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  1. The new Nightwish album comes out tomorrow? Guess this is the perfect opportunity to dust off my old collection of their stuff then!

  2. If you know, you know @President Squidward
  3. You know how some people can pass tests in class without even studying for them? Well... the last test I took was a book review, for a book I didn't even read. And somehow, I got a B on that, just by guessing what was in the book.

    Not gonna question it. Just gonna roll with it.

  4. i'm a crack addict

    1. HawkbitAlpha


      Not as powerful as meth, but it lets you keep your appetite!

  5. I've actually been on a mission to counter this narrative for the last few months through a Twitter alt, @AceArchivist. If this is really a thing that you vote on (and Warren seems to be doing it with endorsing Bernie too), then it kinda exposes you as an un-serious person.
  6. My university's now shutting down most of the campus and moving everything online. It's not even confirmed there, but we have confirmed cases in New Orleans (which is 70 miles away), so they're closing as a precaution. That's how easily this stuff spreads, guys. If you have to leave home, keep your hands clean as much as possible.
  7. Well, I hear we've got cases here in Louisiana now, so I'm starting to feel a bit on edge about it. It also doesn't help that A) we're also about to start seeing warmer temperatures here soon, and B) the agencies responsible for managing health crises and pandemics have been absolutely gutted, so this has the potential to be a lot worse than any of the disease outbreaks we've had over the past few years. Still, at least some people are taking the initiative and handing out hand sanitizer and wipes like free candy. My university is also making plans to shut down if there's a case confirmed on campus, so that should be fun to see unfold if it gets to that point!
  8. Alright, which one of you flatfoots set my phone's clock an hour forward?

  9. Posting on Leap Day made you feel like a hungry dog?
  10. For the first time in what feels like weeks, it didn't rain here today. Abby is now tired from enjoying this fact by roaming outside for two hours.
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