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  1. Hey guys. I've been a huge fan of SpongeBob SquaePants for 15 years. As a commemoration for the show, especially our most iconic character; time to show my drawings. First, here's the 20th anniversary special below, drawn last May 1. And here's the drawing for SpongeBob's 33rd Birthday! Drawn last night.
  2. HAPPY 20th ANNIVERSARY to our beloved TV series!
  3. Hey guys. Relating to this topic, I have a special drawing for you. HAPPY 20th ANNIVERSARY SPONGEBOB!!!
  4. Goodbye Mr. Hillenberg. I'll never forget you. If I were you, I would have done the ALS Ice Bucket Challence back in 2014 to prevent ALS.
  5. Bunny Hunt SpongeBob You're Fired (SpongeBob SquarePants) or Vicky Gets Fired (The Fairly OddParents)?
  6. First Bad Episode: Good Neighbors First Terrible Episode: A Pal for Gary, Little Yellow Book and SpongeBob, You're Fired
  7. Episode: Ink Lemonade (S11-E231-B) We know this episode is very offensive in terms of torture. For me, I actually laughed at this episode. I wasn't scared in that episode just because of the spider and the ending. I'm not even kidding. Here's my score... Final Score = 9/10
  8. Hey guys, SpongeBrony here and I'm gonna tell you about the SpongeBob contest, not just in the Philippines, but also in Southeast Asia. In the Philippines (my home country), together with Malaysia and Singapore, the SpongeBob WherePants will run from June 4 to 22, 2018 @ 6 to 8 PM (18:00 to 20:00) UTC +8, while Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam at 5 to 7 PM. Our time is earlier than in ID, TH & VN. Ifyour contest is available in your home country, It's easy. Just watch the SpongeBob WherePants marathon at 6 to 8 PM, spot and match the pants in your local Nick website and win prizes like the Nintendo Switch. This is the competition that will start tonight here in the Philippines. If you have this contest in your local Nickelodeon, feel free to comment here.
  9. Hi, I'm Nathan, a.k.a SpongeBronyPH. Remember me from SpongeBuddyMania? I'm will also be a new member here because I'm a huge fan of SpongeBob SquarePants. Aside from the Sponge, I'm also a Loud House fan and a brony. Let's enjoy together.
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