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  1. For someone who "easily destroys opponents in debates", you quite frankly could use some work on building fundamental arguments instead of making claims all willy nilly https://www.sbmania.net/forums/topic/61026-every-episode-of-spongebob-reviewed-a-video-series/?p=1317715

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    2. Wumbo


      you people have been FROTHING at random internet dude's review for DAYS now

      someone had to say something

    3. Prime Jedi

      Prime Jedi

      As someone who kinda dropped out for the most part in like early 2017 and has only watched a handful of new episodes since, whats so bad about Sportz? I havent watched it yet, but I remember lurking on SBM about when it came out and I seemed the average consensus was it was meh. I'm genuinely asking, this isn't sarcasm or anything, but what parts make the episode bad?

    4. SpongeNicko


      Look, I admit that I, too, overreacted a little bit and probably got a bit too "feels before reals" (even for me), but my main point has always been clear from the start. I have no problem with people hating Sportz? or disliking Pieguy's video. The issue for me has been the way people have reacted to him giving Sportz? a good rating as well as his comment about the backgrounds for Lost and Found (Which, again, was not his only reason for disliking it, nor was it the main reason). I just don't think it makes sense bashing Pieguy over having differing perspectives on these things then the rest of us do. If you disagree with his reasoning, then fine, but to act like that automatically devalues him as a critic seems reactionary. Perhaps I'm missing something but I honestly don't think Pieguy committed any crimes here (And I'm not just saying that because I like Sportz?).

      Also, Trash Boat, when I made those comments I actually wasn't including you in that. Up to this point you had not said anything too particular against Pieguy's video, and like I said I felt your reasoning made sense despite my disagreements, so I wasn't referring to you. I'll still apologize for that, though. I was too caught up in the convo and ended up making a stupid remark.

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