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  1. hey jackie chan, any way you can stop the massive week long rain storm currently under way in the atlanta, georgia area? thanks

    1. Jackie Chan

      Jackie Chan

      I wish I could son, but not even I can stop the weather.

  2. I wish a joyful two year mod anniversary to my son @Chuck Mangione.

  3. Jackie Chan

    Ask the Kat

    Would you like some Jackie Chan Cereal?
  4. Jackie Chan

    The Grinch

    best part of the film so far:
  5. Jackie Chan


    i'm so fucking shocked that Venom exists like i still can't believe it's a movie i saw in theaters in 2018 the movie is about a twitchy reporter with a weird accent who becomes possessed by black goo (as do multiple other people) and this black goo then begins talking with him and controlling him and he then fights another guy who was possessed by said black goo and also kisses his ex girlfriend who was possessed with the black goo it has a story and hits all the plot beats that's straight out of a 2001 superhero movie and yet somehow it's going to make shitloads of money i'm not even mad, it's amazing
  6. Welcome. I am willing to forgive, Mr. Fisherman.
  7. Have you starred in any films?
  8. This is truly a devastating loss. Farewell and good night, our legend and prince.
  9. I am honored to be a part of this fine website's legacy. Happy birthday from Jackie Chan!
  10. Discuss this terrible fantastic film that was just released!
  11. This masterpiece is now a year old.
  12. I am honored to see this song about me: 


    1. Don't Eat WhoBob's Country!

      Don't Eat WhoBob's Country!

      petition for Jackie Chan to guest star in Iron Fist.

  13. Discuss these infamous outlaws here.
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