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  1. This sof thing is confusing me

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    2. Harold Claude

      Harold Claude

      The "characters" listed in the games are the characters in the spin-offs and literatures here, what this event celebrates. You don't need to know about their history to play in it, it's new user friendly.

    3. WumboJack Horseman

      WumboJack Horseman

      in Canada, we use this hallowed occasion to celebrate SpongeOddFan and his many gifts

    4. Master WhoBruh

      Master WhoBruh

      spin-offs of spongebob or any other media characters or just stories of new characters and stuff. basically a story celebration event that are written in this forum.

  2. Wintermelon43

    Whack a Character

    *whacks whaleblubber three times*
  3. Wintermelon43

    Spin-Off Striker

    I'll strike the mallet!
  4. Wintermelon43

    SBC's Top 50 Worst Episodes Ever 2018 Edition

    Rodeo Daze: I'm shocked people actually hate it this much, it's biggest crimes are just being boring at times and not giving itself enough time for the ending. I honestly enjoy the episode and I don't agree with most of the supposed flaws people give it. YM&M: Extremely annoying episode. Spongebob and Patrick are very annoying here, Patrick is a very big jerk in this episode, and this episode only has 2 good jokes.
  5. Wintermelon43

    SBC's Top 50 Best Episodes Ever 2018!

  6. Wintermelon43

    Unpopular opinions you have

    I hate Pizza Not joking
  7. Wintermelon43

    SBC's Top 50 Worst Episodes Ever 2018 Edition

    Summer Job: Terrible episode. Mrs Puff does nothing wrong (she didn't mean to destroy the krusty krab) and yet is put through so many annoying situations that are unfunny and annoying to watch. This made my list KBBB: THERE I AM AGAIN GARY, LOOK! Waiting: Another terrible episode, this episode is easily one of the blandest episodes, lacks jokes, is very annyoing throughout the whole episode, and the plot is very stupid. There was no reason Spongebob had to be there for the toy to arrive, so the whole thing was unneccisary. Demolition Doofus: I find this a little overhated since Mrs Puff's actions here are kinda jusitifable and Spongebob not getting destroyed in the derby is funny. Regardless, it's still not a good episode at all, since there really shouldn't have been an episode where Mrs Puff is trying to brutally murder Spongebob. All That Glitters: 13 lists??? Really??? Why do people hate this episode so much? It's just a slightly bad episode to me honestly, it had a lot of problems but all of them feel like they've been done much worse in other episodes and very little is truly terrible. It's a little annoying, the plot is pretty stupid, there's not much humor, and so on..... but I feel like none of it is outright terrible, juest meh or bad. This episode to me is kinda so bad it's funny though, so maybe that's why I don't hate it too much. Baoting Buddies: I don't hate this episode as much as many do, since it doesn't bother me as much as muitiple worse squid abuses. It's still terrible though, terrible characterization, squid abuse, boring, unfunny, and could have been so much better. It made my list, but it was on the upper half of it (as in like highest 10s or lowest 20s) Also this means Truth or Square made it to the bottom 20. boooooooooooooooooooo
  8. Wintermelon43

    SBC's Top 50 Worst Episodes Ever 2018 Edition

    Little Yellow Book: I honestly like this episode, I think it's pretty good and I don't understand the hate for it. My only problem with it is the ending, which could have been much better. I find the rest of the episode to be good. To Love a Patty: This episode, on the other hand, is terrible and I'm surprised it was only this low. It should have been in the bottom 15, and I was expecting it to be there. It's an extremely gross episode with a really stupid plot.
  9. Wintermelon43

    SBC's Top 50 Worst Episodes Ever 2018 Edition

    Sportz: Bad episode and um.............. I don't think I need to say anything else here lol Shuffleboarding: THERE I AM GARY, THERE I AM
  10. Wintermelon43

    SBC's Top 50 Worst Episodes Ever 2018 Edition

    tfw your list so far is pretty much just the ones I disagree with the most lol
  11. Wintermelon43

    SBC's Top 50 Worst Episodes Ever 2018 Edition

    Are You Happy Now: I actually like this episode tbh, though I understand why people would hate it (sinc eit has a depressing tone, and the suicide jokes). I enjoy watching it up until the ending, which I agree sucks Pineapple Fever: Honestly have like nothing to say here, all I can say is this is a mixed bag slightly toward the negative side for me
  12. Wintermelon43

    SBC's Top 50 Worst Episodes Ever 2018 Edition

    Tentacle Vision: I actually think this one is okay, I think it actually at least has some good jokes until the part where Squidward gets kicked out of his own show (which is when it becomes terrible, but whatever, there's like 1-2 minutes left at that point) The Play's the Thing: I kept saying this episode was okay for a while, but the more I thought of it, the more I realized it's bad, since it's boring and has so much unfair squid abuse. Still wasn't on my list though
  13. Wintermelon43

    SWYAD: Spin-Off/Lit Character Edition '18!

    I'm kinda confused what this is about
  14. Wintermelon43

    Be Positive and Ask NegiSpongie a Question

    How does it feel to be the king neptune right now?
  15. Wintermelon43

    SBC's Top 50 Worst Episodes Ever 2018 Edition

    Atlantis: Well... I knew this would come at some point. But, honestly, this episode is my third favorite of the whole series. Serisualy. I love this episode. I love most stuff about the episode. Atlantis is really cool looking and is even more cool with what's there, espicially that video game section...... speaking of that, the visuals of the episode are amazing, as I said earlier atlantis looks really cool, and they try many different artstyles like the video game section and the money looking scenes in Mr Krab's song, and they all look really cool. The atmosphere of the episode is really good. The action is good too, there's muitiple good jokes I like here, and the characterization is good (I know there's the complaint that Sandy does all the fighting, but she uses the characters to good use and honestly I like that, even if the characters themselves battling would have been just as good). And most notably.... I like the songs. Yes, I actually like the songs. Goodbye Atlantis and the bubble song in the beginning are amazing, and the Sandy one is great too. And most of the songs have cool visuals too, so even the songs that are just good have cool stuff going on that makes it fun to watch. And honestly, I never found much wrong about the episode. I feel like most of the flaws people talk about are nitpicky, like advertisments that don't effect the episode's quality and the name of Atlantis. Also, I know there's the Patchy Scenes..... as for that, I have a love/hate relationship with them, where I know it sucks but I honestly unironically enjoy it. Kinda like that Nickelodeon promo where Jace Norman proposes to John Cena. Cephalopod Lodge: This one on the other hand, I actually don't like. At all. The squid abuse is terrible here, all Squidward did was enjoy something and he gets punished hard over something he didn't even cause. And then what would have been a great ending is destroyed by the stupid ending of SpongeBob and Patrick revealing themselves, which was completetly unneccesary.
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