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  1. Is it bad that I never noticed he had a gap between his teeth in the first place
  2. This episode has tons from Michigan. Another reason why it is an amazing and unwacky masterpiece. If only garbage season 1 atrocities like the ODIOUS Fools in April had the amazing colors that this episode has.
  3. I liked season 11, and thought the back half was fine. 11 had its dumb moments, but at the shows age I think this stuff is inevitable (stuff like Squirrel Jelly and Library Cards feel like they exist due to ridiculous episode orders). At least I find it more clever than the episode about farting brains or the one where they don't know how to play sports. But yeah, s12 looks horrible so far. Nitwitting is bottom 25 material. It took 11 at least 30 episodes in to reach Ink, and only 2 episodes for s12 to drop in quality, and add that to the fact that most of the episodes haven't been good so far and the premises look like garbage.
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