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  1. Vailskibum’s channel getting terminated is the final,bloody proof that God is actually exist and he love us after all

  2. So I finally saw Wander,and... this is the first thing that come in my head right after
  3. Happy Birthday @Holiday Special Grampa Wookiee!Hope you opened a lot of windows today.
  4. Unhappy birthday to this worst episode of the week
  5. Leaked list of cast of the upcoming Spongebob’s spin off 





    1. That Kid on the Tricycle

      That Kid on the Tricycle

      You forgot Smashed Potatoes that Look Like Squidward

    2. Сашко Фокин

      Сашко Фокин

      Smashed Potatoes that Look Like Squidward is too pure for begin in the whole spinn-off for dirty mortals.

  6. Old Man Patrick and Valentine Day come in the same day so why nobody didn’t made OMP valentine before?
  7. We sorry Stephen Hillenburg this world lose everything we paid faith into
  8. #2 BEST: Oh Boooooooooooooy.I remember back in a very first month of 2018,when title "Plankton Paranoia" been leaked for audience’s look,how many people worried and panicked since that,especially after an atrocious called Lem Inkonade,barely anyone had hope for it.And it’s made a perfect sense,it’s sound like an very old and famous episode from famous season:One Course Meal,a lot of people thought that a Season 11’s gonna repeat the same issues once again!But as for me,I thought that Paranoia could be an another stinker of an episode because how simple the concept is:New Leaf,or Plankton Paranoia,if we take an reception examples,because man,I just don’t believe at this bait,Plankton was always an formulaic character in 2 dimensions at the same time,of course he not gonna change himself!That’s just ridiculous to expect that from episodic shows like a Spongebob SquarePants!But then,September 26 come,and a lot of people,including me,been amazed and shocked at how different,effective and fantastic Plankton Paranoia is!And yes,it’s really,really similar to either One Course Meal and New Leaf,BUT!It take it concept on the paper and make such a beautiful masterpiece.And I think for competing both stinkers,I’m gonna explain better why today Star is that shiny!(Though,Instead of New Leaf,I’m peaked Plankton Retires,because it’s come out from post-sequel and had much more flaws that S4’s exemplar so it would be better for compare).Begin said,Let’s go! CHAPTER 1:PREDICTABLE PLOT TURNED OUT BEGIN ABSOLUTELY UNPREDICTABLE like I said in my Library Cards review,making concepts of character trying to changing their major and general personality/hobby in episodic show is a very highly dangerous and rarely worked devise.Because at the end of the day you know that character doesn’t gonna get any changes or improvement,or if he get,at the end of episode everything gonna get back as it’s been before,which make the whole thing pointless and worthless,sure,sometimes even without changing of characters for the rest of the series it’s an make a gem where this pointer circle can make a solid,emotional story line Patrick SmartPants is,but we don’t see much this quality as often.That’s why Plankton Retires suck so much,when you watch the beginning of ep...heck,when you read a description of episode,you know what gonna happen.Plankton don’t want to steal formula anymore,but then...he still want it! Even New Leaf,despite begin harmless overall and trying to get some emotion into,still at the end fella completely flat and cheap,because basically nothing changes or get point for us,besides a first hints of Friend or Foe I’II guess.So yeah,this just can’t work that easily,or at least for anyone who saw at least one plankton based episode and above 5 years old.But Paranoia actually did the same thing,but made it so subtle and clever that it’s blow up my enjoyment and impress from it.First,for the all of time before a very ending,we didn’t see actual Plankton at all,which give viewers a lot of room for imagination and predictions of what gonna happen.There’s been so many moments and jokes where he would pops out,but not.And then we had an actual ending,it’s not going to be an exaggeration to call plot twist genius.I just wouldn’t predicted that at all despite begin a very important part of rival of Eugene and Plankton,its also work because not only just because it unpredictable and make sense,it’s just hit a good point of where Plankton actually hasn’t try to still the formula this time yet he don’t even try to do that!He didn’t play a fake actor,didn’t hide from anyone,didn’t changed his personality,not at all!This plot point is a true breath of fresh content and hilarity that easily a highlight of the episode.But don’t worry anymore,that’s not the last spectacular aspect of Paranoia. CHAPTER 2:DARK STORY THAT ARGUMENTATIVELY DARK I’m gonna be honest,I don’t the biggest hater of One Corse Meal,it’s not good episode by any means,but the worst?Ehhhhhh,there enough if episodes in the series and season 7 alone that miles worse,at least Meal has some good parts like the beginning with nice action and decent gags.However,I still agreed with majority that the main rules of begin "dark” in the right way,instead it’s poorly written,tedious,and just get too far when it’s not funny nor entertaining.But Paranoia isn’t like that.What episode did right the most,is that suffer of character didn’t come from force of another character.Mr Krabs is definitely get crazy with his Plankton Hunt than he should,but his Madness comes from himself,where we had an balance between dark side of protagonist and pure sense of character.And,I don’t practically despise suicide part in OCM,I don’t even dislike it that much,hoverer,episode sort of get too far with this idea,it’s one point where it’s a silly joke like in MermaidMan and BarnacleBoy 4,Krusty Kleaners,or even Are You Happy Now(garbage episode,but I found that joke to be funny).But In here despite getting