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  1. Have you finished those errands? Have you finished those errands? Have you finished those errands?
  2. Spongebob gets a spell on him where he can't jump, but tries to not be temped to jump. Procrastination 2 1/2, & Patrick
  3. How about this? @Patty Rose "Cream is an annoying rabbit and should be killed by Squidward!"
  4. NO! Spongebob is cursed to be pirated as 480p content forever!
  5. Help Wanted is overrated and not that good, WHY IS SPONGEBOB SO MANLY IN IT?
  6. POST SRB2 screenshots here! Mine:
  7. Spongebob and Patrick chase a train for 11 minutes. Squid's Day Off, the sequel!
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