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  1. Man,this episode get’s worse every time I think about it.
  2. Я КРОЛИК 


  3. Finally I found a perfect avvie for Halloween.So Spoooooooooky 

    1. Toast


      That's not spooky, that's the most realistic profile pic I've ever seen.

    2. Winterghost43
  4. According to Spongebob Wiki,it’s a real character,so I think he deserve to have his own page on SBC too. Anyways... Smashed potatoes that look like Squidward is a great guy,he had only one appearance in the whole show but he made me laugh really hard.He is so charismatic,intelligently and just pretty person.He just as original as Sportz,Dancing Patrick and Pingle Bingle Money are.Every time I see him I starting to thinking about Romanian dub of Shaggy and Scooby-Doo get a Clue’s into,that how outstanding he is.He definitely goes on the one par with Bunny Wunny and Shiny Bubble in terms of 13/13 characterization. Discuss this wonderful character here.
  5. Hey,look who gonna back on Night Patty! It’s already 13/13 episode in my book,and I hope in your too
  6. The only bad thing I can say about this episode is that in original airing it was paired with Sportz?
  7. From all Posr-Sequel Era’s improvements that exists,I shocked that nobody(or at least barely)mentioned that this stupid running gag about Mts. Puff getting arrested by zero reason been gone.I glad so much that new crew decided put this joke far away,because it’s been one of the most irritating things in S6-9a for me. 


    But seriously,epesodes like Burst Your Bubble or Getaway have a lot of hints for that,but it always ended up begin my gullible intuition every time.

  8. Note:A big thank for @Klu for finding this material. As we all know,every nationals always have different vision or opinion about anything in this life,and Spongebob is not an exception. And you know what?Russian community DESPISE new era of Spongebob,like,yes,it been taken mixed by people in everywhere,but here an opinion that S6-8 is miles better than S10-11 is pretty average!I always tried to find an perfect example to show you,but I always been disappointed,but this day is finally come!If you think that Spongebob Wiki have weird opinions,that you gonna be killed by this... Original post: In Semi-English:This season have ONLY THREE good episodes,and it’s a progress,in S9 I found only one,about Spongebob’s long pants,funny)The rest is just garbage(mediocre,unwatchable,rehashes of old ideas(Staring from S7 to S11 there a lot of eps like this)),here the same thing,"The Clam Whisperer","Check-Up" and "Chatterbox Gary",here the list of episodes that worth attention,but the rest...Also,I don’t recommend to watch some episodes when you eat,you can simply spoil your appetite.What?Why?For what this was madden/drawn?But even with that,I love Spongebob,and gonna watch the whole season,but it’s gonna be reeeeeeeeeealy not that easy. P.S:Yes,I agree with some members,some episodes are decent,but it’s just with comparison with previous trashy seasons,nine and ten(but for me they are the same,but with every new season it get worse and worse)But!*some cringeworthy pre-movie comparison that I don’t gonna bother to translate*.Good lack and day for everyone! In conclusion: 1)Clam Whisperer is definitely is one of the only good episodes in S11,some good jokes and a nice plot eight point five out of ten 2)Make conclusion yourself,I just had a chance to joked about Clam Whisperer again
  9. tuuuuuu tuuuuu tuuuuuuuu tu tuuuu tu t t tuuuuuu tuuuu t t tuuuuu tuuuuuu good day everyone my name is mailscumbob47 and today i gonna talk about new spongebob episode spot returns apparently it’s a sequel called plankton’s pet and it’s about... *5 fucking minutes of retailing episode later* ...and then I noticed this wow did sans from infamous game called undertale really get a cameo question point in one side it looks like just regular visual gag but in other hand it’s from new season where original creator back and this show is good again not as good as seasons one to three but still good so new writers can make a reference to sans undertale but back to the topic... *another 5 minutes of retailing episode later* ...and so it was spot returns it was pretty solid episode so what are you think guys about this episode see you guys later bye and yes everyone who gonna say that my video is clickbaited gonna be banned Oh yeah I promise that CakeGirlSuckz gonna be in here,here we go: "Spot Returns is such a fun episode,it have good jokes and story,and it’s so cute.Unfortunately,it’s a obvious Plankton’s Pet rip-off,so I can’t give it anything but SCUMBOB or 35/789.So this was Spot Returns review.I hope you enjoyed this video.CakeGirlSuckz,out!" -CakeGirlSuckz
  10. Rare photo: @Prez trying to get his VIP back on SBM.October 5,picture in color.




    1. Mike Geiger

      Mike Geiger

      Okay that made me chuckle even though I hate this episode

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