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  1. The only possible thing that would’ve save Cleaved is that after vortex’s explosion,Star would’ve try to find Marco but instead Meet Marco fork Old Man Patrick who was annoyed by yelling his name so much.
  2. The Man who build Dump Tower 

    1. TTLF


      you're discharged

  3. Gary Got Legs of Satanic Power Season 13 Episode 1 KissCartoon dot comz
  4. Man,the First season of Star vs Forces of Lmao is some of the worst,most obnoxious thing I’ve ever seen in any cartoon like what the hell was that


    1. Tifa Lockhart

      Tifa Lockhart

      That's why it was so hard for some people to get into it.

    2. josemiguex


      The first season was fantastic IMO

  5. If Spongebob legit referenced Squidward’s Suicide is there’s a hope for show referencing SpongeKnob SquareNuts anytime soon?


  6. Only thing that you should know about episode: Rating:
  7. What if Bikini Bottom had a Waterless Cube where there’s impossible to pull it out with H2O minerals and filed with free oxygen 24/7 Good that it doesn’t exists
  8. One lil fuse experience that relied on 3 (in)holy crossover icons of @President Squidward
  9. That lmao moment when you discovered that Zim and Billy has the same voice actor only now
  10. First leaked screenshots of Spongebob in RandomLand and Spongebob’s Bad Habit
  11. SB&P finally will became an admin of the site and everyone will be his slaves (SB&P used Dug for a ton and a two experiences,and in one of them he fused him with a squirrel so he would suffer in a body of his biggest enemy for the rest of his life)
  12. Guess what a lucky boi gained a load of  Problematic Plotholes recently 


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