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  1. Planktons Army : Great episode but there are so many episodes better than this, it doesn’t really deserve top 50 imo. I get it though, its not like missing identity and pranks a lot where its like ??? One Krab’s Trash: YES THIS FINALLY MADE A BEST LIST THANK FUCKING GOD This episode gets kinda overlooked sometimes, its hilarious and has an awesome plot and atmosphere. This used to be my favorite episode as a kid, and is still #16 on my list and I keep moving it farther up. It’s an awesome and overlooked episode.
  2. Patty Hype: Amazing episode, probably on my top 75 I think? It’s a very funny episode. It’s a Spongebob Christmas: This episode is amazing and made it on my list very far, at #8. The episode has amazing atmosphere, and thats the big thing that makes it so amazing to me, it has an awesome christmas atmosphere, and its stop motion animation really contributes to this and looks really cool. I also really like the song, and it has a very good plot and very good jokes too.
  3. Most critics of things, both professional critics and just general people, actually are really being stupid with the way they criticize things. They basically dig for dumb reasons to hate things that don't even effect actual enjoyment literally at all and really don't matter. A lot of the reasons given to things to hate them are either completely ridiculous reasons to hate something, is a completely bullshit and nonsensical reason, is something they completely made up that doesn't exist (such as that whole stupid spirit and heart thing I made a post on above), or is something that you could say is true but doesn't effect enjoyment at all and really doesn't matter. It's really just that people want to hate almost anything for whatever goddamn reason, probably having to do with how the world as a whole seems to be more depressing nowadays. In reality most of the things that are hated don't deserve to be hated at all, especially considering almost nothing isn't hated at this point, and when it isn't hated, it's usually circle jerked to annoying extents. There's been times where I think someone seems to be very smart with what they're saying on things, but them I slowly realize that what they're saying is actually really stupid and bullshit.
  4. Season 7-9a and sorta season 6 have a nice general slow and calm atmosphere that I don't feel is really much worse if worse at all than the general fast paced atmosphere of post sequel. They're both great for completely different reasons. I also feel that both eras get too much hate by people who just don't prefer that sort of style (these are different groups of people I'm referring to with this). I think they say many things are bad when its more of just not their thing/preference than actually worse quality, and I also think they ignore the strengths of the eras. Seasons 1-4 are in the middle of both types which is why I think they get a lot less hate.
  5. Squid Baby: I'm so glad this made bottom 2 with OVER 500 POINTS. This episode is completely awful and much worse than anything else in the series. What most people feel with tons of episodes they hate, this and ONLY THIS episode gives me that same feeling. I didn't do commentary for this this year because I did it last year and I know many people hate it so I figured someone else would want to do that, but I still hate this episode. First this episode starts with Spongebob and Patrick acting like babies.... like, literal babies. And they're playing with baby toys. It's extremely annoying and unfunny...... like, its less funny and more stupid than even the stupidest joke in Nitwitting, and just as annoying as Yours, Mine, and Mine, if not more. And it's really sad that this is better than most of the episode. Because it'd be bottom 5 even if it stayed like that. Because after this, Squidward gets a severe head injury that makes him mentally (and physically, sorta) a baby. This is a real and serious thing that can happen to people, and it is awful. Mental issues can already be awful, I'm sure many people including myself can relate to that, but any problems I've ever had don't even come close to this. And I'd imagine it's awful for the family and friends of the person who this happens to as well. I've never had this happen to myself or anyone else I know, but I'm sure it feels awful even if it's someone else. And you know what this episode does with that? it plays it for laughs. Something awful like this.... FOR LAUGHS. The biggest example of this is that stupid head banging running gag that is significantly worse than any other running gag in this entire show, to such an extent that it makes me want to propose to the cop in KBBB. Seriously, nothing comes close to being as awful as that gag. It's awful because banging his head is supposed to keep him like this forever. And this have this CONTINUOUSLY happen. It is extremely annoying, unfunny, awful, and the fact that it plays this crap for laughs might even make this episode insulting, and I'd say nothing else in this show even comes remotely close to that. Also, people say that Spongebob and Patrick were good in this because they care about Squidward, but.... they really don't. They really don't care at all. If they did care, they wouldn't be letting his head get banged so much. The fact that they are just so uncaring about him makes this episode even worse and makes them awful characters in this. It honestly feels like they only took care of Squidward because they needed to. And then when it goes to the Krusty Krab, it... gets even worse. Seriously....... Now we have all the problems of the episode, the severe annoyingness and unfunny gags, including the head banging gags, and spongebob and patrick being bad characters, combined with even MORE problems. First of all, Mr Krabs is ABYSMAL here. He forces Squidward IN THIS STATE OF MIND to work at the krusty krab, which he is literally incapable of doing. This is just awful..... and then isn't where the awfulness