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V13 is now live! :D
OMJ was crowned Festival King!


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  1. Karen’s Virus and Girls’ Night Out will be the first episodes to premiere on my birthday since way back in Season 4 with SquidBob TentaclePants.
  2. Ink Lemonade is an all time classic. 11/10 would watch forever.
  3. Patty Caper vs. The Great Patty Caper has never bugged me. Flaming Moe’s vs. Flaming Moe and Love Is a Many Strangled Thing vs. Love Is a Many Splintered Thing from The Simpsons are much worse.
  4. My site theme is now based on the greatest, most magnificent episode of SpongeBob ever! Who needs this Band Geeks garbage when we have A PAL FOR GARY! Also jjs please change the name of the Band Geeks team to the A Pal for Garys.
  5. Shopping List will probably air in December.
  6. Congratulations, Band Geeks! Glad to see my team win, even if I hardly had a chance to participate.
  7. I did/kinda still do that too! I’ve even bitten the PS2 controller itself.
  8. Actually kinda agree with this. Like how hearing a favorite song being played on the radio (and not just hearing the tail end of the song or hearing the beginning just as you reach your destination) is more awesome than listening to it of your own volition. As for DVDs (or iTunes), I much prefer to have a hard copy than to watch a stream that won’t even be available when internet is down.
  9. ataeaf


    I had their Buttermilk Chicken Strips recently, and there were actually amazing. I need to get them again at some point! 10/10
  10. Best (no particular order): 5. The Simpsons Hit & Run/The Simpsons Game 4. Rock Band 3 3. Battle For Bikini Bottom 2. Toontown Online 1. Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock My worst list would probably all be Guitar Hero Live.
Doubloons: $4,188

SpongeBuck Given to whoever hit the yellow target in Bullseye Target at Rodessance.1
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