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V13 is now live! :D
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  1. this worked for me and made King Bankrupt (TWICE!) please give me a Internet.
  2. Thanks i made King bankrupt thank you and please give me a internet
  3. How do you Make pay-to-win game makers bankrupt? I need a method where its safe and arrest free.
  4. *Crashes into wall* Teacher: There you are! Police: whos responsible to give hall monitor to him? Teacher: I did! *police arrests teacher* Well my job as hall monitor has ended early.
  5. *Gets a newspaper* Hmmm... Maniac making cars crash? THIS IS THE JOB OF THE HALL MONITOR! *gets phone call* What! caller: The maniac is on top of you! *screams in pain runs to mailbox and hides in it* Caller: The maniac is right in the mailbox. *SCREAMS AND RUNS FOR MY LIFE!*
  6. @Ironic SonicI like sonic 06 more than any other sonic game
  7. I am the hall monitor for the next 5 posts. uh oh! TRAFFIC JAM! this must be the job of the HALL MONITOR! *proceeds to make all the cars in the traffic jam crash into each other* Well the jobs done!
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