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  1. I saw Home Alone; never understood how two parents can leave a kid that's more than half their height in the house. Also, what version of IT is better: the 1990 version or the 2017 version?
  2. I'm suing you for copyright infringement.
  3. been feeling a little quasi-suicidal. Therapy helped me.
  4. Lelel I love trolling this!




  5. But for more positive reviews I liked Wonder Woman, Captain Underpants, and Cars 3! I felt so sad to see McQueen feel like he'll retire but I'm glad hes not leaving to soon! plus I clapped when I Doc was referenced and even heard! Paul Newmans is a man that deserves to be honored more whenever they make reruns of the movies he's been, hes just great!
  6. I thought it was okay, the action was good, but i feel that it needed more synergy with the other transformers movies like aoe did, still doesn't mean i hate it, and at least I wouldn't set my mind to hate it if i were a film critic, it's just kind of ghastly compared to the older ones.
  7. At school, I saw Hunchback of Notredome, a really emotional movie! Also, the Surge is right; let's stop the quoting before it gets out of hand!
  8. I saw GOTG vol 2, not as good as the first one but definitely the best sequel for the mcu since winter soldier. @Quantum Surge I gotta agree with some of the points you made. Now i will admit there are some mcu movies I like such as iron man 2 or hulk but you made a pretty solid comment on the fatigue and lack of variety of the mcu. And @Clappy he did bring up the other film universes you mentioned and stated his thoughts so I think you saying them is a bit redundant (other than HB, Zilla/Kong, and The Mummy, which i think is cancelled).
  9. sorry guys! haven't been on for a while! just busy babysitting my cousins!

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      did lighting die in the movie 

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      lighting but also lightning, yes

    4. Mr. Saturn

      Mr. Saturn

      best user here

  10. I'll be with you then! Oh, this is super exciting!
  11. It's such an honor to be with you! How many friends do you have here?
  12. You, WhoBob, and Katniss are awesome!
  13. It's so good to get to know other people here!
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