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  1. Well fuck, we have to start over. step
  2. Never seen The Nitwitting. From what I've heard, that's probably a good thing. Summer Job is basically a DD beta to me. Yeah, it's bad, and definitely irritating, but at least there aren't any death threats! Eh? Been a while since neither ep appeared on my list.
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    Some of these things I've stated, some I've implied, some you'll have to guess. But they're all true. Praise H
  3. To Love a Patty: Grossout doesn't really affect me too much, so for me TLaP isn't as bad of an episode as everyone else says. Don't get me wrong, I still don't like it, but I've seen a lot worse to the point where I've been desensitized to groussout jokes. Actually, there's only one episode in the "grossout" genre I put on my list. But I'm certain we'll get there... Demolition Doofus: reeeee
  4. Happy late birthday to amphy and happy birthday to the deady @ClassicNickelodeon Fan 1!
    it was the best one so far
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    I've legit memorized all of these i swear forget that one time i cheated in jep AAAHHHHHHHH
  5. Waiting: boring. House Sittin' for Sandy: pointless. Atlantis Squarepantis: ok. (don't fight me) Sportz: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  6. *insert haha le funny joke about being featured* I already talked about ATG, so let me just say if I had remembered Shuffleboarding's existence, it would've almost certainly made my list. How did I forget about it? I literally spent a couple of paragraphs talking about what made ATG bad and Shuffleboarding has it even worse. Maybe it was so forgettable that I somehow erased its existence from my mind and it evaded my list? I wouldn't be surprised. Though it wasn't on my full list, I'll give it the honorable position of #26.
  7. Face Freeze is one of those episodes that I didn't get the hate for the longest time until I rewatched it and saw just how empty the episode really was plot-wise. SpongeBob and Patrick both do some stupid thing, they're warned not to do it, they continue, yadda yadda we've seen this before. It's basically a sub-par Ditchin', which was already a sub-par Hooky. Face Freeze is blaaaaand. Cephalopod Lodge is basically "Hey! Squidward's actually showing positive emotion! Let's change that!" the episode. Squidward is not allowed to be happy, silly! He deserves to be kicked out of what gives him joy and get tortured by his acquaintances as a result! Jesus. I hate to use the term STP, but this is up there with some of the worst ones. We'll get to the others, I'm sure of it. Though FF is bland and somewhat worthy of hate, it didn't make my list. CL did, however...
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