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  1. Everything that comes from Lumoshi's mouth
  2. hippythehippo

    231b. Ink Lemonade

    Last statement I think isn't true. If the crew in 6-8 had no passion, Hello Bikini Bottom Not Normal, BGCFV among others would not exist. They were probably rushed (50 eps in 1 year is too much for any show). 4 and 5 turned out decent and were made by the same crew, so I have to believe more episode orders resulted in lower quality. Same with this Season, 50 eps are a lot, which some people forget, so some eps Mau get skipped over, but these eps have the benefit of good animation.
  3. hippythehippo

    231b. Ink Lemonade

    This episode really makes me question the production for Season 11. Like, was Kaz high the day he had to make this? A lot of Season 11s episodes don't make sense on their general quality when comparing it to the episode that comes before it and after it. Using this episode as an example, the previous episode that Kaz wrote was High Sea Diving, and while that was not the best episode ever, it was well written and nicely done. But I question the production on this episode when the VERY next ep, written by Kaz, Mustard O Mine, manages to write Patrick properly and in general be well written. I'm not saying it is a master piece, but for the Seasons standard, it's pretty standard fare (wether you think that's a good thing or a bad thing, doesn't really matter for the argument). When you compare Ink Lemonade and Mustard O Mine, it's like a night and day difference in the execution. Both utilize the trio, but Mustard O Mine's use of the Sponge-Pat-Squid dynamic feels much more refined. They act fine, nothing really out of character happens, everything feels natural. Which makes it really confusing when the episode before makes Patrick a literal sadist by trying to scare Squidward for his ink, with Spongebob being oblivious to everything. Also comparing tones, Mustard O Mine and High Sea Diving feel much more relaxed, while Ink uses the extreme cartooniness and noise that post sequel is commonly criticised for. Someone will probably say "well hippy, writers being hit or miss isn't a new thing", and to that I would agree with you. But Kaz isn't the only one with hit or miss scripts. When looking at Goodman's scripts side by side, Stuck on the Roof feels incredibly rushed and lazily written, relying on great visuals to carry the episode, yet Goodman's next episode that he writes, Squid Noir, is beautifully written, and feels a lot of general quality and care is put into it. I could name more, I won't, but seriously look at the writers episodes (in production order) side by side, and it sometimes feels unreal that the writer could have written those 2 episodes in close proximity. The only writers who so far have been consistent in writing quality (won't count Zeus since he only wrote 1 ep so far) are Brookishier and Goodman, and they have only written 4 and 6 eps respectivly, and even then they have their slip ups. I don't know how much that counts, considering how small their episode load is, but yeah. Heck, Kaz was doing fine in the beginning of the Season. His episodes from Spin the Bottle to Creature Feature were fine, yet he seemed to lose the plot starting from Pat the Horse, writing Patrick more stupider, when he wasn't at the beginning of the Season. How far were these eps made from one another? This goes for all writers too. I use Kaz as an example for most of this, since he has been the most hit or miss writer of Season 11. I question how long apart were High Sea Diving, Ink Lemonade and Mustard O Mine were created, or generally the whole Season. Do some episodes have more time and effort put into them compared to others? I mean, there are 50 episodes that the crew had to make this Season, so i wouldn't say it is to big of a stretch to say some eps had more care put into them, but I still find it an interesting subject regardless. I mean, Chefbob is a recent good Kaz episode, and Krusty Kleaners wasn't bad, so maybe he is improving? It doesn't give me much hope though, especially when most of the episodes that are upcoming are written by him, including 2 specials, so it's more of a "wait and see" at this point. TL DR The Family Guy movie and Dora the Explorer by Micheal Bay should do a crossover TV movie where Peter, Chris, and live action exploding Dora (cause Micheal Bay) get married in Rhode Island CAUE LIBTARDS ARE FUNNY!!! SUStenance
  4. hippythehippo

    234b. ChefBob

    With how much this episode is praised, I don't know if it is hilarious or sad that this was made by the exact same crew that made Ink Lemonade.
  5. hippythehippo

