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  1. Happy Birthday to the darling @E.V.I.L.! Hope you have a great day! xxx
  2. Toy Story Animation is so hilarious to see both as an Animation student now and also having played KH3 and seen the superior graphics in that used on the franchise.
  3. Chris Pratt! O, favorite Chris! Here's my book!
  4. A Christopher Robin-based Winnie the Pooh POP that's holding a balloon and is flocked. A Maleficent Hairbrush A Sebastian Nightshirt that reads, "It Is The Weekend Yet?" A Bugs Bunny Onesie A Mario Onesie An Easter Stitch Plush from the Disney Store (that my younger sister wanted that has to pay me back for) A set of Toiletry Bags based on Sebastian and Scuttle as part of the Duos Collection A new Sketch Pad. Heartstopper: Volume 1 by Alice Oseman 2 7-Ups, a Diet Pepsi and a Tango Orange.
  5. Aladdin 4: Jafar May Need Glasses
  6. From having seen more of what's to come in the movie, I'm perhaps most skeptical over Jafar; he doesn't give me any vibes that he's an antagonist in this iteration even though he is? Who knows, maybe he'll be more villainous than he appears in the recent trailer. And again, I have hope for Smith's portrayal of the Genie. I do query the fact that they retained the blue color since I feel like it would've worked better if the live-action didn't try to replicate the animated original's iconic design for him. But, I suppose, it's better than the live-action Beast from the Beauty remake so...I'm down. Also I haven't heard many people talk about the Carpet, but dang, he looks so good in CGI! Can't quite tell for sure, but I'm fairly certain that his design is essentially taken from the original movie and honestly I think it does somewhat work here. Looking forward to seeing some Carpet-focused scenes to take in all the detail.
  7. Oh dang so I did. 😅 Not much to say about the world in all fairness, I'd argue. I do wish it was a little longer in length and had more to it since its minimal inclusion seems pretty pointless outside of the decent minigames. Introducing Lumpy also felt a little hollow due to how little his role genuinely was; would've been nice if there'd been an actual Lumpy-centric plot that required you to explore the actual 100 Acre Wood world. Nice to see Pooh and friends in the new game engine though; they look so good!
  8. Gotta be honest, I'm still not feeling it. Don't think I'll be in a rush to see this, but...eh.
  9. Makin' A Movie - Ne-Yo how appropriate given the current event
  10. We makin' a movie And the director is me So when I yell cut we gon' leave...
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