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  1. I am happy the movie is of the well received so far!
  2. Any with Silkie and I in the major role!
  3. Silkie loves you all.

  4. I am getting the feeling of very cool, homies.
  5. Thank you, the licking of the keyboard is working!
  6. Yay Raven, you made what these humans call "an introduction topic"! This is the proudest accomplishment! Now please don't use your eyes of power to vaporize me.
  7. Who is the blue character in your picture of the avatar?
  8. Would anybody like to pet the Silkie?
  9. There is much of the negativity in this place. Do you all hate my presence in the show?
  10. Am I as they say "hot"?
  11. Hi, I am Starfire of the Teen Titans. I am pleased to join this website of the internet. However, I do not understand how the website works. Can anybody give me the help? A kind thanks in advance.
  12. My favorite spin-off has to be the Teen Titans Go! It is the best show on the Cartoon Network and deserves more of the ratings!
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