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  1. Stimpy's Fan-club 2: Ren's Fan-club boogaloo
  2. I'm not gonna lie, I liked Frozen back in the day. But hype around this movie kinda killed my interest in it and news about sequel only baffled me. But this teaser actually looks... like something interesting? Something that takes risks and advances the story? Like it's actually a good sequel? Maybe it won't be as epic as this teaser, but I'm really considering going to this movie now.
  3. My tribute to "Have you seen the Snail"
  4. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1U7NkAVgDrcmTavd-m3J3VhuWu6FiXGwI/view?usp=sharing There's google drive link for everyone who's interested.
  5. I have it, actually. I hope no one is will be against posting full version here. EDIT: Nevermind, Viacom blocked it. I will upload it to Google Drive.
  6. This is probably common knowledge, but it's not as huge on the internet as I thought. Mermaid Man and Barnalce Boy V is a classic, but did you know that this episode was actually 22-minute special at first? Animatic from "Fear of a Krabby Patty" dvd reveals quite of few deleted scenes and extended sequences from original episodes. The funniest and one of the more baffling ones (in the vein "WHY THEY CUT THAT") was scene of IJLSA backstory.
  7. Tbh, there's more people who actually dislike post-sequel than like nowadays, but hey, maybe it just me over-exaggerating and feeling self-conscious again.
  8. S12 so far isn't much different from S11 or S10, so you probably beginning to get tired from the show, that's perfectly normal.
  9. They at least bothered to add a new word. They didn't bothered to change in that episode's title anything at all.
  10. You've entitled to like/dislike whatever you want but I am strongly disagree with you on everything even if I dislike Nitwitting.
  11. The most hilarious thing is that "Graveyard shift" has the same name in russian dub as "The Night Patty". It's all "Night Shift". Yeah, they reused NAME OF THE EPISODE. Isn't it great, amiright?
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