ends. Because after this, we get to see the beautiful scenes of Squidward pooping in his diaper like a baby, and we get to see a nice closeup of the diaper (from the outside thankfully) and the shape of the poop....... just, EW. Thats just awful and really gross and not enjoyable at all. So now, combined with all the annoyingness and awful jokes and awful characters and plot, it gets to be GROSS too while we watch sb try and fail to find a place to change Squidward's gross diaper and slam his head all around the place, ending with his head banging into ice which somehow is able to bring Squidward back to normal. It's such an obvious cop-out ending and makes completely no sense. What an awful episode. Stuck in the Wringer: Another bad episode, not Squid Baby tier of course but still bottom 10, it's mostly boring, and also painful to see Spongebob suffer so much and be unable to do anything, including things you need to be able to do to survive like eating, as well as costing him his job, all his happiness, and makes it impossible for him to do nearly anything, and then when he finally yells at Patrick for ruining his life, the bikini bottomites try to pin the blame on SPONGEBOB for it. Library Cards: HMs sounds about right for this episode. It's just really boring and forgettable, and the WHY YOU WHAT'D I DO gag is really annoying. And now, I'm gonna post two lists: my bottom 50 at the start of this, and my new bottom 50 (I'll update this with both of these in a bit, posting early so I don't lose the rest)
  6. New Fish in Town: LMAO 7 LISTS AND 63RD But oof, thought this'd be closer to the list than that. This episode is in my bottom 50 but not on my list. It's kinda bland and boring and is wasted potential. Howard is a bland character and the ending where he starts like bubbles and jellyfishing is stupid. Good Neighbors: This episode isn't bad. The ending was unnecessary but the rest of this is good. Restraining Spongebob: lol idk The Sponge Who Could Fly: WOAH A PREMOVIE EPISODE I actually like it though. The patchy scenes are hilarious and the second best patchy scenes of the whole series, and the Spongebob scenes have a nice atmosphere and great songs, and is also very enjoyable. Tentacle Vision: This episode is funny and I have nothing else to say The Battle of Bikini Bottom:MUWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH This episode was very far on my list, extremely gross episode to such an extent it makes me physically sick, so um Dear Vikings: People still hate this? Honestly this episode is good. The ending is rushed, but it's good besides that. inSPONGEiac: I really like this episode actually. I dislike Mr Krabs in this but everything else is great, it's very funny and relatable and the trippy scenes are so awesome. Squirrel Jelly: I kinda like this episode ngl. Kinda. There is some flaws in that it really didn't need the extra length, and the first half is kinda weak though not awful, but the second half is great. It has great visuals and is fun to watch. Plankton's Regular: Very meh episode. Just like New Fish in Town, it's surprisingly boring for a good premise. Hide: Slightly bad episode. Very boring and many of the Patrick scenes were really stupid. A Squarepants Family Vacation: Damn, so close. This episode deserves the list and is on my bottom 50. It's such a boring episode. I love the gift shop scene, but the rest is kinda boring and stupid and nonsensical, and the road song is bad. Doodle Dimension: I honestly love this episode. It's a very fun and entertaining episode, espicially since I love Doodlebob. and 99% of the criticisms given to this episode are honestly stupid to me.
  7. Choir Boys: This was my #9...... it really should not have been that high on my list if even on it at all. One of the dumn as fug moments of my opinions being too easily persuaded or pressured by tons of people saying their opinions about somrthing. I’m just apathatic to this episode. It’s meh besides the scene where Squidward gets stung while SB sings, that scene is bad. Ink Lemonade: yeah this is a bad episode. Made it very far on my list. Patrick torturing Squidward for his blood/pee/whatever is really OOC and his worst appearance yet, and this episode is also gross and has things like the spider egg cookies. This episode kinda feels a bit uncomfortable to watch in a way too.
  8. Smoothe Jazz: lol APFG: A PAL FOR GARY! YOU PUT 24 PEOPLE DOWN FROM YOUR LIST RIGHT NOW! also this episode is overhated its not even bad until the infamous scene which is admittidly terrible Pet or Pests: lol This is a terrible episode........ It’s so boring, unfunny, gross, the story is awful, the animation is easily the worst of the whole show.... and for once, I honestly do not know what there is to defend since there isnt even a single good joke or a single good looking part of the episode. Geez. This episode made it to #2 on my list and it isn‘t going anyway Spongebob You’re Fired: Had this on my list and in hindsight I shouldn’t have. Yeah it’s boring but it kinda still entertains me...lol
  9. Clash of Triton: This ep is just meh. Like the plot is bad, as is the characters in the royalty family, but it still feels kinda entertaining and has good atmosphere and good jokes so eh. I had this lower on my bottom 50 then it should have been. Truth or Square: This episode is absymal and mde it very far into my list. It has so many horrendeus flaws, here’s a whole list of them: This episode has almost nothing good too. All it has is amazing memories shown that are really cool and entertaining and a greay way to celebrate the anniversary, the amazing scene inside the whale that shows a cool old cartoon version of Spongebob and hilarious and really cool alternate theme songs and is the best scene of the whole show, many funny jokes, two amazing songs and another good one, and so on, and is truly an amazing special and an amazing way to celebrate the anniversary of the show and a very fun episode to watch. Because of this, this episode made my list at #464.
