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  1. I haven't touched this in months it feels weird help

  2. Admittedly I haven't paid TOO much attention to this forum as of late, but... dang, I caught wind of this news and I don't know what else to say. I hope SOF turns out okay after all this is said and done, and wish him the best!
  3. In case anyone didn't catch it, I'm a huge furry and shameless about it.
  4. 0:06 / 31:41
    The Problems of the Bob the Builder Reboot


  5. I see you, too, are interested in being correct
  6. Anxiety is fun, and by fun, I mean "makes me want to gouge out the eyes of whatever primal ape-beast bestowed it upon us as a species"

  7. Crazy Celes isn't really that disturbing--it's boring, and also kinda depressing to read after the hindsight of the 3rd Renaissance and Metalgate. After Chapter 10 it just becomes a harrowing author tract of anger at the site for becoming too liberal or something (not gonna lie, it hasn't even been a week and I already forgot, it was that boring). Also it was totally worth the 1,000 doubloons I was given to read it all in one sitting.
  8. Furries are not bad. People are just edgy because they think it's cool to hate on furries.
  9. So... Wait. What exactly does this have to even do with Halloween, anyhow?
  10. So Pieguy's apparently now aware of the SSJ situation, and by extension, the MDPP situation.

    I send nothing but my deepest prayers to that man, he's got a big storm comin'.

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. SpongeNicko


      Thanks for the tweet. Man, this whole situation is just really sad. SSJ truly is probably the most incompetent mod/staff member (or whatever title he had) I've ever seen.

    3. Camwoodstock


      @SpongeNicko - I've seen worse, but SSJ is certainly up there tbh.

    4. Prime Jedi

      Prime Jedi

      This situation  has made me lose all respect for ssj, I hope he just resigns and leaves the site for good.

  11. Oh boy get ready for some very hot takes I prefer watching Pieguyrulz over RebelTaxi. I don't hate RebelTaxi's content, but I find myself more interested and engaged when I watch Pieguy's content than I do with his. "Edgy" people are an active detriment to society and the world, and the trend of being "edgy" needs to die before they cause any more damage than they already have. I am honestly surprised SBM is still alive. SBC seems like it's pretty much actively better in every way, shape, and form--the only things SBM has over this place is that it has Abney, and Pieguy mentioned it. Splatfests aren't rigged, but they sure as hell are stupid and someone at Nintendo needs to murder whatever it is that's causing the popularity curse. I still really wanna read Crazy Celes by my own will in the Discord's voice chat. Just to say I did that. And probably for doubloons granted out of pity. I like Season 10 and 11 of SpongeBob and think people are just being too over-critical. Especially animation-wise. I think the animation is actually really charming for those two seasons. Hell, I think most people nowadays are being over-critical in general and want that trend to die (one more "the problems with <subject>" video on my recommended videos in youtube, and I swear to god, I'll scream) And the hottest take of all... New Burger King fries are not bad, and I prefer my fries without ketchup.
  12. I'm so tired, yet I can't sleep. Help.

  13. Congrats to all of our new and returning staff! Here's to (hopefully) a new golden age for SBC!
  14. Sometimes I get the feeling I should be posting a funny status, yet I have no actual ideas for said status. So, um, do that yourself. Something about a chicken crossing the road or whatever.

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