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  1. I honestly liked this one, maybe even more than I should've. The premise of the grill being some kind of race kart is really dumb, but I just rolled with it a bit. Thankfully the kids are not annoying, because they really could have killed the episode if they were. I wish they gave names for the kids though. Krabs is pretty funny in the episode, and I even liked the Plankton jokes too, even if they killed him :(((. I do think the beginning of cleaning the Krusty Krab was kinda pointless and leaning a bit into season 8 territory, but the episode becomes more fun once the kids get inttoduced. I don't know how they got the idea about a car race out of a plot of kids stealing the grill, but it kinda works. I'm sure we have had other car races in the show that I'm blanking on (maybe a part of The Hot Shot?), but this one feels unique, especially with Krabs acting like a kid skateboarding. My favorite joke is Krabs in a full body cast telling the story to the old people, only for the kids to ride the Krusty Krab. Overall, I think I like this one even more than The Night Patty, as this one was a good bit funnier. It's stupid, but it works. 7/10
  2. To start off, this episode could have been a lot funnier. The episode wasn't really that funny. It still had some decent gags, like Nosferatu (lmao good nostalgia pandering) and his weird movements like hugging the characters at the end, the guy robbing everyone, and the godly tidal zone ending, but those were more stand alone moments and they got more chuckles than big laughs. However, the atmosphere was fantastic. Part of the fun of the episode is looking around on the screen for the callbacks and weird colors in the background. The art just looks amazing, probably cause it's boarded by Kelly Armstrong, who makes the best looking episodes. They really nailed down the feel of a creepy Krusty Krab, and it makes the episode fun to watch, even if there is no story or end goal. It just is a lot of fun, even if I wished they put more a focus on jokes, but I think it is decent for this seasons standards. 7/10 also lmao bringing back Mildred of all characters
  3. Pray to our holy leader of godly spongebob opinions Lumoshi is a god
  4. I gave this a meh on my review thingy, but I'm having second thoughts. The episodes climax is really good, and even though they didn't set up Coup the best, he was still a pretty fun villain, even if he wasn't too memorable. It packs a few decent jokes, the wimp wagon and nerdmobile, the "it's not an act" line got a chuckle, and Coup drinking gasoline wine. The climax has some great action, and I like how they made Spongebob not a pushover. Patrick was pretty terrible though, but I guesshe was only there for 30 seconds, but they could have made him more clever or subtle here. Other than that though, the episode handles everything else fine. Maybe add in a few more jokes towards the middle, but other than that no complaints. Better than some of the other mediocre episodes of the season, this one is pretty good.
  5. Season 11 can't compete with genius Spongebob Longpants humor.
  6. Disclaimer: not going to put the seasons order/ranking at the end since a lot of opinions have changed for me. I'll put a finalized list at the end of the season. Episode 227b Bottle Burglars Air-date: April 13th, 2018 Plot: Spongebob and Squidward have to steal the formula back from Plankton Music: Discovery Writer: Luke Brookishier Yeah this still exists. Seeing as season 11 is going to end next month, I see it fit to try and end these reviews on the day that the season ends. On to the episode, and this is a great episode. The plot of Spongebob and Squidward forming a heist to take back the formula from Plankton seems like a very unoriginal and bland premise. It has been done before, such as in Patty Caper. However, the episode is crafted in a way that makes this unique and interesting, creating a very different Plankton episode that manages to rank in among the best of the season. The episode opens up with Spongebob and Squidward cleaning up Krabs' office. Krabs steps aside as Spongebob and Squidward have to clean the safe. Plankton walks up with his new invention that turns him invisible (which could be a unique episode idea in of itself), but the plan fails cause he can't see his own feet. Spongebob puts the bottle in a trashcan, and starts to clean the safe. Squidward throws the trash out, right onto Plankton, who siezes the oppurtunity to take the bottle, though cautious that this is a trap. Later, Spongebob and Squidward are in Krabs office, but Spongebob notices that the bottle is missing. Squidward and Spongebob realize what happened, but can't find the bottle amongst the trash. They use the cameras to see that Plankton stole it. The 2 panic, but come up with a plan to sneak into the Chum Bucket and steal the formula back. Meanwhile, it is revealed that there is a timelock on the bottle, so it can only be opened tomorrow. Plankton stores the bottle in a safe for the night. When night falls and Krabs is gone, Spongebob and Squidward waste no time to sneak into the Chum Bucket. They start sneaking around, and have many close calls with Plankton. They run into Spot, who wants to play with them, but Spongebob makes quick work of him. Karen grinds them up into chum, and they have to get past a giant eye, but eventually make it to the trap room. Squidward gets trashed by the booby traps, but the 2 make it to the safe. However, upon opening the safe, a rocket appears and blasts them up, revealing that it is morning, Spongebob comes clean to Krabs, who easily smacks through the Chum Bucket walls, and steals it