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  1. *aims for Patrick's throat for the 79th time*
  2. Last time on "DMAN re-attempts to talk about every single CN original in existence", dman talked about an episode of a show based off of a franchise that he knew bar none about. Thankfully, today's cartoon has no such preexisting franchise to be based off of... Sorry, can't do that. But I can do the talk-about at the very least #12: Sheep in the Big City "Be Still My Bleating Heart" [November 17, 2000] I once went through a phase where I liked to binge watch shows that were short-lived, cancelled too soon, never got their full time in the limelight, whatever you'd like to call it. Each and every time would end with me getting tired of seeing the same characters 10 episodes in because, IDK, that's just what's happens when I binge watch too many episodes in a short time frame. And, whaddya know, today's cartoon just so happens to be one of these! I remember watching this online a lot from 2013-14, and I don't remember much about it apart from the fact that it used lots of wordplay and fourth wall jokes (and if you know me, you'll know I'm a sucker for both of those). So what are we waiting for, let's start living the city life! The episode opens with Sheep (that's his actual name) watching a romantic film parody on a television, before changing the channel and cutting to the intro. Oh yeah, I should probably mention that these episodes are 22 minutes long and cut into 3-chapter segments with parodied commercial breaks in between. So yeah, we're in for a ride with this one. [Chapter 1: Be Still My Bleating Heart] - The episode starts, for real this time, with Ben the narrator explaining how hard it is for Sheep to live safely in the big city. He works many jobs just to make ends meet, society tends to reject him, and he constantly seeks companionship. And lastly, there's a "Top Secret Military Base" where General Specific (ha) and Private Public (haha) are discussing how to capture Sheep for their "Sheep-powered ray gun". Also, G. S. might be suffering from short-term memory. We then go back to Sheep, where his eyes happen to set on a poodle named Swanky, and he falls in love, quite literally at one point. Commercials include "The-You're-Too-Lazy-To-Get-Out-Of-Your-House-And-Go-Shopping Station" and "Oxymoron Detergent". [Chapter 2: Mutton But Love] - Back on Sheep's story, we find out that Swanky is owned by Lady Richington, a lady with a burning hatred for sheep and likes to beat them with her stainless steel wig. We then cut to the military guys again, but they aren't doing anything noteworthy so we go back to Sheep. He is extremely conflicted, because his newfound love is owned by a sheep-hater, though in the end he decides to go for it and gets severely injured multiple times as a result. Eventually he poses as Richington's wig, but at the same time she is calling her "old friends" which just so happens to be the military men themselves...! Commercials include "Les is More Electronic Warehouse" and "An Important Public Service Message from Some Guy". [Chapter 3: Wool You Be Mine] - During a conversation with General Specific, Lady Richington finds out that Sheep is right on top of her, and freaks out. Thankfully for her, the military guys show up right at that moment thanks to "The Plot Device" (YES THAT'S A REAL CHARACTER IN THE SHOW). Sheep and the military organization then participate in an extensive chase scene, ending up at the "Spotlight, Dry Ice & Ominous Music Warehouse". After a short look-around they capture Sheep-- or what they assume to be Sheep, because it's actually none other than Swanky. Richington finds out and beats G. S. with her wig, causing P. Public to find the source of the general's memory loss, and Sheep believes he's now found true love. The show then ends with a Swede ranting about meatballs. A lot to take in, huh? Well believe it or not, I left out a MULTITUDE of funny jokes in that summary. It would literally take hours to go through them all if I tried. You know how I said I remembered the show using wordplay and fourth wall breaks? I wasn't wrong, this cartoon is filled to the brim with them! Special mentions go out to Private Public suggesting General Specific to look at the pilot script, a full camera crew seen during Sheep and Swanky's first love seen, and Shaggy and Scooby-Doo making a sneak appearance in the warehouse. And that's just THREE of the jokes. If you don't care too much about a strong plot-driven show and just like good humor, this cartoon is for you. I wouldn't recommend it much for those who easily overdose on comedy, though. THE BOTTOM LINE: If you want a good laugh, check this one out. It's got everything up it's sleeves, not literally though. RATING: 8/10 (pretty good) Ah, what a blast from the past. Wheel Decide, Europe! Stay tuned for dman's next talk-about.
  3. *pounds both fists on table while yelling right*
  4. Who were you talking with at the time of the burglary?
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