not really I can say about.Sure,it’s hilarious,but we all talked about it so often that I can’t add anything more on the table.It’s just a superb episode that has a balance of story about Spongebob’s culinary skills and as well as his second physical side of mind along with a lot of good humor l,and what is unique about humor here is that episode mostly blessing with dialogue jokes,I’d don’t think that visual humor is bad in S11 or there no other episodes that have dialogue based gags,but ChefBob just really obsessed with comedic talking which is a nice thing,but it’s not means that episode didn’t have visual humor,of course it does,and it’s just as nice and solidly paved as most of it in the season.Speaking of visuals,the whole fighting between Spongebob and ChefBob sequence animated so wonderful!Just so good usege of exaggeration animation,really fitting and proved that Karl Hadrika is our god.If there something that I didn’t like,is that the very end,I know that Spongebob is not really connected with logic,but the whole gag that ChefBob is still alive was a cheap way to end episode imo,plus that damn thing about Spongebob’s hand begin noticeable on the screen while actual Spongebob is still in Ktusty Krab is just screams "lazzzzzzzzzzy" all around.Not a fun of this,But as much as the rest of episode is pure quality,It’s still gonna get it’s place on the best list.
  4. Did you seriously drop down Bunny Hunt and Pat the Horse that easily lmao Also -400 respect for Stuck on the Roof on this list.
  5. Call the Cops is lame and unremarkable.No Pictures Please is genius.
  6. #14 WORST: Well,I’II guess you thinking that I messed up really bad again with worst choices,but now unironically.It’s hard to find anyone here who wouldn’t say that this episode is one of the greatest S11’s material,if not the best.I’m don’t really agreed here,it’s not the worst episode for sure,not even close,but is thit really that great?Eeeeeeeeeeeh....... I want to pointed out first the highlight of episode.Ironically,it’s the fact that episode exist. Because it’s proved that current crew cared about any timelines of the Spongebob to anyone who say that crew forced only pre-movie masterpieces.And not just the most infamous moments from dark ages(Like A Pal for Gary reference)Literally,anything.Seriously,did anyone ever remembered Plankton’s Grammy before this episode comes out?I really doubt.If you still didn’t remember original episode,in nutshell-it’s another Imitation Krabs rip-off without anything entertaining or fun.That’s why she’s returning is so strange yet charming and hilarious.This fact really boost the rating of episode,because for the rest... ...episode is painfully passable. Let’s start with the premise alone.It’s so cliched,that on the scale of cliche-matter Scale it’s world get the high of Loud House tier.And I don’t even mentioned that we seen the same idea in at least 2 other episodes of Spongebob:Squilliam Returns and Grandpappy the Pirate.And now let’s continue situation about recycling idias,you always can make something new and fresh with any idea if you can use enough creativity and effort,both mentioned episodes are also been maden at the time where the same concept been overused to death,but they works neither because high-quality humor or the new fun character that have a role in episode as a object of the main conflict.So does Grandmum showed something new to us besides the fact that writers love all of show’s creations?Not really. The plot is simply mediocre.There not really stuff to talk about,it’s the old formula of old concept over again.But unlike my previous episode:Appointment TV that made old concept really different and with a sweet flavor.This episode didn’t do much more than previous episodes with similar ideas. I found characters in episode begin really mixed too.Let’s start with Lily first,I’d say she is good character here,not as good as Mr Krabs’ Grandpa,but I enjoyed her appearance and she definitely get upgrade from previous episode with her(episode even fixed design of glasses,good attention to details),she is a bit jerky,but has limits for not begin annoying or anything like that.Not to mention her pessimism made sense to her Squidward loving,it’s actually interesting mix of characters.Same I can say with the plot twist of Lily stoled Secret Formula.Plankton is nice as well,in the beginning of episode he seems like just a scared foolish and liar,but in the end he opened his cute and caring side,not to mention that he didn’t focused on secret formula at all besides the fact that he’s Grandma wanna take a picture with it.But the rest of the main cast not really entertaining for my liking.Gonna start with Mr Krabs,he mostly harmless in episode,but what I didn’t buying is that he gives Secret Formula that easily,I can believe that he can helped Plankon in the problem with family cuz they still the best friends in something deep inside,but giving Secret Formula????Just no,he wouldn’t give a look at it even for his mother,and Plankton even with his "sad" face in the slides,it’s really that cheap and weak.Spongebob didn’t really did that much besides saing that Krabs can help him and redecorate Krusty Krab,for the rest I found him annoying and uninteresting.Squidward also exists I think . Humor is not the best either.I like some of the comedy like the set-up with Ray-Ray and Karen as a whole,"One Pathetic Sob-Story Later" is hilarious time card,and Lily’s dream is fairly interesting moment(even though it’s have some similarities with Planktonburg scene from the first movie).But besides that I can’t say that I found episode funny,some other moments are fairly amusing,but that’s it.Some jokes with Spongebob are more annoying than anything else(Especially the whole scene with arrow).And then the running gag about Squidward begin Lily’s love object,even though I say before that idea of this is clever and made sense for both characters,execution is flat,mostly I found it wasted for the fact that it’s really lacking of Squidward’s lines,most of the time he didn’t say anything even where there moments where it’s would be fitting,and Lily herself didn’t made anything that much,and Krabby Patty eating scene is...something else. And that was Grandmum’s The Word.I respect this episode for remembering such forgettable times of the show that basically never been cared by anyone else.But looking at episode without that,it’s nothing special at all,but I can’t say that it’s really that annoying and bothering.It’s still an alright and harmless 11 minutes overall.But is that seriously one of the highlight of the season like a lot of my pals say?Absolutely no,no,and never no.I hope I explained enough to getting my personal opinion why I don’t find it that great.Because it’s not my last unpopular opinion that be get on the list.But I’d say goodbye to you as for now.
  7. really lucks of ELITE Lemonade’s humor though
