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  1. Uh... well, only jjs voted. I'm just gonna pick @El Jacko's submission "dmandagiraffe" and call it a day. Congrats, you win 5000 doubloons and a position in the hall of fame, yadda yadda yadda. Looks like my obviously flawed voting system still needs fixing. Ah well. Have a fun, and see you next year.
  2. HOLY CRAP ELEVEN SUBMISSIONS WHAT (yea i know three of them came from advertising but still, thanks guys) Anyways, the poll is now up. Go on and pick the names you think are the most fitting for me to hold for an entire year. Or just pick yours, keeping in mind the cut prize if you win. You have until the 15th at noon Central to pick the best and frick the worst. Who's going to come out on top is something I can hardly wait to see... Oh yeah, and have a fun I suppose.
  3. ...and make it ok Last year I made the first of these "decide dman's name" threads on here, and not only did it have a decent enough turnout but it also gave me a display name that was near perfection. Unfortunately, my time of being known as "dmandaman&/AndKnuckles" is almost over because DDDND is approaching yet again... Anyways, similar rules to last year. Post in this thread what you think would be a good display name for me to bear until next February. Or alternatively, post something that makes me wince so much that I completely lose the ability to feel regret by April. IT ALL DEPENDS ON YOU! On the 13th, I'll put all the names into a poll in which you can vote as many times as you want. Once the poll closes on the 15th, I will announce the winner and they will receive both a position in my hall of fame and 5000 doubloons. (yes, you read that right) Additionally, you can vote for your own name in the poll if you so desire. But warning, if you do this and go on to win, the prize money will be decreased to 2000 doubloons. Hey, it's still more than it was last year. If there is somehow a tie between two or more options, I'll pick my personal favorite out of them to become the winner. I understand Freebooter Februarry will be happening during the time the winner is declared, but once it's over the name change will be made. And that's pretty much it. Now is the part where y'all start posting and I sit in spectation until 8am Central on the 13th arrives. I anticipate what you guys will come up with for this year. Peace, and don't forget to have a fun.
  4. I want Up to win best picture for every fucking year
  5. i wasn't joking earlier. what's the point?
Doubloons: $43,383

Free Toy Free toys for everyone!1
Sky 1
Trump Hat Make America Great Again!1
Black Eye For those who use toothpaste.1
ChefBob Puppet Terrible at cooking. Excellent at roasting!1
Gingerbread Man Given to whoever completed the Present Hunt at Snowcember Ball 2018.1
Will Smith Autograph Given to whoever won it from the Movie Makers minigame.1
Big H 1
Neptune's Crown 1
Speech Bubble The ceiling is right!1
Worm 1
Giant Pill You hate the pill!1
Hook The hooks boyo!1
Thanos The hardest choices require the strongest will!1
Thanos Helmet 1
Thanos Legs 1
Thanos Shirt 1
Fist O Pain Badge 1
Secret Agent Snail Badge 1
Community Deathmatch Badge 1
Fisherman Beard 1
Fisherman Coat 2018 1
Fisherman Hat 2018 1
Top Hat 1
329 Egg And nobody forget it!1
Snail 1
Gift Box 1
Winter Squidward Given to whoever completed the Snowball Hunt during Snowcember Ball 2019.1
GCA Award 1
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