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  1. There’s was leaked one frame from upcoming episode,might appear in one of June’s ones UPD:For 99% sure it’s form The Krusty Bucked,considering that it’s premiere going to be this June in some other country as well. UPD2:Never Mind that was Sandy Nutty Nieces
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    Old Man Lmao
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    Fan of post-sequel seasons?Why don’t you look up and check out how much you know and remember about this era then?Here you can find a load of questions that related to Seasons 9b-12 on any degree.All of questions take a timeline til 10.06.2019 and nothing after then.
  2. HahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahAhahahahahhahahahahahwhahahahahahahahahahA This aged so horribly
  3. З днём выхода на свет испытаний,товарищ майор @Klu Happy birthday to @TTLF as well,hope you didn’t build dumb towers today
  4. Magnificent show with hilarious characters and fantastic intro People above had no idea what they missed those days
  5. I’m avoided all of news about Wonderful Sponge/spin offs/whatever the hell Nickelodeon does right now most of the time.But after PieGuyLulz recent video(good video btw),and especially Paul Tibbitt’s twitter,I dive into all of current info that we have,and all I have to say is that... F U C K Y O U N I C K E L O D E O N Spongebob always been an universal mascot that people of all ages adored and so,a pinnacle of cash grab machine,so I always expected that Nick would go at any new direction with creating sickening product with him.However,it’s one thing to milk another milliard out of Sponge for owning another African country,the fact that for this step Nickelodeon waited til Hillenburg will die is beyond unforgivable for the god of shame.I’m never going to believe that executives wanted to those spin offs begin to be an honor for Stephen or any other way to deliver respect to the person.Wonderful Sponge was it’s own hint for disaster when it’s announcement been actual,but at least it’s existence in someways been in production while creator been alive,but this trainwreck has no excuse at all.And ideas?Are you fucking kidding me?As 20 years of content showed,Spongebob should avoid of touching backstories all around if it doesn’t want to make some troubles with in...unfortunately,it want them...And I just can’t wait to see what genius ideas of other spin offs going to be.Can’t wait to see announcement of Planter Puffy Fluffy,Sam show,Trenchbilles the show,and Olaf Adult Patty Cartoon.And honestly as much as it’s sounds like a joke,Nickelodeon can go farther than what I recall a second ago,my imagination isn’t large enough to tell even a half of what this company of fearless evil can create on its hands. Begin said I once again want to say that I wish an compete bankruptcy for Nickelodeon for the rest of humanity’s history.No way all those trillion extra shows will honored death of creator of one of the purest pieces of cartoons characters that world seen as for day, the only positive thing that I found in announcement of spin offs is that there’s a chance of original show will ended after Season 12,because I really want to show end on a decent note(witch current season is as seems),and then I actually can forget about existence of other attempts of Nick catch a gold.But such an awful,morally wrong and just a dirty plan of company will be a dreadful cross the line.Who know,maybe sooner Nick will announce a crossover with another shows of them like Bunsen is a Beast or that Unikitty Knock off,because we all know how Hillenburg loved idea of Spongebob getting a crossover,right guys!!!!!! ...eh,just curse you Nickelodeon once again...
  6. This is the objective number one who disagree will be banned from existence by me
  7. Happy birthday @SRRS,hope you friended another shark pal this day!
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