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  1. I didn't laugh or smile ONCE throughout the episode. There was nothing funny about this. Not only that, but the plot isn't even original. Selling out did this plot much better. Not a good episode. 4/10
  2. Holy fish paste Batman! That was a good movie!
  3. This franchise is like the ice age movies, they just get worse and worse.
  4. Look at it. Just LOOK at that animation. Not even JOHNNY TEST'S animation was this stiff.
  5. http://fairlyoddparents.wikia.com/wiki/Space_Ca-Dad *flash Oh
  6. The nutshack became a meme like how 7 grand dad did. Through youtube
  7. Do help at the treedome (Help Wanted + Tea at the treedome) please.
  8. This feels like a good ytp (this is a complement)
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