back. In the morning, Plankton realizes he is foiled, and the episode ends on a gag about Spongebob and Squidward being the new security for the bottle. The story isn't complicated at all, it does it's job well. The episode goes at a well paced speed, leaving room for a lot of things to happen, but not throw everything to the wall. The set up can be seen as slow, especially compared to the fast paced scenes in the Chum Bucket, but I believe that it is entertaining enough ti work well, even if the highlights are the parts in the Chum Bucket. The one complaint I have is that Krabs' just easily breaking out the formula is way too much of a deus x machina for my taste, but everything else works really well. However, I think this is one of the funniest episodes of the season. The trap door scene ranks in among some of my favorite jokes for post sequel. They manage to put in some great slapstick, particularly the part where the Titanic just randomly falls. I also love how Plankton calls a horror film a comedy, and him not being able to see his legs cause of the invisibility machine (but that might be because Plankton is my favorite character). I also get a kick out of other things, like Krabs' rage towards the end, the dollar decreasing in value, and Squidward's closing line. There are a lot of jokes hear, wether they are more subtle or more obvious, I still think the comedy is the episodes selling point. It's always great to get a Spongebob-Squidward team-up, and considering what Squidward will be put through in a few episodes, this reminds me of how to write Squidward properly. They work so well here, and easily make the episode very enjoyabe to watch. I also like that for once, Squidward actually cares about his job instead of being apethethic, and willingly works with Spongebob. Plankton is always fun, and while he doesn't take much time up on the episode, he does provide some fun, and the highlight for the characters is the return of Spot. I was so shocked the first time I watched this, but it is a great easter egg, and it isn't distracting from the story at hand. I think this is a really great episode, my favorite of the ones that have been covered so far. So much of this works so well, it's a really funny episode, it manages to pull off a spectacular Spongebob and Squidward team up, all the characters are in character and fun throughout, and manages to be unique and fresh for a plot that has been done before in the series. I think this episode manages to find the right balance on how to function really well, and is one of the better episodes of post sequel. Rating: Spongy Score: 9/10 Thoughts: Na Place: Na qotd: Chips or fries
  7. @QuilavaRDSP Hello my disciples, today we are going to recount 2 Ben Gruper masterpieces. Patrick has been godly in many episodes this season, but this might be him at his greatest. It's like Ben Gruper revived (not rip off) the garbage My Pretty Seahorse, and made something so godly that it could even make Jesus wet his panties. Patrick is as cute as pinkie pie, its as if ben gruper is genius. ben gruper is also a saint too. he decided to give Kaz, aka the guy behind abominations like Wet Painters and Chocolate with Nuts some credit to improve his track record. Ben and Karl probably made this, and felt bad that Kaz was crying in the corner for his past failures, and decided to make him happy. And the internet loved it! I dislike this episode, it DOES have a unique plot which is good, but the plot is a bit TOO unique. It's bizarre, and not in a funny/entertaining way. It's bizarre in a way that makes me feel kind of uncomfortable. This is possibly one of the worst (if not THE worst) renaissance era Spongebob episode yet. The plot is dumb and the characters are annoying. Especially Squidward, whom throughout the episode seems a bit odd. I also hate that little kid. "My wittle weg!" The My Leg gag is now played for fan reception. I hate its current use. They should use it like they did in Sponge Out of Water. Really bad episode. The whole plot was stupid. There’s nothing funny here. It’s annoying and childish. The race doesn’t really save it it’s just horrible and my third least favorite post-sequel episode! Only Fun-Sized Friends and Sportz? are worse. Rating: SCUMBOB! This episode is really, really dumb. I knew the concept was dumb ever since the plot summary was released, but I had hope because episodes like "The Whole Tooth" and "Cuddle E. Hugs" also had weak plot summaries but turned out pretty well. However, this episode is awful. There are some funny moments with Squidward and the chase scene is fun to watch, but... that's it. There's really no plot whatsoever, which was my biggest problem with "Cave Dwelling Sponge," another episode I dislike. So when you combine having no plot, not much humor, a stupid premise, and Patrick acting dumb, it's just a slog to get through and the second worst of the post-sequel episode. Only "Patrick's Coupon" is worse. Rating: 1.8/10 Another Ben Gruper classic. The I'm a bunny now scene is the best thing in any spongebob episode ever. It also has great genius Ben Gruper writing. The bunny is so funny. What other writer can make sinething crap on another character for literally no reason as funny as the genius Ben Gruper. Another well loved and genius classic that the internet loved and will cherish forever. Simply worster then its sister episode. 