    Every Season 11 Episode Reviewed (Interactive)

    Episode 225b Grandmum's the Word Air-date: Febuary 16, 2018 Plot: Plankton's grandma is coming to Bikni Bottom, and he has to convince her he owns the Krusty Krab for her 90th birthday Music: Earl's Revenge Writer: Mr. Lawrence If there ever was a character that would return to the series, I would never expect it would a one off who was ina forgettable Imitation Krabs rip off that people probably forgot existed. I don't even think we got this characters name in the episode. This was a risky move by Mr. Lawrence, as we don't have a firm attachment to the character, unlike say Bubble Bass or Man Ray. However, I am more than happy to say that Mr. Lawrence envisoned a genius idea that makes Plankton's grandma come back in a logical way, and the episode works out splendidly. Let's dive right in. The episode opens up with Plankton giving Karen a spa bath. Plankton turns into a character named Rey Rey, and as he is about to kiss Karen, his grandma pops up on Karen's screen. Plankton quickly tries to get her away, as Plankton's grandma mentions she is coming to Bikini Bottom tomorrow. Taken aback, Plankton asks why she is coming, and she says that Plankton promised her that he would own the Krusty Krab by her 90th birthday. Plankton lies, and says he owns it, but immidietly regrets it, asking Karen how he can convince her. Karen is mad, and kicks Plankton out of the Chum Bucket. Spongebob is twirling a sign outisde, and Plankton quickly tells him his problem. Spongebob believes him, but he is not sure if Krabs will. Krabs shows up, and Plankton tells him the story too, but Krabs does not buy it. Plankton has to use his sincere face, which means he is telling the truth. Krabs accepts it. He hides te formula in his stomach, and tells Spongebob and Squidward to make the Krusty Krab pro Plankton. We then get a fun scene of Spongebob and Squidward decorating, and they finish just as Grandma Plankton (who I will be calling as Lily from here on out) arries. Plankton and Karen meet Lily, but she quickly insults Karen, making Karen leave for the rest of the episode. Plankton intoduces Lily to the inner workings of the Krusty Krab. She gets introduced to Mr. Krabs and Spongebob, and they quickly get to work (with some funny banter between Krabs and Plankton). She also meets Squidward, who she has an instant attraction too. Interesting devolpment, but it's really funny, so it's fine. Lily uses Squidward to chew a patty (gross out truly never left), and commends Plankton for a great experience. Before she leaves, she wants a picture with the krabby patty secret formula. Plankton begs Krabs, and Krabs concedes. As the krusty krew is about to take the picture, Lily uses her purse to make a rocket, stealing the formula. Krabs questions Plankton, but Plankton says he did not know, but he quickly loves it, asking Lily if they will use the formula to rule together as a family. However, Lily has other plans, dropping Plankton to a ketchup packet below (clever). The gang are all regretful, as Lily makes it to Shady Shoals. She plots how she will rule the world with the formula in a fantasy (poor Squid), but falls asleep. Krabs and Plankton are there to steal the formula back, and Plankton wishes Lily happy birthday (awww). This is hands down one of the smoothest stories this Season has offered. The only real bump I can see here is the sign gag, which goes 5 seconds too long. But that is such a minor criticsm, as the rest of the story is really great. The plot itself is so simple, and had been used before, yet they make the episode unpredctable and entertaining enough that it feels classic. I never noticed this until someone (McSponge) pointed it out, but the liar revealed trope is never used here. I think it's a very good thing, as I feel it would ruin the flow the episode has, and otherwise ruin Plankton's motivations if the two worked together to get the formula. The plot twist that Lily wants to steal the formula adds extra tension, and makes an awesome climax, along with Krabs and Planktons reactions. Oh yeah, it's also nice to see Krabs and Plankton have to work for a shared goal. We don't get this often enough, and it works fantasticly here. If the story isn't good enough, this is one of the funniest of the Season. Small lines like Plankton calling Squidward a nobody, Plankton being Rey Rey, Krabs calling Lily "that hag with a bag", and Krabs, Plankon, and Spongebob's melodramatic scene near the end keep the episode consitantly amusing throughout. Obviously the best parts are when Lily falls in love with Squidward. It's such a genius plot twist, and it's absolutly hilarious here. It's such a plot twist, and yet it works out so well. One reason why this episode was so ambitous is because well, Lily had no character in Grandmas Secret Recipe. She was used as a plot device in that episode, so the crew had full freedom to do whatever they wan with Lily here. And I think they got her a nice personality here. She is pretty tough here, and they add the fact that the Planktons are all very deceptive. Her love story with Squidward adds to her character, while making the episode really funny. Plankton, Krabs, Karen, and everyone else are how they should act, and are all in character and fun here. As you can see, I think this episode is really good. It employs a classic story with enough Spongebob charm to work. While it is not the most original story out there, even for Spongebob, it takes it in a new and ambitious direction that makes this feel fresh and fun. This episode takes full advantage of Lily here, adding a personality, something that the awful predecsessor didn't, while keeping the episode entertaining and funny throughout. Honestly, this might be the first time in the Season that I felt like I was watching a Season 3 episode, I like this that much. Obviously this is the best episode of the I love Spongebob week (if anyone remembers that lol), and one of my favorites for the Season. Rating: Good Score: 8/10 Thoughts: (An enjoyable, if not mildly flawed, episode) Place: #5/25 Season 11 as a whole 9/10 1. Teachers Pests 2. Squid Noir 8/10 3. There's a Sponge in My Soup 4. The Checkup 5. Grandmum's the Word 6. The Legend of Boo-kini Bottom 7. Larry the Floor Manager 8. Spot Returns 7/10 9. Sanitation Insanuty 10. Chatterbox Gary 11. Krabby Patty Creature Feature 12. Spin the Bottle 13. Man Ray Returns 14. Scavenger Pants 15. Cave Dwelling Sponge 6/10 16. Drive Happy 5/10 17. Old Man Patrick 18. Cuddle E Hugs 19. Don't Feed the Clowns 20. No Pictures Please 4/10 21. Fun Sized Friends 22. The Clam Whisperer 23. Stuck on the Roof 3/10 24. Bunny Hunt 2/10 25. Pat the Horse QOTD What toppings do you like to put on your pizzas?
  6. hippythehippo

