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  1. I just graduated from community college, and am waiting to go up to university. *indecision intensifies*
  2. No one:


  3. Time to really sound the alarm on women's rights. https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2019/4/19/18412384/georgia-abortion-heartbeat-bill-ohio-2019-iowa https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/14/politics/alabama-senate-abortion/index.html I outright challenge anyone who may be reading to explain to me how this is a good thing. If we have any pro-life people here, I hope you have an ironclad case to make.
  4. Apparently, me and @Goobz are now the Weeabros. I'll just let that fact hang in the air.

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      o.o...What in the WORLD are Weeabros?! I don't have any idea what that word means!

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      I'm gonna die! XD

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      weeabros without lolicon trash opinions, i say that’s a win-win

  5. Back in October, President Trump reached a new deal with Canada and Mexico to create a new NAFTA. They changed the name, because if Trump is good at anything, it's marketing. He knew that people are really against NAFTA for destroying the working class in this country, so they rebranded it as the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). That's really the same thing, but I digress. Let's break it down. The weird part? The USMCA is basically NAFTA with five new provisions. Two are okay, one is good, and two are horrible provisions that were taken from the TPP proposal. This, coming from the guy who ran on attacking Hillary for her favoring of TPP. As he pretends to be for the working class, he does this. Anyway, let's talk about the changes. Country-of-origin rules: Automobiles must have 75% of their parts manufactured in Mexico, the US, or Canada to qualify for zero tariffs, up from 62.5% under NAFTA. I'm calling this one a mediocre change. If you really wanted to bring back American manufacturing, you'd have to be more aggressive than this. This is a minor tweak to NAFTA, and doesn't get to the heart of what Trump claims he was gonna do. It's not a big deal, and in the end, the heart of it is still NAFTA. Labor provisions: 40-45% of all automobile parts have to be made by workers who earn at least $16/hr by 2023. Mexico has also agreed to pass laws giving workers the right to union representation, extend labor protections to migrant workers, and protect women from discrimination. The countries can also sanction one another for labor violations. For me, this one is actually the other mediocre change, because this is already the case for the overwhelming majority of jobs in NAFTA. Really, it's another thing Trump can point to to claim that he's very pro-worker, even though the change in practice is pretty minimal. US farmers get more access to the Canadian dairy market: Definitely a positive change! Very good for US industry, and if you're America's president, you should be a fierce advocate for US industry, not just the business owners, but the workers as well. With any actual step in the right direction for helping US industry, I'll take it, and I'll give anyone credit for it. Intellectual property and digital trade: The deal extends the terms of copyright to 70 years beyond the life of the author, up from 50. It also extends the period that a pharmaceutical drug can be protected from generic competition. This may sound a bit confusing, but what it means in practice is a HUGE giveaway to Big Pharma. One of its impacts is that Canada has been shafted on the cost of prescription drugs. We get price-gouged for medication to hell and back in this country, and now, Trump made it to where Canadians feel that pain as well. This serves no purpose beyond being a giant giveaway to pharma companies, and that's that. Preservation of the investor-state dispute settlement: This is an atrocious change, and it's the heart of what so many people objected to TPP over. It allows multinationals to sue the governments they operate under when those governments put new regulations into law. It both guts anti-pollution efforts and damages US sovereignty. Oil/gas and telecom industries are given some of the most power in this system. In other words, if a government is messing with your profits, just sue the government to get them to pay you back. These cases are judged by international tribunals in which the corporations get to choose the judges, so by definition, they give themselves the ability to put themselves above the law. Some of these changes were positive changes. Some were faux positive, and codifying something that was already the case. The others are horrible. Most of all, though: everything else in the USMCA is literally the exact same as NAFTA. It's the exact same trade deal outside of these provisions. Trump made it a habit of (correctly!) ripping our terrible trade deals on the campaign trail, but he certainly isn't bucking the establishment on that front, or any others, for that matter. So what does he do? He takes NAFTA, changes a few things up, and suddenly, it somehow goes from the worst deal in our history to the best. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Meet the new NAFTA, almost identical to the old NAFTA.
  6. Quick update: we all now have a new emergency phone number. 0118 999 881 999 119 725