  8. #15 BEST: I think it a really good choice for a best list’s premiere,because it has one important aspect that gonna be in several other episodes in best and as well in worst list:Recycled Ideas. It’s not really a surprise that after almost 20 years of the run there gonna be a lack of idias that not 483% original and never been used before.The first noticeable wave of recycled of old concepts been in Season 7,with generous copies of Imitation Krabs and some others ones,S8-9a in this aspect is even worse.And what about post-sequel?Or season 11 I’d be more specific.It’s actually hit or miss in it.One episode can take old concept and just put so much creativity and joy to the point where it’s become completely different episode that has similarities with some episodes only on the paper.But there also exists second group,episodes that has no sense of shame and just topping a bunch of previous material apart.Fortunately,here we get an episode from the first category. According to average casual viewer,this episode basically ripped-off 3 episodes:Best Day Ever,Overbooked and Ditchin’.And I’m gonna be honest here,the only episode from this bunch that has major similarities is Best Day Ever,only similarity with Overbooked is just Spongebob wanna help 3 of his friends at the same time instead of formula of BDE where Spongebob’s been disappointed from his higher expectations of the day.Ditchin was about MM and BB too I guess...and that’s it lol.And I don’t even say about quality of those episodes,Best Day Ever was alright but light on the humor and songe been taken from the first movie even despite fitting in setting.Overbooked is okay but I mostly soft for it only because it’s isn’t as obnoxious and disgusting as the rest of season 6.Ditchin is just like Season 6(bad).So I not think that try to remake those episodes is unnecessary because there a lot of room of improvement.And so Appointment TV was. What is basically made this episode better that it’s predecessor?You ask me. Let’s start with a premise that episode take.I like it,like it a lot.It’s really relatable premise that sounds much more interesting than Spongebob trying to secretly pleased satisfaction of 3 friends or whatever is even Ditchin was.And even though it’s would be kind of different on the paper.I think that structure of BDE is fitting fine to it.But premise is premise,is plot in Appointment TV better?I’d say yes.Mostly by a better pacing,in BDE there been only 4 objects of a characters that portrayed as a Spongebob’s conflict,in Appointment TV almost every character in main cast take a appearance:Patrick,Sandy,Gary,Mr Krabs,Squidward,Mrs. Puff,Plankton,Old Man Jenkins,even Flying Dutchman.And at the same time episode doesn’t felt rushed or full of unneeded stuff.And one thing I especially adore in plot point is that all of characters cared already for Spongebob at the end when he cryed even Squidward as much as he grumpy to him or even Mts Puff that had the whole phobia of Spongebob,in predecessors Spongebob just explain his problem and only then other characters get him.It’s just so a nice adding to the table that automatically makes episode better than older versions of the premise. Humor in episode is spot on.Not the funniest of the season,but it’s still has a lot of moments that can be at least mildly funny.My favorite parts might be:the whole begging sequence,it’s such a good usege of great animation for presentation of the main premise with a solid slapstick humor that doesn’t felt forced and screaming obnoxiously in your face.Soooooooo Sloooooooooooow gag is dreadfully hilarious at how relatable and trustful it is.Mrs Puff tire scene and Patrick missing Rock are both a represented some good visual humor in it’s own.Also there been a better execution of "Cliffhanger" joke. Nothing else to add here. Another part is wher episode hit really high is ester eggs.There a plenty of them and all of them are nicely crafted and varied.There can references of regular episodes,like cassette of Krusty Krab Training Video,Squidward’s garden from Bunny Hunt,and my favorite: Or references to a MMaBB topic(Costumes from Mermaid Pants,Motion Picture,Mermarang,The Moth etc).The last mentioned group is even more appeal me because it’s kind of accociated me with connection of Spongebob’s friend in one group of team such like all those references. Appointment TV is a good example how you can made something similar to other episodes,but just take the best qualities and add something own instead of begin a big worthless vacuum.But it’s not the last time when we talk about that.Maybe even we gonna back to it really soon...
  9. #15 WORST: I guess right now you thinking that I messed up really bad for putting this masterpiece at the worst list.But let me say one thing,even though I say that there enough material to talk about,I hardly found any choices for the worst side of S11,so I just decided counted 2 episodes that legit guilty pleasure:Pat the Horse and Bunny Hunt.At the end of the day I chose last mentioned ep,because,while PtH was confusing at its own,Bunny Hunt became a meme treasure only because of community.So let’s find out how episode is worked out identically. First thing that remarkable about episode is the premise.Even though this show having this overly cartoony style in last past years already.This one want to parodying Looney Toons even more.And that actually really noticeable by a new bunch of slapstick movements in episode(Like Squidward smashed himself with big hammer).And Bunny Wunny himself is a obvious a caricature version of one infamous cartoony bunny.So why episode with so cool ideas does in here?Well... Looks like episode besides high cartoony standards try to have the same pacing and structure quality as a old cartoons,because episode simply doesn’t bother to make connection with any previous scenes and right after.We can see 3 minutes of wacky adventures of Squidward,then 3 minutes of wacky adventures of Spongebob,then Patrick wanna be on the screen l’II guess,then we again back to Squidward...why we can’t have one particular goal?Neither it can be only Squidward or Spongebob,why it’s should jump over completely new substances every 3 minutes?Sure it’s not the only S11 episode that lack of main goal,but Bunny Hunt takes this to a new level of laziness. What about humor?Honestly,even before episode because a meme cult I thought that episode has it’s chunk of gags that I enjoyed.It’s can be just little visual gags like map from some old video games,or the whole sequence of Squidward and Bunny Wunny switched with places(To be fair Bunny Squidward was always good).But it’s not means that episode doesn’t have the same count of lame jokes.Some of them just really felt forced and try too hard to be funny(The whole Squidward as a plant scene,joke about bunnies molting really fast,Patrick stuck under Spongebob’s couch)So even unironically this episode is still hit or miss in terms of humor. Characters doesn’t really acted complicated,but for the most part they are not that bad.I have no issues with Bunny Wunny,I get his motivation to stalk Squidward’s garden cuz he is a stupid wild animal.Spongebob was nice and saving Bunny Wunny is really felt like he’s good character.But where is episode fails really bad,is that Squidward,god he is so dumped down in episode,most of the things that he did are so dumb for him that just really became questionable and confusing,start with kissing hot meal right from the oven,and ended with just smashed own house with hammer.And I didn’t even say anything about his 24/7 zaniness,I swear the only time zany Squidward been ever funny is Larry the Floor Manager,in the rest he was absolutely unbearable with it(I really glad that S11 drop down this side of Squidward lately).Patrick also here is just exist for the lame jokes,but I’m feel indifferent towards him,at least he’s stupidity didn’t dominated really much. So what we have?Really crazy,but at the same time objectively mixed episode.Of course I still enjoyed it after so many lulz.But if we look at Bunny Hunt without glasses of memes.It’s not that flawless than we thought.I can’t put it lower for the same reason as above.But I’II guess I’m not only here who think so about episode’s quality if memes made by us(mostly by @Honest Christmas Danger Fan)didn’t ever exist.So I think it’s a fair choice for a worst list.Even if it’s slightly made it.
  10. You know,one thing that I really dislike about the fact that Twitter try to praise post movie to death,is that barely anyone ever going in mentioning particular parts of it and just say that everything in post movie is great as a whole and if you don’t like it then you have no own opinion.Don’t give me wrong,I think that there more good in this show than just first 3 seasons,but,like,season 4 is great and seasons 6 is garbage so mention both seasons like something equal is insulting towards former.


