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  1. *lifts up Patrick's Rock* trick or treat lol
  2. oh yeah and why is ‘69 above ‘67 in your original post?
  3. I’m heading to Mr. Krabs’ Anchor House *is prepared to get nothing*
  4. - the four-eyed goats can make me cry - mama’s always got her mattress - and the one on the first page about pictures and hoes all of these I have misheard before
  5. Just stopping by to say that this topic was so good that I cared more about listening to your opinions on top 100 singles rather than doing schoolwork. thanks
  6. Yeah, can't wait to see what season 12 will be like...
  7. A few weeks ago, I made a children’s book about numbers and possible allegories for racial discrimination. I’m wondering if it would be worthy of posting in the trashbox...

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