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  1. It's been one whole year since the incident now...


    ...incident meaning the day I joined SBC. What a tragedy.

    Happy SBC-versary to every forum immigrant!

  2. I was just reminded I used to tell extremely cringy alphabet jokes in the first grade oh good lord

  3. Happy birthday, fellow @Terminoob™! (aka kaijew)
  4. What was the last thing you saw Krabs doing before the lights went out?
  5. Was Plankton anywhere near the cake? Also birthday blowout is balls
  6. I thought it would be releasing sometime in like November, though I'm happy to be proven wrong, I guess. Just another show to add to my talk-about list...
  7. (This post was originally made on 7/11/19, but was accidentally removed along with a number of SBC's other posts for unexplainable reasons. The following is a word-for-word rewrite of my talk-about from that day. -dman) Last time on "DMAN re-attempts to talk about every single CN original in existence", dman talked about an episode of a show that was pants. Today's show, however, is not pants. #55: Apple and Onion "A New Life" [February 23, 2018] A little fun fact, this was the first show to start after I began doing my talk-abouts on SBM. Ahh... good times. Anyway, around 2016 I completely gave up on watching cartoons on TV and mostly began watching them online instead. That means for every show #51 and onwards, I have basically no experience with. That being said, I've heard good things about this show. Not from a lot of people (considering how quickly CN got rid of its first season), but good things nonetheless. I have hope for this one. Let's check it out, shall we? The episode starts with the titular Apple and Onion leaving their old lives behind for the city. Apple reminds himself to take things one step at a time through song, and Onion reminds himself to make friends, also through song. When Apple arrives in the city, he begins to head to the address given by Falafel, his landlord, but stops for a load (and I mean a load) of ice cream in between, which he uses to cool down a bacon-lady heating on the sidewalk. He also accidentally leaves his backpack hanging from the ice cream truck's mirror, and the address with it. Meanwhile, Onion has an awkward exchange with his boss at his new workplace, which causes him to get ice cream all over the boss' sweater in his desperation to help. His boss tells him to get said sweater dry-cleaned, or else he's fired. Back in Apple's situation, he decides to continue taking things one step at a time to find his way, but he gets sidetracked by a con artist. Though Apple actually enjoys his self-portrait and compliments the artist, he realizes he now has no money left. At the same time, Onion shares his clothes washer with a sports player who can't get his own washer to work. Later, Apple uses both of his shoes to dislodge a ball from a basketball hoop for some kids, with no way to get the shoes back after all is said and done. Back at Onion's workplace, he hands his boss the wrong sweater, ultimately causing him to get fired. He also stands in wet cement, causing him to lose his shoes as well. Apple and Onion end up crossing paths at the shoe store, and share the details of their days to make each other feel better. After hearing about Onion not being able to live in the job-supported building anymore, Apple offers him to live in his place with him. After the two get their new shoes, they spot the same ice cream truck outside, Apple's bag still hanging from the mirror. All the friends they made earlier end up helping them to reach the truck through methods such as speed, flight, inspiration, and none other than "the call of the children". After retrieving the backpack, the sportsman from earlier offers them a ride to the address, and the duo officially begin their new life. The end. That was... oddly charming. I know it's just another slice of life show, but something felt unusually realistic about it. Yes, it's about anthropomorphic food, but you can make anything relatable if you do it well. And dare I say it, this show does it well. Special mentions go to Onion laughing then looking at the ground when he says he has no friends, and the ice cream truck driver yelling "WHERE MY CHILDRENS AT?!". I originally thought this show would be kind of mediocre, but it turned out to actually be really nice. Good vibes from food have never been better than this. THE BOTTOM LINE: Apple & Onion is what I'd call a "chill" show, aka a show where everyday stuff happens, but it's approached in a normal, yet different way than most would come across. RATING: 8/10 (pretty good) Alright wheel, more of these chill shows would be nice! Stay tuned for dman's next talk-about.
  8. I can't draw, but I will gladly send the Kit Kats for y'all
  9. I can't draw, but I will gladly send the Kit Kats for y'all
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