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  1. Sandy's Anecdote

    Anything particular about Krabs and his behavior that day that makes you suspicious of him? (Also, I'm interested...were there any interesting features of those technological jellyfish nets when you were looking at them?)
  2. Kevin's Anecdote

    Hey Kevin, a little snail told me that you were seen drinking a beverage. Could you possibly clarify what it was you were drinking?
  3. What'cha Listening To?

    Can't Remember To Forget You - Shakira ft. Rhianna
  4. Mary Poppins Returns

    Can't say I was ever interested in the original Mary Poppins movie, but I have enough interest in the legacy of the movie (see Saving Mr. Banks, a biopic starring Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks as Travers and Disney), and quite frankly, it's honestly not a terrible movie. While I would never have said I'd want a Mary Poppins sequel, I'd still watch this. I think Emily Blunt will do a fine job at being Mary Poppins.
  5. How are you feeling? (Emotionally)

    Kind of emotional, frankly. I watched Call Me By Your Name last night, and I'm halfway through the book, and I must say, watching the film got me feeling things for Ezio and Oliver, and the ending made me cry a little. I love this movie so much...and yet I feel so deeply saddened by the ending I really had to sit there for a while and let my emotions do their thing for a while. I went to school today still feeling for them, and I think I've just gotten totally enamored with the characters so much so that I'm wishing they were real. What it really made/makes me want more than anything else was/is a boyfriend; someone to watch this with and a shoulder to cry on or lay my head deep in thought. I'm also a little stressed out for this Mechanics mock I have tomorrow and a Math test where I have to get 90% or he'll fail me, but the former should be fine and IDGAF about the latter at this point. I'll try to work hard for it, but, eh...Math just pisses me off and I feel too broody and sad to want to care much atm.
  6. How are you feeling? (Emotionally)

    For now, I'm actually...kinda at peace with myself. It won't last, of course, but...it's nice to feel decent. Yesterday (Tuesday) we had a church service which I wasn't too pleased about going to, but we didn't have to sit in our assigned groups so I sat with my friends and I was so content I actually sung all the hymms which I have never done; this was also my last compulsory church trip! Then, me and my friends all got on the bus on the way back to school and it was fun to be a group outside of school having fun (even though y'know it was school related, the actual environment was different). Then I left early cuz I had no lesson in the afternoon, and I ran into my childhood best friend, who I still consider a close friend - hell, I still consider her one of my best friends - I'll treasure for as long as I can and text on an irregular basis. She and I stuck around in each other's company and talked for a couple minutes about how we doing, and I was just so, so happy. The rest of the walk home, I had the biggest grin I've had this week! I don't see her in person, really, meaning we normally stick to WhatsApp. But, I did bring up that we should probably meet up sometime and catch up properly and she said she'd look into it when she's not busy helping her friends out with work, so hopefully we can meet up again and talk over lunch or something. My English coursework today is going pretty well, as I've basically finished it, and Call Me By Your Name came in the mail when I got home so I'm looking forward to reading that. I also got my sister to help me out with Media coursework and we had fun taking pictures, so I can return to class and be able to get stuff done for the end of the month. So yeah, I'm feeling fine so far this week since everything that's happened in the past two days has put me in a good mood.
  7. What'cha Reading/Writing?

    Reading: Just about to start Call Me By Your Name . Been wanting to get this book for a while now (since I heard about the movie which I don't currently own) and coincidentally enough I can actually use it as a style model for my English Language coursework. Writing: Been typing a short story for the mentioned English Language coursework; it's a creative writing piece where we get to choose the topic (I chose storytelling; I'm doing a romantic short story) and model our style on case studies we annotate with notes. What fun!
  8. What'd you last pay for?

    A paperback copy of Call Me By Your Name via Amazon. It's gonna arrive in the mail tomorrow.
  9. School Thread

    I do English Language, Media Studies and Math. English is great, and I'm having fun. Been doing some coursework that's been pretty straightforward, and just have to hand it in. Media's interesting. It's harder, but it's still fun in a way. Need to take some pictures of a girl to create the image of a female pop artist so I can make a CD cover for my coursework, and I need to get that done before the end of term later this month. Math, though...SHEESH!!! Hate my teacher, who's really been teaching since January; he goes over the topics way too quickly for my liking and not only that but if I were to ask him for help, he'd just repeat what he said that confused me in the first place! Ugh, Math pisses me off, man, and I failed the mock exam we did a month ago. Not that I care much though; this subject depresses me so much I feel discouraged to do anything for it. Need to pick my ass the hell up for June, though, when the exams for Math are alongside the others. Socially though, I thrive in school. A lot more than I have in the past. I'm probably just happy I'll be done with that place we dare call a school in a few months. (school "requires improvement"...yeah, it's got a bad rep nowadays...)
  10. McDonald's

    McDonald's here are selling Mac Jr's and Big Mac Grand (why the hell didn't they just call the latter a Grand Mac? I've nary a clue). Really want to try a Grand, which is evidently by name bigger than the originals. (So...it's more of a size thing than a taste thing...) These are gone by the end of the month as well! Gotta have one ASAP!
  11. What'cha Listening To?

    Stereo Hearts - Gym Class Heroes ft. Adam Levine. Ah, I've missed this song...
  12. I got to play Hooky twice this week and Thursday was a snow day.

    In other words, I got to have a five-day weekend! Hurrah!

  13. What'cha Listening To?

    Demi Lovato - Heart Attack
  14. What'cha Listening To?

    Lily Allen - Fuck You (not even a guilty pleasure; this song is bloody amazing!) (also it might be in one of the Bridget Jones movies if I remember correctly hence why I know this song in the first place.)
  15. What'cha Listening To?

    Victoria Justice, Leon Thomas III - Countdown (from Nickelodeon's Victorious) Also, Song 2 You, also by Justice and Thomas.
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