2.2/10 SCUMBOB!!!!! I found this one worse than Sanitation Insanity. Squidward pretending to be french was pretty funny, the sea bunny playing the ukelele which leads to Puka A playing was pretty neat, the video game map SpongeBob goes through to buy the new sea bunny was pretty cool as well. But the positives end there, this episode was either filler or Squidward getting tortured or no reason. Also, they have a random ending just like Don't Feed the Clowns. I do not have high hopes for season 11 judging by the previous episode I have watched (Moving Bubble Bass, Sanitation Insanity, this episode) Rating: 2.5/10 (Horrendous) This episode was quite mediocre, with some good scenes but mostly bland/boring moments. Squidward trying to be French in the beginning was mildly funny, and I thought the way they portrayed the bunny was quite realistic, so that's a plus. The ending with Squidward turning into a bunny was also a bit weird but somewhat entertaining. Unfortunately, the positives end there, as for the most part the episode was quite dull, with too much of it focused on generating a bunch of cheap slapstick humor based on Squidward's struggles to get it out of his garden and then SpongeBob's struggles to deal with it in his house. The hot sauce scene was perhaps the most entertaining of these parts. Mostly though, I really did not enjoy watching this episode. Final rating: Bad If you do not want to get spoiled, DO NOT READ THIS COMMENT!!! This episode is very dull. Squidward being French was sorta funny. However, the Squidward Torture was off the charts! I dislike the bunnies. They’re just there to be a nuisance and are not as hilarious as clever characters like Bugs Bunny. The scenes at SpongeBob’s house is boring as well. The hot sauce scene was just very predictable and repetitive. The ending was also really weird. I knew this episode was going to be bad but I didn’t think it’ll be this bad. Rating: SCUMBOB! also... i stopped reading at "Squidward Torture". I’m sorry that me expressing my opinion bothered you so much that you didn’t finish reading my review.
  8. The only good eps from season 11 are Ink Lemonade, Bunny Hunt, Pat the Horse, and Plankton Paranoia. If Nick is serious about ending the season next month, I'd suggest you wait. For all we know, Goons on the Moon or The String could somehow be worse. Also I'm pretty sure this and my review are the only season 11 review pages on the site (btw my reviews are still active, I just have to go write them). Ink is bottom 25 trash, but I'm still not sold on it being the worst episode ever. I can still appreciate the anmation at times, and while it is pretty sadistic, I still find Squid's Visit to be more disgusting. Ink goes randomly to some part about selling ink lemonade, breaking out of the sadistic or stupid rest of the episode, while Squid's Visit runs with it.
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  10. Season 8 has Pet Sitter Pat has great animation, unlike the garbage Fear of a Krabby Patty. Easy pick for me.
  11. Ehhhhhh, I don't know how to feel about this one. I do like a good chunk of the gags with Spongebob and Krabs interogating a little kid, but the stuff in the jail feels random and forced. It doesn't really have a flow, and what's worse is that the ending sort of just stops at a random place. Other than that, do I even have to mention Patrick? The toilet ice cream was way too gross. Why is Patrick soooo bad this season? Also the closeup of his butt was gross. Patrick is a really heavy weight against the episode, because I find the rest of it fun. This might be one I need to rewatch to get a better perspective, but for now this one is ok. 6/10
  12. Well move over Bottle Burglars, make way for my new favorite for the season. I was skeptical cause I found the other heavily praised episodes of the season (Chefbob, My Leg) either overrated or ok. But this.....this was actually great. It's not too often you get a Krabs centric episode that isn't about money, but I really think they really did a good job here. Krabs is a fun protaganist, and his slow descent into madness was hilarious. This is the funniest episode of the season. They jammed so many great gags here,and it really is consistant in it's humor. Oh yeah, the expressions here feel justified. Krabs is going mad, so of course he is gonna be wonky. I was actually amused by some of the expressions too. The ending twist was something that I would never expect, and it's nice that Plankton cares about Krabs a little bit (even if the feeling isn't exactly mutual). Oh yeah the trippy scene is even better than the one in Soup. Very well animated, probably the best animation in the season. I really think the crew hit a big winner here. Vincent didn't make himself a liar when he said this was a great episode. Very impressed with Luke, excited to see what he does next. 9/10
  13. Considering I only like one Patrick centric episode this season (Patnocchio), and people were saying this was a rip-off of Smartpants, I was expecting a really sucky episode. But....I don't get whats so bad about this. I remember after I watched it, I asked on discord why people were hating it. I honestly found the episode to be entertaining. It kept my attention for the most part. There really wasn't anything frustrating or boring or heck even wacky about this. The brain eating the booger was gross, but other than that there really wasn't that much particularly wrong persay. It did shamelessly rip off Smartpants, but at the very least it was only for half the episode. I found some amusing jokes, like the book Gary read, the brain city, and some of smart Patrick's lines. Speaking of Patrick, this was probably one of his better appearences in the season. He really didn't bother me here. Him not ruining an episode is nice. Overall, it was alright. Something watchable, and something I would watch if it were on. 6/10
  14. Plankton Paranoia is the best season 11 episode.

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