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  1. "A lot of executive changes have taken place since we made it." Good. Freaking. God. This is 100% what we've suspected was happening with Wonderful Sponge. This has confirmed to be what's happening with Static Cling. It's safe to bet this is gonna happen with Enter the Florpus as well. There's not even a confirmed release date on the TV movie anymore. We're now getting SpongeBob spinoffs no one asked for and a godawful looking movie in the future. We can't trust Nickelodeon. That's already a known fact, but Jesus Christ. Everyone was eagerly awaiting this movie announced two and a half years ago, and outside of a single trailer and this post we've gotten nothing. This has so much potential but it has the possibility of being completely changed or maybe being scrapped as a whole through "executive changes". Fuck this network, man.
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