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    I went to college!

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    Battle for Bikini Bottom/Creature from the Krusty Krab
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  1. i will use my 1,000+ tokens to buy the animal crossing badge!
  2. i am ready, i am ready, i am ready to destroy robots!
Doubloons: $28,343

Ocean 1
Squidward's Hair Piece 1
Little Buddy Radio 1
ChefBob Puppet Terrible at cooking. Excellent at roasting!1
Ragboy Fresh from the trash!1
Treat Bag 1
Orange 1
Skeleton Mask 1
Skeleton Costume 2018 1
Carol Book 1
Gray Scarf 1
Red 1
Winter Boots 1
Snail - Christmas 1
Ice Cream Cone 1
Urchin Beard You are an adult now!1
Plank Never enter a hat store again!1
Purple Sweater Only wear at winter!1
Fred Pants Break a leg!1
Patrick Lei 1
Worm 1
Pink Karate Gloves 1
Sandy Tail 1
Red Eyes 1
Tied Up Rope What color is my underwear?1
King Krabs Staff 1
Eyelash Sweater I heart you!1
Goofy Sombrero 2019 1
Soap Pants 1
Snail - Snellie 1
Hoop Skirt 1
Squidward Neck Meh.1
Gary Slippers 1
Snail - Luciano 1
Gary Antennae 1
Fist O Pain Badge 1
Glove Dispenser and Tongue 1
Pride Flag To show off your pride!1
Ice Cream Hat 1
Boatmobile Outfit 1
Sponge 1
Jolly Good Rookie Donut For he is a jolly good Rookie!1
Scallop 1
20th Anni. Shirt 1
Manly Mustache Turns you into a MAN!1
Plankton Be part of Plankton's family!1
Boom Mic Did somebody say boom?1
Popcorn 1
Patar Face 1
Acorn Balloon 1
Sandy Boots 1
Sandy Helmet 1
Haunted Sleeping Bag Now thats scary!1
Candy Bowl Thats enough of a treat!1
Flower Mask 1
Candy Corn Collectable Given to whoever won it from Trick or Treat or the All-Nighter at OF19.1
Jellyfish 1
Sandy Cheeks 1
Gary 1
Treasure Chest PLASTIC!1
Mama Krabs Bloomers Don't miss the panty raid!1
Antique Umbrella Formerly belong to the Queen of Switzerland!1
Dime Bump Me Dime!1
Together Since 2009 Get access to tvguy's Together Since 2009 skin!1
Dollar 1
Squidward Tentacles 1
Mr. Krabs 1
Plankton 1
Pearl 1
Tear Sweater Is this any better?1
Bold and Brash More like belongs in the trash!1
Magic Conch 1
Karate Glove 1
Jerk Face 2018 Dont be a jerk, its capitalism!1
SpongeBob Cookie Only for the children, not for pesky parrots!1
New Hairstyle Unbaked cookie dough!1
Plankton Christmas Sweater One for the Naughty List!1
Snowman Given to whoever won it from Snowball Throw at Snowcember Ball 2019.1
Candy Cane 1
Plate of Cubed Cheese 1
No 1 Squid Does not suck eggs!1
Mustache 1
8-Bit Community Get access to JCM's 8-Bit Community skin!1
Jellyfish Fields Get access to JCM's Jellyfish Fields skin!1
Krabby Patty 1
Jellyfishing Net 1
Squidward's Clarinet 1
Chum Bucket Bucket Helmet Free with every purchase!1
Spot 1
Karen 1
Blindbeard Eyepatch 1
Wooden Sword 1
Prisoner Chain 1
Pirate SpongeBob Given to whoever won it from Treasure Dig at Freebooter 2020.1
Red Bandana 1
Basketball 1
Pot of Gold 1
Jellyfish Hat 1
SpongeBob's Jellyfishing Glasses 1
SpongeBob's Weight Set 1
Mermaid Man's Belt 1
Jellyfish Net 1
Patrick Star 1
Chocolate Bunny 1
Ice Cream 2019 1
The Flying Dutchman 1
Glove Hat 1
Glove Feet Hats on our Captains quarters too!1
Glove Pants 1
Glove Shirt 1
White 1
Golden Spatula 1
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