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  1. I like the way you draw eyes for characters,looks really appealing 🙂
  2. A Cliffhangerof Season 54’s finale that ended up begin pointless after premiere of Season 55 Mr Puff wnd Bullying
  3. Mr Krabs murdered Sea Horse for squeeze out the milk from him and then sell it Pat Tap
  4. oh my god your profile cover photo is hilarious 

    1. Coffee_lover


      I know right 

  5. Today in my college we had a task that based on cartoon reports,I made one for Family Guy and got "B" from letter grade


    Now who is ever said that memes aren’t useful  



  6. If cancerous The Grill is Gone not going to make this list I will boycott SBC til premiere of Gary Got Legs
  7. Happy birthday @SquiddyFace!Hope you had a lot of Flareons and Patnocchios today
  8. I found a rly funny picture that will satisfy your meat 


  9. Unhappy late birdsday to this horrendous episode with Bottom tier Cat Scene
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