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    Watching YouTube, playing video games, making videos, eating good food.
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    Chocolate With Nuts (Generic answer, but come on, this episode really is GOLDEN!).
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    Squidward Tentacles (Very relatable to me).

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  1. Ronald Reagan (Spun him first two rounds in a row, LOL!).
  2. SpongeNicko

    Episode or Episode (Any Cartoon Edition)

    Raise the Oozy Scab. I'll cool this theme "school hell": New Student Starfish or Bart Gets an F (The Simpsons)?
  3. George H.W. Bush. Next spin decides it.
  4. SpongeNicko

    Favorite Video Game Console

    What is your favorite Video Game console? For me, it's a toss-up between the GameCube and PS2. The GameCube because it was my very first console and I have so many nostalgic memories with a lot of its games, and the PS2 because there are just so many fantastic games of multiple varieties on that system (and while it has aged rather poorly, at least you can still run PS2 games at a pretty good level via PCSX2). What is your favorite console or consoles?
  5. As much as I do not want to do this, the wheel chose Obama, so that's who I'm saving
  6. The Father of the Declaration of Independence (About time the wheel chose him!).
  7. SpongeNicko

    SBC's Top 50 Worst SpongeBob Episodes

    I'm pretty sure it was "The Thing" since there was that one guy who leaked his list early before he was told that he had to PM it. Mystery solved! (In a lame way unfortunately). Also, funny note: If I was still around back then, knowing how much I hated SquidBob at the time, I probably would've placed it high enough to move the episode into the bottom 30. XD!
  8. The president who was (allegedly) so fat that he got stuck in a bathtub.
  9. Grover Cleveland (Hopefully he'll survive longer in this game than he did on the elimination game over at SBM).
  10. Since I already did a thread for the first bad and terrible episodes, why not do the same for good and awesome episodes? First Good Episode IMO: Help Wanted First Awesome Episode IMO: Ripped Pants Same rules apply here. What are your opinions?
  11. It's cool dude, that's what these threads are for. One of the fun things about these fandoms is the variety of opinions
  12. SpongeNicko

    Episode or Episode (Any Cartoon Edition)

    Drip-a-Long Daffy, Pest of the West sucks. Sickly episode theme: Suds or Journey to the Center of Carl (Jimmy Neutron)?
  13. No, this isn't one of those boring stereotypical "least favorite episode" threads, this is just a thread where you list, what is in your opinion, the first bad episode of the show to air, and then the first terrible episode to air. It goes like this. First bad episode to air IMO: Krabby Land (I disliked I'm With Stupid and Jellyfish Hunter, but this episode was the first one I hated and the only episode from pre-movie that I can consider to be bad). First terrible episode to air IMO: Good Neighbors (Very bad episode that's the first one I'd rate below a 3 or even a 3.5). What's your guys' opinions?
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