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  1. Yes, Taylor. You can take him off the list. I spun Nixon.
  2. The first president who had never been elected to office before becoming president (Hint: it isn't Donald Trump).
  3. Well, I'm glad that I've finally seen a detailed response from someone explaining why they hate this episode. I don't agree with everything you've said here, in fact not most of it, but I can at least see where you're coming from. Thanks for the response.
  4. The same type of characterization we saw of him in Skill Crane or Snowball Effect. This episode may not be as great as those other two, but it's still fun to watch (at least for me, anyway).
  5. Outside of the presidents game (which even then, I might only post there every few days anyway), I'm gonna take an indefinite leave of absence from both SBC and SBM. Sorry everyone, I just have too many real life responsibilities to take care of that I simply don't have the time to post here. Maybe I'll return someday, or maybe I won't. We'll see. Either way, though, thanks to everyone who helped make these places fun summer activities for me. You all rock :)

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  6. Let's be real here though: Pieguy's Season 10 video was going to be controversial no matter what, since Season 10 is just so divisive.
  7. I just rated this 4/5 stars. I just don't get it guys... What's so bad about this episode? The Incredible Shrinking Sponge is the one that I believe deserves the flack for being too weird and dumb.
  8. Dosey Doe. Overhated episode theme (again): Sportz? or The Littlest Giant (Ren and Stimpy).
  9. SquidBob Tentaclepants: 5/10 The Thing: 2.5/10 Best Frenemies: 9.5/10 Bubble Buddy Returns: 4/10 Shopping List: 8/10
  10. The Algae's Always Greener. Better cave episode: Cave-Dwelling Sponge or Hermit Ren?
  11. Despite what your first impression might be from the title, this game is completely different than the "Rank 5 Episodes" game I started. In this game, you simply choose 5 random episodes (ANY 5) and give them a score out of 10. I'll start. Chocolate With Nuts: 11/10 A Pal for Gary: 0/10 Born to Be Wild: 5/10 Battle of Bikini Bottom: 6/10 Ink Lemonade: 0.5/10 So, the next poster will now pick their own 5 episodes and rate them on a _/10 scale. Have fun everybody!
  12. MM & BB II. Better Season 2 Episode: Squid on Strike or Bad Hair Day (Courage the Cowardly Dog)?
  13. I can't believe this episode is actually a part of 9A. It completely dwarfs every other 9A episode in terms of its quality, even the few other good ones! Many have already stated why this episode is so great, so I'll just keep it nice and short: It is a very hilarious and cute episode that also feels incredibly unique for a Plankton episode. Definitely in my Top 5 for Season 9, in fact this is the ONLY 9A episode that I'd actually put in the Top 5! 9.1/10
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