    233b. Krusty Kleaners

    This so was the only one from the batch aired in Russia that I didn't like. With that said, the episode has grown on me quite a bit. I think the story is a bit too weak, which makes the episode feel awkward and aimless at certain points. However, I enjoy a good chunk of the humor, like the seppuku joke, the Pac man reference, and the cops one liner at the end. The twist that the company makes tanks somehow just works. Spongebob and Patrick are likeable and fun here, and the pacing is fine, it's more what this episode didn't do them what it did. The episode is passable, 6/10, I can see this going higher or lower on rewatch. Can't say much bad, and I think this is an improvement for premiere weeks if the worst episode is still relatively ok. UPDATE: I actually want to change this a bit. While the story is a little aimless at points, I think the jokes are strong enough to migrate it a bit. While it is a Spongebob and Patrick screw up plot, it feels a lot more of an accident here compared to others. It's rare that the characters get to explore new locations, so might as well savor it. I'll bump up the grade on re watch, and I can confidently say I like it. 7/10
  7. hippythehippo

    ask nuggets. please. my wife left me

    Was your wife as thicc as Jack M Crazyfish
  8. hippythehippo

    204b. The Whole Tooth

    This isn't just my favorite Season 9 episode, but one of my favorites for the show in general. The story just works so well, a very relatable story that pre movie thrived on. Patrick is portrayed perfectly, he is very likeable and fun throughout. The jokes are really funny, the lady's teeth and Patrick becoming the pond among others. Personifying the tooth works so well for the story. The twist is clever yet very funny at the same time. I really love this one, coincidentally the Season finale.
  9. hippythehippo