  10. Wait, I didn’t comment on yesterday’s episodes? That’s odd. Well, either way, all FOUR of these next episodes made my list. I’ll go through why they each made my list in quick summerys. Trenchbillies: This episode is just stupid and unfunny and the ending is bad. Honestly I have nothing else to say on this one. Big Sister Sam: This episode is very frustrating, for two reasons. One is Sam; She’s a jerk and destroys things, and never apologizes for how she behaves. She’s easily my least favorite one time character. The other is Patrick defending this garbage behavior this whole time. Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful: Aw man, I was hoping this would make the bottom 10. Oh well, it still rose a lot and made it to 12th. This is a garbage episode both figuratively and literally. The main gag of the episode is this stupid littering ticket gag that was never funny, let alone the tenth time, and espicially when the ticket was for the garbage house and when the ticket fell on the ground. This episode is just boring and a bit annoying outside of that gag anyway, and has stupid things like the garbage house. I had this around 15th but it should have been right outside of, or just barely inside, bottom 10 in hindsight. I submitted commentary on this last year as well if you wanna hear more :lad: SITKWS: Plot hole’d mess and is boring anyway. Why didn’t sandy take her suit? She wouln’t be naked and the bottomites would barely notice she’s furless. Why do the bottomites care about Sandy being naked when they are wither naked or not wearing much clothes themselves? and then why does she get arrested (which is already bad enough because she went through so much crap already for something beyond her control, but then theres the hypocrisy too)? Why is she even considered naked when she’s literally wearing clothes??? This episode is so stupid.
  11. Assuming you mean Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful, that one will definitely make it onto the list.
  12. The Splinter: This episode is mostly just the gross splinter and... thats mostly it besides the stupid dr patrick scene. It's not atrocious but its mostly just gross, so it made my list. Boating Buddies: I dislike the test scene near the end, but the rest of this is honestly funny. Slide Whistle Stooges: Damn, I thought this was gonna make the bottom 10. This episode is bad for sure.... It's just the same annoying slide whistle gag over and over again, and the ending is bad and.... idk why the baby assaulting thing is there. It made it far on my list. One Coarse Meal: I had this on my list at the exact same spot it landed on this list, but honestly I shouldn't have put it on my list at all. The first few minutes were actually good, and the creepy atmosphere and animation is done very well. I just don't like Mr Krabs's characterization (He scares Plankton for over two weeks to the point of insanity and suicidal thoughts for no money gain) and Spongebob backstabbing Plankton was stupid. This is bottom 50 but it shouldn't have been bottom 25 on my list. Oh well.
  13. Little Yellow Book: Little Yellow Book missed the list!!!!!! Hmm, let’s see what 20 eps are the obvious bottom 20 left...... .... ..... wait There’s only 19 obvious episodes? What the hell is the 20th left? Maybe I just forgot to liet something since my first list of predictions before the list started didn’t have The Splinter or Boating Buddies either Checks last year’s list There’s nothing missing? Oh god this means LYB could still make it O_O Please don’t be LYB Please don’t be LYB Please don’t be LYB Please don’t be...... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHY WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Ok seriously though I thought and hoped this episode would fall a lot down if not even miss the list entirely because I noticed people didn’t seem to hate it quite as much as they did before. It’s hated only just like many other 9a episodes nowadays... or at least I thought. Then I calculated what about 22 eps would make it 2 days ago, and calculated again for the bottom 20, and noticed all the eps were clear.... except one. I figured it must have been LYB since that was more likely than any other possibilities. As for my thoughts on the episode. I honestly really like it. It’s very funny to me, with things such as everything in sb’s diary thats shown in this episode, I HAD A BROTHER ONCE, Squidward’s house being taken away for reading a diary, etc. Also the only thing I dislike in the episode is the very end. I honestly don’t think Squidward is ooc or too mean here, this seems like th exact kind of thing he would do. Are You Happy Now?: Honestly I completetly forgot about this ep in terms of what will make the list until a few days ago when I checked what eps would still make it. Honestly, I disagree with this ep making the list because I really like the depressing mood to it and it’s pretty entertaining and funny, but I get why people would hate this episode (unlike LYB) and put it on their list. It does hav the suicide jokes (which I don’t have problems with but I get why people hate them) and the ending and I get why people wouldn’t like the premise or the idea of sb having an ep about depression.
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