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  1. Jackie Chan

    Solo: A Star Wars Story

    If this does not play in the end credits, I will be very disappointed:
  2. Jackie Chan

    Welcome OWM to the Cashiers!

    Congratulations, champ.
  3. Jackie Chan

    Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn

    game of the year right here guys
  4. Jackie Chan


    As a brave warrior myself, I gladly welcome you to our domain, proud heroes.
  5. Jackie Chan

    Favorite Episodes

    the one where I made a guest star appearance
  6. Jackie Chan

    Jackie Chan and Hank Hill's Magic Adventure

    Here is my story. Enjoy. Jackie Chan and Hank Hill's Magic Adventure (Starring Jackie Chan and Hank Hill) One day, the famed warrior himself Jackie Chan traveled to Arlen, Texas. He had learned of a powerful warrior residing there that goes by the name of "Hank Hill". Jackie Chan approached his house, knocking on the door with grace. The warrior Hank Hill opens the door. "Are you Chinese or Japanese?" Hank asked, as Jackie bows. "I have come to challenge you, for honor." Jackie replied. "I don't like your tone. I'm gonna kick your ass." Hank replied. "Ah, but it is I who shall kick your ass first. Prepare yourself." Jackie replied, ready to karate chop that mofo's ass in two. "What the? Stop trying mind games on me and let's tussle like real men boy, I tell you hwhat!" Hank replied. So, the two had a fight as if they were two brave samurais. "Hank Hill of Texas, prepare to have your ass kicked!" Jackie yelled, doing many fancy martial arts moves on Hank. "BWAAAAHHHH!!!" Hank yelled, channeling his inner energy, and fighting back. As the two have their intense fight, they soon realize...they cannot beat each other. It ends in a draw. "Partner, I think we're both too powerful to take each other down." Hank noted. "Indeed. You are my equal, Hill-san. I honor you." Jackie replied, bowing to him, as Hank bows back. "Why were we even fighting in the first place?" Hank asked. "I wanted to see your potential, and I am glad I did. You can become a great pupil of mine, traveling the lands to fight against evil." Jackie replied. "I tell you hwhat, you got yourself a deal. Want to have some nice burgers? They'll be grilled on this nice grill using the best propane from Strickland Propane. I sell propane and propane accessories." Hank said. "I would be honored." Jackie replied And so, the two had the best burgers ever. They then set off on their journey together to explore the world like the two brave warriors they are. They sold propane and propane accessories, and also kicked lots of ass. THE END
  7. Hello, I have a fascinating story I want to share with all of my friends. Watch as two iconic stars team up for the first time in history... + Coming very soon to this topic. Also known as, sometime within the day.
  8. Jackie Chan

    Salty Spittoon iFish Contest

    Jackie Chan has made his decision. @Hayden's fish was my favorite due to its very different appearance. Congratulations, son.
  9. Jackie Chan

    What if Sandy Cheeks died as a child?

    Are you from an alternate timeline where Sandy died? Tell us how this timeline is, I am curious to know.
  10. Jackie Chan

    What if Sandy Cheeks died as a child?

    But who was driving the car?
  11. Jackie Chan

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    @jjsthekid Happy birthday, my apprentice.
  12. Jackie Chan


    Welcome, son. Whatever happened in the past, I was not here for, but I sense a good aura from you.
  13. Jackie Chan

    Ask Mr. Chan

    I've taken you under my wing, skilled apprentice. Sounds like magic devilry. The world may someday know. Of course.
  14. Jackie Chan

    Ask Mr. Chan

    Ask me anything. Anything.
  15. Jackie Chan

    Asteroid Blast

    *karate chops asteroid*
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