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  1. This movie was whatever, I guess.
  2. Get rid of that embarrassing selfie of me, please.

  3. Whoo. I've never been more excited to be back. Hooray.

    1. Beast Boy

      Beast Boy

      'Sup, Raven! How ya doin', gurl?

  4. Who wants to see a powerful magic trick that won't be a failure like his act?
  5. Raven

    Ask Jeeves

    Instead of answering Cyborg's stupid question, can I have your soul or whatever?
  6. Girl's Night Out Legs Salty Codgers Rocks and Water Leg Day Arms Race with Legs Operation Dude Rescue BBRAE Demon Prom
  7. The original was overrated.
  8. "Smited" isn't a word, doofus.
  9. Are you really made of nuggets? Because I'm hungry.
  10. Raven


    Never. Pretty Pretty Pegasus has the superior ponies.
  11. I'm going to steal your soul.
  12. Since my boyfriend forced me into making a dumb introduction...hi, I guess. It's an okay website so far. Don't get too cheery in your replies, or I will vaporize you.
  13. Is that sponge so desperate for ideas he's going to steal Lady Legasus?
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