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  1. So, work on the park has officially started! @dmandamanAndKnuckles officially gets the first ride idea in with suggesting a drop tower. But in the interest of really getting the ball rolling, it's not just any old drop tower. It is... A 400-FOOT TRIPLE DROP TOWER So, we now have our first ride built! It now stands as the visual centerpiece of the park, and every section will be built around it, which brings us to our next task at hand. For a guideline, one huge cross-shaped path, with the combo tower in the middle, now divides the park land into four sections, all differently sized. These four sections will be our plots for expansion. So, questions for what's next: What should the drop towers be named? (They're technically all separate rides, but let's just pretend that they're all one, and give each one the same name.) What should the first section be? Can you folks please make the first section something where I get to make a swimming pool complex? It's gotta be something that can be made in RCT3. Dark ride coasters, Space Mountain style, are almost impossible to do without modding the game in some way (and far better left to Planet Coaster, where you can control almost everything). Sorry lol
  2. The thing we need to determine first: what should the first world be themed to? If nobody has an idea, I'll come up with one to start us off. ...dedicated what? I assume you mean a train that transports people around the park. I had planned to do something like that, but maybe we can decide what the train's theme should be too. If we decide on a section theme that would fit it, we could make a drop tower the centerpiece of said section. Kinda like Scream at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.
  3. Once upon a time, one Box made for SBC a RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 park. Now, several years later, we're revisiting the idea... in RCT3 because my computer isn't even close to good enough to run the superior Planet Coaster! Since Spongecraft is no more, I thought this could be another fun way for us to make something all together, planning a whole theme park. With that, unlike Box's project, this is going to be something everyone will be able to contribute to. Basically: you guys suggest what to build and add to the park in this thread, and I'll try my best to make it happen. So, what's our new playground looking like right now? See the spoiler below to find out! Jokes aside, this above is seriously just the starting point. The basic setup I've got in mind is to extend that main path to the other edge of the park, and have at least two square or rectangle-shaped themed worlds branch off of it. Things like what those sections would be themed to, what they (as well as the entire park) would be named, and what would be in them is where you folks come in with some suggestions. Once we fill up all of the available park land, or (the more likely scenario) once my computer can no longer take the stress of loading/running the park file, we'll wrap up the whole project, and I'll release the final park file for all of you to get RCT3 and play around with. Once again, this is going to be on you, SBC peeps, to make really happen. If this topic dies, the park project dies too. Let's just... not let that happen, shall we? Let's make this a place anyone would want to bring their kids to!
  4. Welp, another one bites the dust. I'll let our Meme-in-Chief tell us who:
  5. So, about that thing above: Kyle Kulinski did a video laying out some very clear reasons why we should support Bernie over Warren. For this thread, I'm gonna take what he said there, and put it below with some changes. @Happy Halseyween Hope this helps.
  6. Well, to some degree, that's true, but ultimately, Liz's platform is just a very watered down take on Bernie's. Plus, she's completely absent on foreign policy, where presidents have their most direct influence. (If you're curious to know more about this, I might do a separate post on it.)
  7. Gonna wake up every day and be the best clockmaker on Mars
  8. It's that time again - time again to start discussing the next presidential election! In this cycle, as you probably know, the race is loaded. We broke the record number of candidates in one presidential election. So, instead of listing off every single candidate, we'll be listing off the ones who have at least some degree of relevancy in this thread. First, we'll do the very major contenders in the race (red for Republicans, blue for Democrats)... If you're curious to see, here's a more stripped-down list of a few of the lesser candidates running: So, who are y'all rooting for, if anyone? It's no secret that Bernie is my guy, and I'm willing to go to bat for that.
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