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  1. lol, I guess I should say "rediscovered" when it comes to Aquarius. basically meaning i'd heard it before but never really fully appreciated it until relistening.
  2. it is my duty to complete my king neptune assignment from weeks back. happy FRICKIN birthday prez. I want to say am very grateful. Ever since mid-2017 I have been gifted with the knowledge of the godly musical duo that is Boards of Canada. And yeah, even if it took me a couple of years to start digging deeper into their albums, I still liked what I’ve heard since the beginning. To show this, I’ve picked ten of my favorites across their four albums and ordered them from great to even greater. So, without further ado, let’s see how many controversial picks I make begin! DMAN’s top 10 BoC [album] songs (probably subject to change) I hope you all enjoyed. Happy birthday again, Mr. President/Squidward. G>MHtRtC>TH>TCH
  3. just signed up for spring 2020 classes 👏👏👏

  4. I unironically love peanuts. Sorry. cookies of the chocolate chip variety
  5. This looks really promising. Hopefully Docter will be able to amaze me for the fourth time in a row.
  6. Real question is where are the other 58 segments Nickelodeon is neglecting
  7. I still kinda wish she was crushed in an industrial press.
  8. calvin and hobbes fills a dark spot in my soul that nothing else can
  9. Iconic Halloween username and avatar 

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Free Toy Free toys for everyone!1
Sky 1
Trump Hat Make America Great Again!1
Black Eye For those who use toothpaste.1
ChefBob Puppet Terrible at cooking. Excellent at roasting!1
Gingerbread Man Given to whoever completed the Present Hunt at Snowcember Ball 2018.1
Will Smith Autograph Given to whoever won it from the Movie Makers minigame.1
Big H 1
Neptune's Crown 1
Speech Bubble The ceiling is right!1
Worm 1
Giant Pill You hate the pill!1
Hook The hooks boyo!1
Thanos The hardest choices require the strongest will!1
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