    202a. Food Con Castaways

    This episode is proof that the Ren and Stimpy visuals didn't spontaneously start in Season 10-11. Legit the only "jokes" in this ep are the Season 10 esque wacky faces, yet it somehow is not a problem here (ok I'm done), and the cliche ending. But yeah, not much is funny or interesting here. Just feels like an inferior Pizza Delivery or Club Spongebob. The story plays predictably, and the episode is as ho hum as they go. The concept is one that I'm sick of, and it is just so forgettable and bland. The food con stuff at the end feels tacked on like an afterthought, cause Patrick chowing on all the patties messing things up is more important right? This ep isn't as bad as the rehashed plots in Season 8, as the art is good here, but that is pretty much the only compliment I can give (something that every post sequel ep has). This ep does feel like a forgettable Season 10 ep, similar to the lame Snooze You Lose and House Worming.
  10. hippythehippo

    SBC's Top 50 Best Episodes Ever 2018!

    Who were the 11 who didn't have this on their list lol? This is just about perfection for a Spongebob episode, and while it may not be my favorite, it still holds up for being clever and hilarious. I even think it's better than Band Geeks, but that's more because I feel this is more of the ideal Spongebob episode for me (which might explain why Wet Painters is my favorite episode). Shame I couldn't send my list in, but there's always next year (at least I hope)
  11. hippythehippo

    Every Season 11 Episode Reviewed (Interactive)

    Episode 225a Fun Sized Friends Air-date: Febuary 15, 2018 Plot: Spongebob and Patrick exchange little versions of themselves, but mistreat their tiny friends. Music: Aloha Bikini Bottom Writer: Andrew Goodman With the last 3 episodes being mediocre, I am hoping this one can break the pattern. Unfortunetly, this episode is not the most well recieved episode from the Season at all. I like the premise of this one, I think the crew can get a lot of mileage out of Spongebob and Patrick having mini versions of themselves, and the premise itself is very creative. I'm beating around the bush a bit, as there is not much to say, but I'm hoping this one is a good one. This episode opens up to the fantastic sounds of Spongebob and Patrick screaming while doing random nonsense. Apparently they somehow make pancakes, and Squidward gets annoyed at them. This can only end so well. Squidward asks why they can't be quiet, and Sponge and Pat say that it is because they cherish their time together. This gives Spongebob the idea to cut a part of them out, and somehow it makes it sentient. I like how they use remember that Spongebob and Patrick can regenerate limbs, it is a nice reminder that Spongebob and Patrick are sea creatures. Patrick does the same, and they exchange their little pals, and go home. Spongebob and Patrick get the tiny friends comfy in their own special way. The episode has the right idea here on where to go. It feels nice and pleasent, something the rest of the episode is not. When it comes day, it quickly comes apparent that Spongebob and Patrick can not handle the tiny friends well, as they repeatdly get injured in the case of tiny Spongebob (and to an extent, tiny Patrick), or are disatisfied with the conditions. Patrick especially mistreats tiny Spongebob, andfalls asleep. Tiny Spongebob frees a humiliated tiny Patrick at Spongebob's house, and the 2 