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  1. i'm more than sure that it means s12. us aired like 4 episodes at best at this point and this season will be longest in a while (54 segments), so i think nick is just stretching it out.
  2. I said all I wanted about this spin-off but since then I thought about whole situation again. And I've came to conclusion, that the main show, SpongeBob Squarepants that was going since 1999, maybe is finished for good. It's just speculation on my part. I have my own reasons and evidence to think how I think but there are little chances that things I'm saying are true. 1) Kamp Koral is spin-off "in-name" only. In reality this is poorly disguised reboot of SpongeBob. Fresh start for new viewers, so to speak. SpongeBob isn't really relevant with majority of Nick's main demographic - children. This show is too old and too long at this point. While this spin-off is prequel (so you basically don't have to know anything about SB to watch it) and in CGI, less costy and more "trendy" style of animation rather than traditional animation of the main show. 2) There's no need to continue making old and tired show with big baggage of stuff and restrictions over the years while you can now make spin-off, brand new show, that can be whatever Nickelodeon and Viacom themselves want. 3) This year is huge for SB, 20th anniversary after all. But so far there are no season 13 announcement. You'd think Nick announced it by now like they did with lots of other SB stuff. But instead we know that several post-sequel crew memebers left, Vincent Waller and Marc seem to be involved with Kamp Koral and the last thing we heard about s13 is that it's "in talks" way before announcement of spin-offs. Seems likely that Nick doesn't need s13 anymore. If show really will end after s12 to make a way for brand new spin-offs I am not sure how to feel about it. On one hand, I will be happy that SpongeBob, as creator-driven show, will be able to end on somewhat high note. On other hand, brand itself seems to be getting just worse and worse and post-sequel crew seem to be forced to do stuff they don't really want to do. Bittersweet feelings all around.
  3. i think it's just a weird angle, in og game models also looked awkward from certain angles.
  4. New season 12 rankings (will update when this Nicktoons UK premiere week will be finished) Farmerbob - 9/10 (Despite having story to be just an excuse for the string of gags, this episode is genuinely hilarious for me. And since this show is primarily comedy I can let this slide, because bits like "barn-itzva" scene, aliens and "I HOPE THIS TRIP LASTS FOREVER" are really good pieces of comedy, imo. Of course I can see why some don't care for this episode that much, since it doesn't really offer that much in anything besides comedy and if you not a fan of it, there's not much to it otherwise.) Gary and Spot - 9/10 (My favorite Spot and Gary episode. Huh. This episode is really unique and cute. It isn't very funny, but entertaining story and charming atmosphere kept me smiling thru out.) The Nitwitting - 3/10 (This episode is more boring to me than anything else.) The Ballad of Filthy Muck - 6/10 (This episode has few genuinely funny jokes, great ending and song, but otherwise is kind of... there.) The Krusty Slammer - 8/10 (Fairly entertaining story with few laugh out loud moments make into fairly enjoyable episode. This episode also features probably one of the most natural incorporation of various references to previous episodes, which is also a big plus.) Pineapple RV - 9/10 (Even without english dialogue this episode kept me entertained. Squidward's characterization is superb, plot feels classic but unique enough, ending was very sweet.) King Plankton - 10/10 (Really creative and funny episode, not much to say besides that, almost everyone love it for a reason.) Stormy Weather - 8/10 (Very cute if somewhat unfocused episode sprinkled with some genuinely funny moments through out. SpongeBob's characterization is strong in this one. Also, new character, Gale Doppler, is genuinely fun antagonist to SB, I hope he will return sometime like Rube did.) The Krusty Bucket - 10/10 (One of my personal favorites from entire post-sequel. Lawrence turned cliched cartoons clone trope into something genuinely interesting and engaging. Krabs/Plankton team-up was unexpected and done really well, they have a great chemistry. New villain was also fairly interesting break from the norm in best way possible. Biggest surprise of the season so far, since I didn't expected much from it.) Sandy's Nutty Nieces - 8/10 (I expected this ep to be okay at best, comedy was surprisingly solid, SpongeBob's characterization was on-point and Patrick was surprisingly funny here. Nieces themselves were.... fine, I haven't found them annoying, but I can see why some be annoyed by them.) Insecurity Guards - 10/10 (This episode honestly feels like modern classic. Every joke hits, new location is superbly designed and feels unique, characterization is on-point, animation is gorgeous. This episode is probably one of my contenders of post-sequel favorites, it was THAT good.)
