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  1. This episode is great and is in m top 10 of the season. This episode is very funny, with many great jokes such as Spongebob's ship not coming in yet and the 30 second formula thing. Additionally, both Sandy and Mr Krabs are so great in this. I loved both of their appearances here. And the visuals were great too as always, loved the part where it shows the Planktonamor-like Tower. 9.5/10
  2. This movie actually looks great tbh. Will definitely see this.
  3. This was a very good episode. The location here was really nice, it was interesting to see how the bubbletown was like, and it makes good use of how it's made out of bubbles. Speaking of that, I like how the conflict is about Spongebob accidently popping the town, it makes sense and is entertaining. The episode has some dark humor (since it's about Spongebob and Mr Krabs destroying a whole town and species) and it's great. Also, both Spongebob and Mr Krabs are great in this, espicially Mr Krabs, for some reason I just love how he destroys a whole town and kills all its people and doesn't really care, it's amusing. 9/10
  4. This episode was good. I didn't really love it, but it did have a good plot, one that's relateable (trying to do or get to something in time) and I like how Spongebob's friends give him a mermaid man and barnacle boy episode, it was nice. The plot is its biggest strength, but it was still pretty funny at times. 8/10
  5. Gonna use this post for my s12 ratings. Note that I'm planning on (or at least considering) replacing my letter ranking system by the end of the year, so I'm gonna use a normal ranking system for this. Farmerbob: 8/10 (Solid episode with some good jokes, such as the "I hope this lasts forever" gag, and one of Patrick's better recent appearances, but not outstanding and has some pacing problems)
  6. You never were asked asked to review Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful in this shop, right? Review that. I will pay the doubloons immediatly after I post this
  7. 1. Sharks vs Pods 2. Pull up a Barrel 3. Whole Tooth (this one hurts me) 4. Sewers of Bikini Bottom 5. Bulletin Board 6. Two Thumbs Down 7. Mall Girl Pearl 8. Larry's Gym Someone actually voted Salsa Imbecillius over Bulletin Board Whoever did this is the cause of Luigi becoming so depressed that he tried to hang himself again.
  8. If this episode has Eggplants in it then it's a 10/10 If it doesn't have any Eggplants in it it's a 0/10
  9. I'm hyped to see if Spongebob gets the formula back!!!
  10. 1. Sharks vs Pods 2. Pull up a Barrel 3. Copybob 4. Patrick the Game (Both are great but P!TG is so hilarious) 5. The Whole Tooth (Also both great) 6. Lane and Fortune 7. What's Eating Patrick (both are godly wtf) 8. Salsa Imbecillius 9. Sanctuary (both are great but Sanctuary is a bit better) 10. Nutmare (why the heck are people voting longpants? Nutmare is much better) 11. Mall Girl Pearl 12. Pineapple Invasion 13. Larry's Gym (Wonder who voted Company Picnic)
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