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  1. Both are commie quality, unlike capitalist roof
  2. Top 5 5. There's a Sponge in My Soup 4. Karen's Virus 3. Squid Noir 2. Bottle Burglars 1. Plankton Paranoia 0. Old Man Patrick Honarable mentions: Teachers Pests, Grandmum's the Word, The Checkup Botttom 5 5. Stuck on the Roof 4. The Clam Whisperer 3. Fun Sized Friends 2. Squirrel Jelly 1. Ink Lemonade Honarable mentions: No Pictures Please, Library Cards
  3. Im not going to steal (ok maybe just a couple)
  4. #12 When it comes to boating school episodes, they have been overdone to the point of you have to make it interesting and different to entertain. Luckily, this episode manages to pull it off. The best thing this episode does character wise is make it a petty rivalry between Plankton and Krabs. There is no mention of the formula or money, which shows that the 2 hate each other outside of business as well. This is a refreshing change to the usual formula, which I praised Grandmum for subverting as well. Spongebob and Mrs. Puff play great straight men to Krabs' antics, and Spongebob is even portrayed as more competent than usual in terms of driving. Now let's get into the biggest strenght of the episode, and that is how great the humor is. The beginning is just a string of visual gags setting up the rivalry. I love how fast paced every joke is. From how they end up into a mountain to the tea falling on Plankton's eye, the beginning sequence manages to crank out some great visual gags. Inside the boating school segments are probably the weakest part of the episode, but there are still some good gags. I like the boat smart esque boating school training video, and the best part is where Spongebob randomly jumps out of the projector. The food fight is great, and Mrs. Puff takes no shit from either of them. However, the climax is fantastic. This is where the episode shines in presentation. The visuals are great, and it's so much fun. The ending where Spongebob crashes into the boats and a huge explosion ensues is my favorite part, and the episode ends with a Squidbob Tentaclepants vibe. I think this episode encopasses some of post sequels best gags, and it is a very funny episode in my opinion. The characters are all great, and it avoids common and overused tropes, which is impressive for an episode featuring Krabs/Plankton and boating school.
  5. #13 When it comes to return episodes in season 11, they focused on iconic characters like Doodlebob or Spot, so it is a surprise that the best returns episode is the one everyone had the least expectations on. Grandmum's the Word focuses on Plankton's grandma coming back and visiting the Krusty Krab, which she thinks Plankton owns, for her 90th birthday. Considering the episode that Plankton's grandma, or Lily as I will refer to her from now on, debuted in was a bad rehash of Imitation Krabs, it's super interesting to see the crew actually give her a personality and motivation for things. They portay her as a tough oldie, which isn't anything new to the show, but she manages to be an interesting character in the episode itself, and she is also a very funny one. Her crush on Squidward might be some of the best humor of the season. It is also great because it comes out of nowhere, and adds to her personality. It's also unexpected when she turns evil and steals the formula, and it is a well done twist in my opinion. The episode some solid jokes, like the one pathethic sob story later card and everyone dramtically saying "why" they did something stupid. It's also nice to see some alliance between Krabs and Plankton, and Plankton never breaks his promise. The episode also ends on a good note as well, instead of a dumb and stupid twist ending or something. The 2 flaws that I can find are the sign gag going to long and the gross out feeding joke, but the rest of it is really good, and the best return episode of season 11. Our next episode is only a 3/13 at best.
  6. I'm sorry I had to include such an unoriginal original ep. #14 Season 10 might seem like a step back for some people. The season focuses more on slapstick and visual humor compared to previous seasons. I myself have some gripes with some episodes in the sense that the slapstick can get repetitive and boring after a while. This episode though manages to do the slapstick routine great. The episode is so fast paced, with jokes coming in at rapid fire speed. I know to some it might feel like the episode is going too fast, and leaves little breathing room. However, I think the fast pace works in the episodes favor. It manages to tell many different types of jokes. My favorites are the K-A-Z easter egg on the coral, the picture on the student ID, the "disturbing the dead" line, and the cheesy message at the end. There are more jokes, but these are the ones I find that stick the most with me. I also like the Dorsal Dan/Puff romance subplot. It gives the episode some calm moments, rather than non stop fast pace in some other post sequel episodes. It is also cool that Dorsal Dan was the getaway driver for Sticky Fins. I do have a few problems with the episode that keep it from placing higher on the list. For one, after a certain while, the episode starts to lose a bit of meaning in beating up Sticky Fins. I feel like this is mostly evident when Sticky Fins gets barraged by golf balls. I feel like they could have done something more interesting there. In addition, not all of the gags hit. The eye on the road gag didn't hit the funny bone, and neither did Puff yelling at Spongebob for the millionth time (though I can forgive this a bit as she does feel bad about it). These problems aren't terrible, but I do wish that they were either toned down or scrapped. They are minor, and this is still a very solid episode, and among season 10s best offerings. Number 13 is one of the worst episodes of the series according to legends like Swagm8
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