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  1. "Shit (aka the Politics thread)" - the greatest thread in the history of forums, locked by a moderator after 7 pages of heated debate,

  2. Well, howdy there, SBC people. It's Hawk again. So, tonight, we're gonna talk about a Youtuber I've been watching for the better part of the past year. One who I haven't seen a single lackluster video from. I'd like to introduce you all to a guy named Beau. Or, full name: Beau of the Fifth Column, who works for the news site The Fifth Column. BTFC is two things: A) the physical embodiment of the redneck stereotype, and B) an amazing political Youtuber who makes content unlike any other commentator I've ever seen in the YT news and politics sphere. Almost every one of his videos is a single-take vlog he shoots in his shed, talking at length about various sociopolitical issues of the day, or just things he thinks are worth discussing. His content, educational as it is, can be watched by just about anyone regardless of their own ideology; Beau is himself an anarchist, but frames everything he says in such a way that it can be digested even by conservatives. (Also, before late January, his camera mic was borked, and the sound in all of the videos before then is biased on the left. Hope you enjoy stereo madness.) I'll show all of you, with no particular choice of which ones, some BTFC videos, starting with one on the GoFundMe fundraiser for Trump's wall: On how entertainment and politics are actually related: On the slow creep of fascism: Somehow making an apt analogy between Japanese art and masculinity: On the infamous Gillette masculinity ad: On how Trump is actually an open borders president: Every now and then, Beau mixes it up with a video in a different setting. Like this one, a literal fireside chat in the wake of the Christchurch mosque shootings: And sometimes, he makes satire videos that tie sociopolitical issues into something completely innocuous, with hilarious results. Like this one, with overtones of arguing with anti-abortion people: Or this one from just today, talking about Wonderland as if it were present-day America: If you aren't that into politics, or you are, and want to get others involved, BTFC is a must-see channel. He has a lot of wisdom, refreshing commentary, and challenging takes to share. Anyway... it's just a thought. Y'all have a good night.
  3. Can't wait for Wumbo to murder me for having my first concert be a Greta Van Fleet show in October 

  4. Something about having a 2 behind my age count just feels wrong tbh
  5. Just attempted playing guitar again earlier. Currently, my left index fingertip is screaming "STOP, BITCH, JUST STOP" because of it.

    1. kev


      my vivid imagination brings me joy in experiencing this dilemma unfold itself. 

  6. >Trump promises to cure cancer if he gets re-elected https://i.imgur.com/5XNNTAL.jpg

  7. until
    8 to 10 PM Eastern on July 30th and 31st will be both nights of the second Democratic Party debate for the presidential primary election. On both nights, we'll be gathering in the SBC Discord's own #politics hub to watch, comment, maybe debate, and have fun. Anyone interested in politics is welcome to join!
  8. 9 PM Eastern on June 26th will be the first night of the first Democratic Party debate for the presidential primary election. On that night, we'll be gathering in the SBC Discord's own #politics hub to watch, comment, maybe debate, and have fun. Anyone interested in politics is welcome to join!
  9. I just graduated from community college, and am waiting to go up to university. *indecision intensifies*
  10. No one:


  11. Time to really sound the alarm on women's rights. https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2019/4/19/18412384/georgia-abortion-heartbeat-bill-ohio-2019-iowa https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/14/politics/alabama-senate-abortion/index.html I outright challenge anyone who may be reading to explain to me how this is a good thing. If we have any pro-life people here, I hope you have an ironclad case to make.
  12. Apparently, me and @Goobz are now the Weeabros. I'll just let that fact hang in the air.

    1. Paul McCartney

      Paul McCartney

      o.o...What in the WORLD are Weeabros?! I don't have any idea what that word means!

    2. Dancing Big Ball from Wipeout
    3. Dark Overlord Enshou

      Dark Overlord Enshou

      weeabros without lolicon trash opinions, i say that’s a win-win

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