    1. HawkbitAlpha
    2. Wintermelon43


      Why not 911 wtf

      Who is gonna remember this

    3. smashmouthfan99


      I can remember because 0118 999 is almost the exact day I was born

  7. This thread was originally a message to a teacher asking about being armed, made by a friend of mine who's chosen to remain anonymous. Is arming teachers a good idea? Hell no. At best, it's a band-aid on a bullet wound. Will it help? Maybe, if it's done right. Is it gonna be done right? Definitely not. Teachers, you already have trouble getting money for pencils, paper, or textbooks from this century. You know, things you just might need to do their job with. I'm hard-pressed to believe your school is about to give you an ammo budget. Not only that, but to do what you're talking about, you have to be even better trained than a cop. A lot better. That's not to say that cops don't get good training, but you can't train to that level. You have to train to the level of a hostage rescue team, because you're gonna be in a more intense situation than the cops are when they arrive. What happens? Somebody starts shooting. Cops get notified. It takes them time to drive there. Eventually, they make entry. During that lag, things stabilize. Kids find cover. Schools that can get locked down get locked down. Kids evacuate. Maybe the shooter runs out of ammo, or offs himself. Things happen. You don't get that luxury as a teacher. When the shooting starts, you're there. So when you step out in that hallway, it's not empty. There's kids running around, panicked. You can't miss, period. You cannot miss. If you do, you're hitting another student. You can't miss, so you have to get good at putting bullets where you want them. Once you get to that point, you have to figure out how to do that while you're moving, and while kids are running in front of you. You have to change your entire mindset. When you're walking through the hallway, you're not a teacher anymore, but a warrior. You're not worried about the students, thinking about them and your class. You're wondering if that nook over there is gonna make good cover. You have to change everything. You have to get very good, you have to train, and you have to do it all in secret. You can't tell anybody. The second a student finds out, you're done. It's over. Any effectiveness you had is now gone. Contrary to popular belief, the idea of an armed teacher isn't gonna be a deterrent. There's already cops in schools. There's already armed people in schools. It's not a deterrent. If students find out you've got a gun, and there's a school shooting, you're just number one on the kill list. No. It's not practical. The amount of ammo it's gonna take to get you where you need to be to engage in a close quarters battle, in a crowded hallway, is insane. That's expensive. You want to make it workable? Okay. You can't leave your class. If a school shooting starts, you lock down your class, you save those 30 lives, and everybody else is on their own. That's the reality, because you can't go and engage him. You've gotta wait for him to come to you. If you're in one of those schools that's built like a prison, with the wings that can get locked down, maybe you can lock that down successfully and protect those students. Maybe. Problem is, even in that scenario, schools and classrooms are meant to be inviting. There's a lot of open space. You know what there's not a lot of? Cover. There's not a lot of things to hide behind. You can't engage them by standing there in the open, or you'll die. The shooter has the initiative. You have to make cover, and make something that can sit in your classroom without the students knowing what it is. The second they know, it's over. So, take a filing cabinet, and put wheels on it. By the time you're done with the wheels, it needs to be just high enough for you to peek over. You're gonna put plates in the back of that filing cabinet, and those are gonna run about a grand (assuming that's not in your budget, though apparently now, for your pay, we're also expecting you to do that). Call up your local metal manufacturer or welder. You can't tell them what you're really doing, though, because you can't tell anybody. He may have a kid who he tells, so you can't tell him. Tell him you're gonna build a range, so you need steel plates, and you're gonna give him the measurements from the inside of that filing cabinet. You need steel plates that you can ring a .308 off of. Write it down. A .308 is about the most powerful round you can realistically expect to run into in this situation. Get those plates cut, then put them in the back of that filing cabinet. If you can't do that, you've gotta get textbooks, phone books, and fill it. Stand it vertically, not sideways, and fill it, so you've