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  1. listen to this album or you're a loser. it turns 18 tomorrow. give it some early respects
  2. Repetitive humor isn't funny, it's actually pretty agitating. No idea why it's that way for me, just how I am I guess
  3. damn man, I haven't even been here for a solid two years Congrats on making it this far; I wish you luck with your ocd future endeavors on this site.
  4. When was the last one? The one brought up in this thread was postponed.
  5. Why am I typing this at 11 on a Wednesday night? Do I have a life at all?
  6. Happy birthday, fellow @Biggest Fan of the Film Cars 2! Go and watch the Cars saga a few times for me today, won't ya?
  7. Happy birthday, fellow @imagoofygoober2004! I enjoyed your stream.
  8. My eyes are legit getting misty from that ending (not really from sadness, just the whole "epic journey is over" feeling). This was a great lit to end on.
  9. Prepare for crappy audio, possible regret, and potential seizures. Also enjoy the video.
  10. SpongeBob in RandomLand = Pizza Delivery Post-Season 11 Edition you heard it here first
  11. Happy birthday, fellow ukranian-coffee-person!
  12. You'll pull through in the end, dude. Wishing you the best of luck
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