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    A cynical young adult who happens to like SpongeBob.
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    Watching YouTube, playing video games, making videos, eating good food.
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    Chocolate With Nuts (Generic answer, but come on, this episode really is GOLDEN!).
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    Squidward Tentacles (Very relatable to me).

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  1. For someone who "easily destroys opponents in debates", you quite frankly could use some work on building fundamental arguments instead of making claims all willy nilly https://www.sbmania.net/forums/topic/61026-every-episode-of-spongebob-reviewed-a-video-series/?p=1317715

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    2. Wumbo


      holy god damn it is not that serious you nutbars

    3. Steel Sponge

      Steel Sponge

      I've come across toxic people from a pretty good amount of parts from the cartoon community, so I would generally try to turn a blind eye to anyone who have the kind of attitude that you're referring to. Considering that's the problem you're talking about, then I understand where you're getting at.

    4. hippythehippo


      If it's not that important, than why did you say anything at all? I can't see how giving constructive criticism is a bad thing.

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