  5. Im literally so happy right now i can hardly contain myself
  6. I don't give a flying fuck about this spin-off. Idea sounds awful and it being in CGI also sounds cursed. But the best thing we can do, all people that hate the mere idea of such thing happening, it's just to ignore it. No rants, no attention. This project deserves to die in infancy and obscurity. From now on I will ignore every bit of news related to this "project".
  7. Smoothe more than deserved being so low, terrible episode, but I have no string feelings for APFG. Episode is bad, but isn't awful besides one SpongeBob line we all know and loathe. Otherwise it's just mediocre or jarring but there are episodes that are way worse than that, imo.
  8. Wedding was fake but preist didn't knew that.
  9. Slide Whistle Stooges is incredibly annoying, repetitive and boring episode. It took premise that could've worked only in 5 minutes runtime at best and made 11 minutes out of it, adding nothing to the actual substance. One Coarse Meal isn't episode I get the hate on. It's bad, but like. It's bad to me in purely technical things? Like writing is really bad and confusing for instance. But not like "omg plankton is almost commited suicide". Besides, this episode at least had entertaining first few minutes with great action and some not bad jokes (wacky bucks). So yeah, I can get why this episode is on the list, but I heavily disagree.
  10. I don't hate either The Splinter. This episode just bores me. It isn't even the grossest episode of the show anymore. Only truly awful thing about this episode is Dr.Patrick scene, but that's about it. The rest is just mediocrity at it's finest. Boating Buddies is oof. I kinda like some jokes from it, but it's so frustrating to watch. They botched perfectly good concept but never expanded on it. Mrs.Puff and Squidward barely have any interaction with each other, SpongeBob is turned into stalker creep and visuals are ugly thanks to Aaron Springer's storyboards. I don't hate it as much as I once did, but it more than deserves being on the list.
  11. While I don't think that Little Yellow Book is 25 bottom worthy at least because it has fair share of pretty good jokes, it's still terrible episode all in all. The most awful thing about it is that it didn't HAD to be bad. All elements of good episode were right here, but for some reason writers did EVERY CONCIOUS DESICION IMAGINABLE to make this episode hard to watch. They didn't had to make townspeople hypocrites, but they did, they didn't had to make Squidward an asshole, but they did, they didn't had to make this dumb comedic ending, but. they. did. It frustrates me more than the actual episode, tbh. It feels like watching some kind of let's play on youtube and screaming "WHY ARE YOU PLAYING SO BADLY, IT'S NOT THAT HARD TO BE BETTER THAN THIS." Are You Happy Now is one of the few episodes in the series that I can genuinely call offensive. It's truly has distasteful jokes and jarring tonal shifts that are really uncomfortable to watch. While I agree with most that jjs said, I disagree with one little detail. SpongeBob wouldn't be able to touch such serious and nuanced subject matter period, precisely because pre-movie writers (or any competent writers on the show at any points at time) would've likely understood that it's just doesn't fit the show's tone. SpongeBob can be sometimes serious and emotional, but depression is above and beyond simple and understandable topics like losing a pet or having a beef with friend. This episode just doesn't feel like SpongeBob, it feels like some bad edgy fan-fiction at best, not something that was approved and written by professional writers and storyboarders.
  12. this movie has childish jokes and dumb plot. sponge who could fly is the true finale!!!!
  13. Fungus Among Us is.... episode i don't care much about. There are way worse gross-out episodes in the series in that and frankly, it don't disgust me that much. My main issue that it just doesn't even try to tell any jokes? It takes itself way too seriously for it's own good. Rodeo Daze is garbage and rightfully made the list, Jjs's reivew was pretty self-absorbed, so I don't have to add anything else.
  14. Cent of Money is such crappy episode. If previous seasons made Mr.Krabs my least favorite in the main cast but still somewhat likable, this was the ep that cemented my strong hatred for him for years. This episode is just unfunny and really uncomfortable to watch and even ending doesn't save the day for me. It didn't quite made my list unfortunately, but I am glad that his ep appeared on this list. you can kill me if you want, but i can't hate Squid's visit. out of all season 6 episodes, this is one of those that's just... fascinate me. It's bad, don't get me wrong, but somehow I am entertained by it. It's so bizarre and creepy that it's somehow works for me? Objectively it's garbage, no doubt, but I think it's the same case as Demolition Doofus for me. Ep objectively is terrible, but it's really... interesting.
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