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  1. They’re probably going to continue this trend until the series ends. I predict fourteen 100-episode disc sets total will be produced. Also, lel at SBYF being a “fan-favorite”
  2. S1E1: “First Stuff” Dman: Welcome to the first episode of “Dman Talks About Stuff: The Show”, or “DTAS:TS” for short. I am Dman, your host and also man. My brother has forced me to let him in as well. Pman: i love my brother btw Dman: People say that the hardest part of a journey is the first steps. Or maybe they don’t say that and my mind is fabricating memories again. Even though a thread on a SpongeBob forum can barely be considered a “journey”, I can’t think of a better phrase for comparison so we’ll just have to do with that. Now, let me tell you about the first time I got injured. Pman: oh god Dman: It was back in the year 2001 and my brother— Pman: dman you’re already boring us Dman: Hush, brother. You know this story involves you. Anyway, my brother dropped some trains on my forehead when I was a meek little— Pman: stop Dman: —no—when I was a meek little infant of age 1 month. Pman: i’m going to crush your head with my legs again Dman: Would you like to exit the premises of my room? Pman: i would like you to suffer Dman: I wouldn’t mind that actually. Pman: … Dman: If you can’t tell, my brother’s statement at the beginning was a complete lie. Pman: will you just shut up already *Dman blows a whistle and a herd of muscular squirrels carry Pman out of the room* Pman: hell no i am not being dragged out by the spawns of satan today Dman: Too late. *door slam* Dman: Now that that’s over with, the first time I ever tried ice cream is when I was 4. I am the first person in my family tree to have a scar on my left knee. The word “first” ends with -st despite the most common ordinal suffix being -th. My brother is the first of two siblings my parents have. The first time I commented “first!” on YouTube was on a video with no comments. The opposite of first is last. I was the first person to— *crash* Pman: this needs to stop Dman: Why? Pman: this is complete torture Dman: *blows whistle again* Pman: l o r d p l e a s e n o Dman: Looks like I’m going to have to cut the first episode early. I will never let Pman in my room while I’m hosting again. This is Dman signing out, and don’t forget to try to have a fun out of everyday. (fml this show was a huge mistake) -t-h-e—e-n-d-
  3. Consider this a revival of that thing I made on SBM quite some time ago. This time it’s just my words. Prepare to take a trip into dee-mind of dee-man. Or not. Coming to SBC sometime after November 29, 2006.
  4. 01010011 01010000 01000001 01000011 01000101 01001010 01000001 01001101 01010100 01010111 01001111
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