got mobile cover. Put that in your classroom, and if you're in one of those schools that you can successfully lock down, put one of those filing cabinets near the entrance of that hallway. Whether it be another classroom or a closet, whatever. That way, you have something to be behind that'll stop a bullet. Otherwise, this is all a moot point. Most schools are concrete. You're gonna want to put frangible ammo in your weapon. That's a special type of ammo that breaks apart when it hits the wall. That lowers the risk of ricochet, and hitting one of those kids that's panicked in the hallway. You need to do a realistic evaluation of whether or not you're really going to be able to put the brains of one of your students on the ground, because that's what it's gonna take. The good news is that psychology is working in your favor, for a change. When you're talking about cops, people that have to make entry have to set aside their instinct for self-preservation. You don't have to do that, because you're already at risk, so you have to fight. You're more likely to get the fight side of that fight-or-flight response, so that'll help. The other thing you've gotta figure out is how you'll avoid being killed when the cops finally do make entry. They don't know what's going on. They just see somebody with a gun. You can't tell them. Nobody gets to know. Nobody. The second one student finds out, all of them know. If a school shooting happens in your school, it's gonna start in your classroom, and you're gonna be the first target, because you're a threat. Nobody can know. No. It's not a solution. For this to be a solution, the amount of training and money that it would take is ridiculous. You'd have to engage in psychological warfare against the students as well, having the principal announce fake messages about "it's range day, teachers", and make it seem like everybody's got a gun. Not a place I'd want to send my kid, to be honest. I'm not saying don't do it. I'm not. I even feel more comfortable with the idea of you doing it than people who think it's a good idea, because at least you understand that you are so far from the level of training you need to do this that you might take it seriously. You're talking about close quarters combat in incredibly difficult scenarios. A hallway? Yeah. Ask any veteran, anybody who's ever been in a gunfight. Where do you not wanna be? Somewhere where you can only move towards or away from the target. You don't wanna be there, because there's no cover, and nothing to hide behind. Maybe. Maybe it'll help. It's not a solution, but maybe it is that band-aid on a bullet wound until someone comes up with a better idea. You have to weigh the risk of a school shooting versus the likelihood of you losing control of that weapon in that classroom, or the likelihood of a student seeing it, because none of them ever can. If it works, it's because you made it work. It's gonna be up to you, and you alone, as an individual, a teacher, an educator. You have to become the expert in combat, because I can tell you now: the school board's policy will be horrible. They're gonna get some police adviser who doesn't know what they're doing, probably from the local sheriff's office, maybe from their SRT. Even then, their training is on a static scenario, not ten seconds after a shooting. Their training is after it's stabilized. They're not expecting kids running in the hallways. They're gonna be more concerned about liability than effectiveness, and when you're talking about combat, liability's just part of it. Liability and effectiveness don't go hand in hand. This is America today. Teachers need mobile cover and need to learn how to engage in close quarters combat. That's fantastic. This is the world we're in. We probably need to look at other solutions and other concepts, and maybe set better examples than this. This isn't going to solve the problem.
  8. Why did you put Josh Peck in a trash can instead of inside a sphere? That would've been spherical. Spherical!
  9. Got my car back from the shop today after about 2 weeks. I don't think I've ever been so excited to get behind the wheel again as I was just then. 



    1. Renegade the Unicorn

      Renegade the Unicorn

      ...Are you a gearhead? :funny:

  10. We already did Last Jedi on SBM last year. Not sure why so many people want to do it twice.
  11. The world just lost an amazing person in my 84-year-old paternal grandma, who was my last living grandparent. I bear this family name as a badge of honor.

    1. ooooooofy


      omg Hawk I am so sorry <//3 That must be terrible, I can't imagine that sort of loss, but your grandma lived out a legacy and now you're carrying it on! and we're always here for you! ❤️ 

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