dark,we don’t see character get downright depressed to the point when he want to die because of other protagonist....oh wait,how o didn’t started with that point,OCM suck simply because episode have an protagonist that unlikable and horrid,yes I know that Plankton is a bad guy in that universe,but god Neptune Mr Krabs has no sense soul and mercy and that’s while now offensive,but still jarring considering that Plankton is a very important part of his life back in time,that’s a really big detail that makes the whole thing invalid.Fortunately Paranoia improves that,Krabs is still try to spy Plankton,but we he still an likable character because his motivations and acts makes sense for his and don’t get "Loooooouuul we cruel and EDGY for nou reasonzzzzz".Even though some of the characters get some nuts because of Krabs,it’s well reasoned and at worst it’s showed in cartoony slapstick so it’s not "suffer" anymore.That’s what I call a really great work at having good qualities of characters because crazy and weirder where it’s made set-up,reasoning,development and likability. CHAPTER 3:THIS EPISODE HAS JOKES One Course Meal has some jokes at the beginning indeed,but right after beginning,even if we ignored that episode had really lazy attempt to dark tone,simply unfunny,really unfunny.Or how about Plankton Retires?Does it has any joke that works at all?All of I remember is lazy slapjacks without any clever variations or pacing and then we get ending with robots and episode ended on abysmal self irony joke.Plankton Paranoia is really funny,it really is.It made me laugh more that any other new episode or any past season 4 episodes.What makes it so funny at the surface,is how good irony done.Just like Bottle Burglars,episode really get creative and subtle with its begin silly,but really solid balance where characters’ devotions doesn’t become avoidable or unexplainable.Krabs obsession with Plankton on the paper can work only as a one,or at best,a short running gag,but no,we get over one idea so many good laughs that enough to get to the same chuck for the best seasons.Beginning introduced audience about who is a Plankton,I think that episode made is clear as for people who watch Spongebob at first,as well as for people who know show a lot.I think at first minute are not the funniest,but still entertaining and give me at least a solid smile,with parts like hair on your chests.But after the set-up,we get a bigger and deeper level of Krabs obsession,and that where episode become hilarious.As much as structure of Mr Krabs’ character is so pure and amazing,all of his acts are works and so funny to look at.At first he just tried to make Plankton’s road easier,then turned Krusty Krab into Sanctuary,because a night spy,banned so many customers...despite begin the same point,episode still get development at his plot and comedy points,where it’s punchlines of the same gag get new and more unexpected.To the main gags there been added a lot of little visual humor,and all of them works because how fittingly clever they are and they actually adding much more flavor for the main food.Discussing every bits of humor on this episode is actually a really big challenge,because there too many good comedy that should just been seen.But in nutshell,the irony and all of other types of humor here is godtier.It’s unexpected,always feel right,and just get mush better and better with every single one. CHAPTER 4:MY GOD ANIMATION IS SO AMAZING I think a lot of people would agree is that the main problem of post sequel era(and yes that including 9b)is that at it’s worst,animation try to hard to get it attention and hind lacking of anything else.Plankton Retires,for a very example,half of the time just show you on the face how good animation on Season 10 is yet forget to add adequate plot or pacing into it.Season 11 despite having noticeable amount of this type of episodes,has a lot of other ones where really great visuals used for telling a really silly yet fun story,Spot Returns,Creature Feature,Stuck on the Roof,There’s Sponge in my Soup,Bookini,Mustard O’Mine...there a lot of them.Plankton Paranoia not only is one of them,on a technical level,this is the best looking episode of all time!The whole eleven minutes looks like incredibly detailed,fluid,well painted piece of art.And say whatever you want about wacky and exaggerating style that show choose now,it’s really an fitting animation style for this episode,all of expressions of Mr Krabs show his madness so perfectly that add a lot of good atmosphere into our enjoyment. And how about the whole sequence of action Paranoia trip?That look so wonderfully and fantastic.It’s dive up a full atmosphere of episode so well and make episode even more memorable.But seriously animation in this episode is perfection in every means of the word.If it’s isn’t a work of master,then o don’t know what is. CHAPTER 5:THAT’S HOW YOU MAKE A QUALITY EPISODE Plankton Paranoia is more than just a really good episode.It’s a true innovation for the whole series.The fact that as stupid and strange premise get,execution is a high tier mix of adventure,impressive plot points,unforgettable ending twist,humor that made me laugh all day,amazing characterization and animation that I can praise all of my existence.That’s how One Course Meal and Plankton Retires flawed,especially in comparison.But what about Paranoia,it’s a very good candidate to my Top 25 of the series for begin so new and shockingly awesome.And that’s wasn’t even the best episode of the season?Can’t wait to talk about that one!But first..we had one stinker that we hasn’t talked about yet.Unfortunately,Luke Brookshier’s works of the season didn’t come only on the best list...
  9. Shooting Ballad of Filthy Muck’s YouTube comment section
  10. I’m might be watch this sequel only if Frozen’s Olaf gonna be replaced with one of those Olafs
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