    1. Goofy the Red Nosed Goober

      Goofy the Red Nosed Goober

      Yeah I can appreciate post movie for its own things that I like about it that others didn't, but Twitter cannot shut it when praising post movie.

    2. Noggy


      I don't have a Twitter nor do I browse it, but I find it kinda perplexing that there is a group of people that love post-movie to death and cannot take an opinion towards anyone who speaks against it. For most of my life on the internet spent on discussions towards SpongeBob and its decline, calling post-movie inferior to pre-movie was an accepted norm.

    3. Goofy the Red Nosed Goober

      Goofy the Red Nosed Goober

      SB Twitter community is weird that way.

  11. Season 11 was really...interesting...I honestly can talk about it neither ironically or unironically a lot and got tons of fun from it.If talking about my opinion about it overall:it’s a good season,I can say even really good!It’s took wasted potential of S10,add in 15 times more craziness and creativity and make so many 11 minutes of interesting and entertaining adventures,I really approved direction of this season despite begin really different from previous seasons.However,not every episodes are hit,not even at all.From all 50 episodes,there obviously gonna be some ones that goes from"that was...an episode of Spongebob SquarePants?I’II guess",to"lol I want to die".And I just decided to talk more detailed about my favorite and least favorite episodes of the season because I really want to explain loving or disliking of every single episode in my list,because believe me or not,there gonna be some unpopular and controversial opinions.So here gonna be my Top and Bottom 15 episodes of season 11!(Not 10 because there enough material to talk about).Anyway,I’m gonna start this list as soon as possible.
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