plot for revenge. The next day, Spongebob and Patrick wake up tied to the ground. The tiny Sponge and Pat have tied them their, and start beating the 2 up, and start to go do other things. However, the tiny friends are to small to do anything, so Spongebob and Patrick find a solution. They make tiny houses for their friends, and the tiny friends are happy. They then kidnap Squidward, and the episode ends. I'm gonna be honest, the only scene I liked storywise was the part where Spongebob and Patrick made houses for their tiny friends. It was really nice and upbeat, and was a good resolution to the conflict. But the rest of the episode? By god, it's so boring. It's not even offensivly bad or anything, but the story moves at a snail pace for most of it, much like Old Man Patrick. They go with a cliche revenge plot, and Spongebob and Patrick just mistreat the tiny guys in a almost generic "going through the motions" way. The episode just feels overly negative until the end, and it leaves me not wanting to come back. So we have established that this is not a good episode, will the positives of the other 2 catagories make this a meh, or will they also be lacking, and plunge this into bad. The only place I laughed was Patrick mixing up Spongebob and Plankton's roles. The slapstick here is SO boring. The jokes are so predictable, and the Krusty Krab scene is so dull and pointless. I really don't have too much to say. The episode stuck with one note types of jokes, visual or slapstick, and they really hurt the episode, as I find most of it to not help the episodes case of being really boring. I don't like big Patrick here. They play hims so genericly in his being a big idiot shtick. I really wish they pushed his personality a bit more here, as there really isn't much redeeming him here. He just sorta lets tiny Spongebob get repeatdly hurt. Big Spongebob is portrayed fine, which is the standard for this point, so I won't complain. I have nothing against him, the writers write him just fine. The tiny friends are portrayed fine, I just wish they did something more interesting surronding them, as the generic revenge plot makes the tiny friends incredibly forgetabble. Ugh, everything about this episode just screams boring and generic. That's really the perfect way to describe this episode. It's not like this episode is downright terrible, but it lacks redeeming qualities to stay out of the bad catagory. Being honest, it is hard to talk about this episode. It's just really dull and not funny, a combo that a Spongebob episode hopefully should not have. Well we are continuing a 4 episode streak of no good episodes, but I'm sure that tomorrows episode has much more in store for us. Rating: Bad Score: 4/10 Thoughts: (Doesn't reperesent what Spongebob stands for) Place: #20/24 Season 11 as a whole 9/10 1. Teachers Pests 2. Squid Noir 8/10 3. There's a Sponge in My Soup 4. The Checkup 5. The Legend of Boo-kini Bottom 6. Larry the Floor Manager 7. Spot Returns 7/10 8. Sanitation Insanuty 9. Chatterbox Gary 10. Krabby Patty Creature Feature 11. Spin the Bottle 12. Man Ray Returns 13. Scavenger Pants 14. Cave Dwelling Sponge 6/10 15. Drive Happy 5/10 16. Old Man Patrick 17. Cuddle E Hugs 18. Don't Feed the Clowns 19. No Pictures Please 4/10 20. Fun Sized Friends 21. The Clam Whisperer 22. Stuck on the Roof 3/10 23. Bunny Hunt 2/10 24. Pat the Horse QOTD We are about half way through the Season, how is it so far?
  12. hippythehippo

