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  1. the fuck this movie keeps getting better with every trailer maybe this movie is bad idk but whoever did marketing for it deserves a raise, that's for sure.
  2. Nope I want to learn japanese one day though
  3. Ironic how Super Mario 3D World the best replicated feeling of original 2d Mario games such as SBM3 and World better than New Super Mario Bros could've ever wished for.

  4. as much as movie seems so far iffy, i am glad that at least gary and spongebob's relationship focus was retained from previous version of third movie, since it seemed like the best part of it anyway
  5. Well, i do now. Hmmm I love metang, psyduck and slowpoke lines a lot.
  6. ok i think no one really cares that much about this topic anymore but for the sake of completion i will complete it ahem sorry for the wait any poor soul that liked to read my reviews i got side-tracked with many things from briefly not that much caring about spongebob because of certain other nicktoon to just being lazy but this shit has to STOP so finally we are going to beginning of end of this ranking, that is Let's get started! Number 17. Writer(s): Andrew Goodman Storyboard Artist(s): John Trabbic You know what post-movie did absolutely horribly? Well, s6-9a, that is. Squidward and SpongeBob dynamic. It was one of the absolute best parts of the show's first seasons, but since season 6 it was damaged badly. SpongeBob was turned into creepy stalker and Squidward was turned into one-dimensional grumpy character with no charisma or any other characteristics. But some of the finest season 11 episode revolve around this pair of characters in particular. Let's see why this episode works and why it in some ways doesn't. Premise is simple, entire Krusty Krew is going through check-up, but Mr.Krabs is too afraid to take it and hides from the nurse. But if Mr.Krabs won't complete his check-up Krusty Krab will be closed forever! So it's up to Squidward and SpongeBob to take Mr.Krabs' check-up and make it secretly, for Krabs not to realize it. This was one of the first episodes aired in season 11 and it honestly showed a big difference compared to then new season 10. Dialogue and visual humor was balanced, characters were written properly and plot has some clever twists and turns in it. While not entiety of season 11 will stay like that and it will occasionally slip back into wackier and visual-gag based formula of season 10, this episode convinced many that post-sequel crew indeed was improving their craft and perfecting new for this show style. Comedy is indeed quite good in this episode, it has many memorable lines and dialogue exchanges ("You seem fine. Physically, at least.") But what makes this episode truly shine is Squidward and SpongeBob dynamic. They feel like true friends, or at least, good co-workers, which is much more in-line with their pre-movie portrayal, where they could occasionally team-up for a good cause. They bounce off each other perfectly and it's just so nice seeing Squidward that isn't scared of SpongeBob beyond any reason or SpongeBob behaving like a stalker. It's just delightful to see them both on-screen this episode, which is I can applaud for. This dynamic pretty much stays in most of season 11 and I really enjoy this approach to their interactions, since old shtick of "Squidward just plainly hating SpongeBob" was getting really old. If I had to explain why this episode isn't higher, I can give you a few reasons. First of all, there's just more episodes in the season that better in every way imaginable. Not that this episode does anything wrong, but season 11 has higher highs than this. And if I had to nitpick, I'd called Mr.Krabs himself the biggest problem in this episode. It's never elaborated on why Mr.Krabs is afraid of check-ups and some of slapstick can be a bit too far (yes, I'm STILL NOT OVER THAT TEETH SCENE). But SpongeBob isn't plot-driven show, so I can forgive that writers make blatant "excuse plots" to justify the gags. Besides, I'm all for using Mr.Krabs in plot-lines that have nothing to do with money. Really solid and high 8/10.
  7. they aren't wrong, The Great Piggy Bank Robbery is amazing short and one of my most favorite cartoons ever. thank you!
  8. This sounds better than dumb retcons, but I am still skeptical about this. the most hilarious thing that i was kind right about nick's awful marketing, instead of revealing, you know, the IMPORTANT part of the movie, they revealed details of opening scene. nick, hire actual competent people that can promote shit. or in that case, hire at least someone competent.
  9. thank you! new drawing
  10. finally at least i am dead somewhere
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