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  1. You guys BETTER see this movie! I steal the show in it!
  2. Whoa, bro! Two Robins? Can there be a second Raven? <333
  3. We're not leaving just yet my dude!
  4. There. Want to see me do it again? Oh wait, now I'm stuck...AAAHHH!
  5. Hey dudes, I just became the President of France!

    1. Raven


      Once again, congratulations. >.>

    2. Katniss


      somebody better tell Macron he's out of a job

  6. Beast Boy

    Beastie Boys

    Discuss the worst band EVER! I can't believe they rejected me, I was the perfect fit!
  7. Anyone want to see me turn into an elephant, giraffe, tiger and lion all at the same time?
  8. Calm now babe, anything can be a word as long as you believe, just like "Orangins"!
  9. Beast Boy


    This is real music!
  10. It was not meant to be. But it's okay, as I have an amazing new babe. <3
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