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  1. Wintermelon43

    Best Episode Elimination Game!

    Big Sister Sam
  2. Wintermelon43

    Ask Prime Jedi Anything or go to Davy Jones's Locker!

    Do you have the high ground?
  3. Wintermelon43


  4. Wintermelon43

    New Rules on Doxxing

  5. Wintermelon43


    Alright now I know the secret, shoot with the gun instead of the ball
  6. Wintermelon43

    H e l l o t h e r e

    Welcome to SBC!
  7. Wintermelon43


    🔫 Shoot
  8. Wintermelon43

    Best Episode Elimination Game!

    Yours, Mine, and Mine
  9. Wintermelon43

    Best Episode Elimination Game!

    Squid Baby
  10. Wintermelon43


  11. Wintermelon43

    SBC's Top 50 Best Episodes Ever 2018!

    Imitation Krabs: Hilarious episode, which has had so many copies throughout these years and yet only one episode to even get close to this episode's greatness (Married to Money). Not much else to say but that it's hilarious. Could potentially be in my top 50 but I'm using an outdated list so it's not gonna be listed on this. Krusty Towers: Amazing episode with hilarious jokes, great characters, and great atmosphere/location. It's my favorite episode of Season 4 and it could honestly be a bit higher. Too bad post-movie didn't have any top 18 lol.
  12. Wintermelon43

    Craig's Anecdote

    Were you a jerk to anyone who isn't tan like you again?
  13. Wintermelon43

    SBC's Top 50 Best Episodes Ever 2018!

    I'm not bashing 4EverGreen in any way by saying this, but the way he does his list confuses me 😛
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