    SBC's Top 50 Best Episodes Ever 2018!

    Why didn't Wishing make it on the list? Most of the stuff near the bottom only had 4 votes, while Wishing got 6.
  13. hippythehippo

    SBC's Top 50 Best Episodes Ever 2018!

    4evergreen, Squilly, and lumoshi should do a team up review on how Band Geeks is like a Shaggy Doo plot that would be seen as the enjoyable equivalent of ink lemonade if it aired in post movie
  14. hippythehippo

    Every Season 11 Episode Reviewed (Interactive)

    Episode 224b Old Man Patrick Air-date: Febuary 14, 2018 Plot: Patrick becomes an old man, so Spongebob has to show him how fun being a child can be. Music: Champagne Music Writer: Kaz This is an episode that people seem to love or hate. Unfortunetly, as have been the case of the last 2 episodes, this is one that just does not stick in my mind. This just strikes me as another rather average-ish episode, and Patrick has not had the greatest streak this Season. Pat the Horse and Bunny Hunt were abysmal, and No Pictures Please had the problem of being very boring, and that had Patrick at the helm of the ship. Maybe this review will make me appreiciate the episode more (at least I hope)? I have to say, I love the opening set piece that the episode opens up with. They decide to start off at a community pool, and they get some great mileage of the craziness of the pool, with some clever "Spongebob type" humor (I'm refering to the water wings joke). Spongebob and Patrick are playing Marco Polo, with Spongebob trying to find Patrick. Patrick goes to the far side of the pool to hide, where some elderly fish are alsoswimming. The life guard tells the elders to get out of the pool, and one of the fish mistakes Patrick for "Mortomore". Patrick gets out of the pool, only to see wrinkles, but gets on the bus at the mention of ice cream. Mortomore appears to be in a lost and found that Larry apparently has (btw, Larry being a lifeguard here came back from Spongeguard on Duty). Spongebob keeps on saying Marco, until a guy who actually is named Marco gets mad, and tells Spongebob to stop saying his name. The bus arrives at Shady Shoals, and Patrick gets comfy rather quickly. They transition him into being an old person, as Spongebob is still looking for Patrick. Spongebob meets Marco again, and Marco puches Spongebob to Shady Shoals, where he meets Patrick as an old man (how fitting). Spongebob wants to play with Patrick, but Patrick says he is too old, and says what he and his friends do. Spongebob tries to convine Pat to act their age, but Patrick and his friends say they are too old, whoch prompts Spongebob to help the old fish feel younger. They first climb a tree, than do a dance party (skipping over these since there is not too much to talk about), and Spongebob takes them through the street. One fish wants to go to Bunny Buns (15 years boys), and Spongebob thinks it is a good idea. He gets quickly tired by the elders constantly getting into trouble though, and he eventually gets old. The steam from Spongebob's pours makes Patrick young, and Patrick goes back to Shady Shouls to bury Spongebob, but it is a fake out ending, and Spongebob survives (how shocking). The episode is rather slow at times. The pacing doesn't feel ungodly slow, like a run of the mill Season 8 episode, but something about the pacing makes the episode drag on. The episode had the right idea in the beginning, as it is fun and fast paced, as well as delivers a clear reason why Patrick would think he is an old man, but after that the episode just feels like it just goes on. I will give full props for the opening scene, I really love it a lot, and it does improve the episode quite a bit, and the rest of the episode isn't exactly bad, but it just feels really middle of the road. Unlike Don't Feed the Clowns, this episode did make me laugh. It was not consistant, but it does have some good jokes. Obviously the theme song reference is god tier, and I do love the water wings joke as well. I don't know how to feel about Marco. I don't exactly like the stupid running gag about him getting mad at Spongebob for saying Marco, but his accent is so over the top campy, that it does make me laugh at his absurdity. There probably were a few lines or visuals here and there, so at least the episode was not a total bore. This episode proves that Patrick just can not carry an episode all by himself. A big problem with the middle is that it's Patrick just giving exposition, and not too much funny or interesting stuff is happening. He doesn't do anything annoying or obnoxious, but he doesn't really have much of a personality when he becomes a old man. I do like Spongebob in the episode. He brings the perfect balance of childness and maturity to the episode. Trust me, this episode could have been a lot worse if Spongebob behaved like he did in Squidward's School for Grownups, but here I can't nitpick much. The other old fish are as one note as you can go. Heck, I don't even remember anyones name besides Mortomore for some reason. 3 episodes in a row where it was just forgettablely average. This is probably funnier than the previous two episodes, but Drive Happy at least has some sort of energy at points, even if the middle is rather dry in jokes. Here, the pacing makes the episode drag on, and not in a good way where I want more. This episode further proves my point that Patrick can not carry an episode by himself, and falls through many of the same pitfalls as Rise and Shine and The Monster who Came to Bikini Bottom. While this one is nowhere near as horrible as those two, it has the same flaws, though to a lesser degree. This is just another inoffensive, yet kinda bland, episode, and that makes it the third one in a row. Rating: Average Score: 5/10 Thoughts: (Flawed, but not bad) Place: #16/23 Season 11 as a whole 9/10 1. Teachers Pests 2. Squid Noir 8/10 3. There's a Sponge in My Soup 4. The Checkup 5. The Legend of Boo-kini Bottom 6. Larry the Floor Manager 7. Spot Returns 7/10 8. Sanitation Insanuty 9. Chatterbox Gary 10. Krabby Patty Creature Feature 11. Spin the Bottle 12. Man Ray Returns 13. Scavenger Pants 14. Cave Dwelling Sponge 6/10 15. Drive Happy 5/10 16. Old Man Patrick 17. Cuddle E Hugs 18. Don't Feed the Clowns 19. No Pictures Please 4/10 20. The Clam Whisperer 21. Stuck on the Roof 3/10 22. Bunny Hunt 2/10 23. Pat the Horse Maybe Fun Sized Friends can break this streak of average episodes? QOTD How many grandparents do you have?
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