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      Anime is no stranger to characters that will forever live on in the hearts of young men, old men, and horny men of the world. Perhaps one of the strongest examples of a character is Skeet, from the Shounen Jimmy Neutron. Skeet is a character with a good head on his shoulders, with a strict set of morals. He's a working-class man which many of us can relate to. He is the employee of the month at the McSpankie's restaurant in Retrovile. This is a title not achieved by many. In fact, in the Retroville lore, Skeet is the only employee of the month, the eternal employee of the months. While its clear he has achieved perfection in the fast food world, his accomplishments don't stop there. He has also achieved perfection on a physical level, with eyes that could make a girls pussy shit, and a smile that could fuck my girlfriend. He is the ideal male. Not much is known about Skeet before he worked at Mcspankie's, but it can be inferred that he was once a world-class Crokinole player, judging by his athletic build. His body matches that of a subway sandwich, the ideal for Crokinole playing, or perhaps even bowling. Now, for years there has been a debate on whether Skeet was better in the manga or anime, but I feel he came to live in the screen, where in the manga I was the only one cumming, and he wasn't much of a three-dimensional character which leads me to believe he was there for fanservicey purposes, but in the anime  they went above and beyond and made Skeet one of the most fleshed-out characters in anime. While I've been gushing about Skeet for the past minute or so, it's not all sunshine and butt whine in talking about this character. In fact, his story is quite tragic, a story impossible to tell without tears, but I'll fight through the eye urine for it. In the anime, Skeet was played like a fool. Three customers came in on this fateful day, Skeet greeted them only to find he was bamboozled. These children were looking for a job, unqualified and never working in their life. You know what, maybe they belonged to broken homes, maybe I can be their role model. So he did a horrible business move and hired the 3 children, and two performed outstanding. But one of them was gargling anus at the job Skeet graciously bestowed upon them. This man, the Neutron Jimmy, got a bit of tough love to be the best employee he could be, a standard Skeet himself was once held to. Skeet gave him every chance in the book and was disappointed every time. Jimbo, not accepting defeat easily, turned the family friendly diner into a chromed-out colonoscopy of an establishment, a dystopian dickstain that spits on the titties of anyone who once loved Mcspankie's. This repugnant perversion of the once beautiful Mcspankie's lead to the demise of Skeet. This autonomous, autotrophic, autobotic restaurant began terrorizing the town, and it was all thanks to Skeet that this doomsday was stopped. Skeet was acting like a fucking firefighter. Skeet was taking children, women, men, children, children, a lot of children, brought them out because Mcspankies was ascending into the heavens as if abducted by a Jesus UFO, because Jimbo installed rockets on this bitch. Mcspankie's turned into a fighter jet and Skeet knew this. With the mustard gas pouring in, Skeet losing breath, he crawled his way to the cash register, pushed the money on it, and out popped the pill, and Skeet said "big Mcthankies from Mcspankies" as Skeet pushed the abort button right next to the money button Mcspankie's began flying into the sun, like Icarus, Mcspankie's flew into the sun. and much like Mcspankie's, Jimbo had also flown into the sun. We lost a goddamn hero, but he will never be forgotten. Wherever you are Skeet, you have a big Mcthankies from all of us here.

  2. Have a nice trip, see you next fall.

  3. There are a few images revealed by Vincent Waller on Twitter of Season 11.
  4. The funniest part was Squidward's bad performance with live-action stock footage, and the background lady exploding out of just falling.
  5. I need to wait for the Nick app to show it on their episode list.
  6. TIME's link My thoughts... P.S. I know this is month ago news, but I still thought this deserved a mention.
  7. I find it to be my favorite Season 10 episode so far, because of how hilarious they handled the Hilarity Ensues plot, and the ending is just a very amusing way to end it.
  8. I'm happy that it have been renewed. I hope Alan Smart and Tom Yasumi is still directing the animation.
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