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  1. LocalAquatic

    What'd ya last watch? (Movies)

    Thor Ragnorok Perhaps my favorite of the three Thor movies, and really had me laughing.
  2. LocalAquatic

    H e l l o t h e r e

    Welcome to SBC, Dman!
  3. LocalAquatic

    How are you feeling? (Emotionally)

    A wee bit impatient cuz I'm waiting for a friend to respond to my messages regarding us hanging out tomorrow. Whenever we've been arranging to hang out within like the last year he always seems to take a while to respond; hoping he's around to go through the details with later tonight though, otherwise this plan is going nowhere and that'd suck, honestly. Also a little nervous about tomorrow cuz while I love the guy as a friend I can be quite shy around him. I know I can never eat around him properly; it's like I've got these butterflies in my stomach or somethin' that won't allow food to pass.
  4. LocalAquatic

    Ask LocalAquatic

    I've been reading loads and loads of fanfiction featuring the Iron Man/Black Panther ship; I love those. Especially any that involve marriage cuz T'Challa is such an adorable and sweet husband to Tony.
  5. LocalAquatic

    Ask LocalAquatic

    Oh, wow, I see indeed! I haven't thought about locations for my universe, personally. Just dawdling with a town called Witherville, but I might change the name to make more of a reference to weather.
  6. LocalAquatic

    Ask LocalAquatic

    I've got a personal project involving a variety of superpowered teenagers - two of which explicitly based on myself and my personality, the other three implied - as well as a couple other OC's that I'm trying to connect as part of my own little OC universe. So yeah, I enjoy worldbuilding Maybe I'll write stuff about them in their own fic one day, but for the meantime, I'm just incorporating the odd one or two in fanfics. One of my Nicktoons Unite projects involves the two mentioned earlier.
  7. LocalAquatic

    LocalAquatic's Art Grotto

  8. LocalAquatic

    What'cha Listening To?

    Bendy and the Ink Musical ft. MatPat - Random Encounters I do love MatPat as Bendy. Also, the actual music video for this is adorable!
  9. LocalAquatic

    LocalAquatic's Art Grotto

    Heh, thought I'd create an art topic for my work. I've been a little hesitant cuz I'm a nervy nelly, but I hope nobody minds! To start the thread off, here's a crossover piece of SpongeBob and Bendy and the Ink Machine I drew last night. I had a concept for this; Bendy has brought DoodleBob back to life with ink and wants SpongeBob's colors in order to survive amongst the 21st Century cartoons. I...admittedly don't play Bendy cuz the cutouts in the game creep me out a lot more than anything else...but...I absolutely love the lore in the game, so I'm always looking at what's going on in the game.
  10. LocalAquatic

    Plankton's Anecdote

    Did you come into contact with anyone while you were at the beach?
  11. LocalAquatic

    What'cha Listening To?

    Run The World (Girls) - Beyonce
  12. I'm all about the men of Marvel. Particularly Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth ❤️ (Also Nathan Kress and Leon Thomas III, both of whom I crushed in my early teens and the former is actually what got me into Twitter in the first place )
  13. LocalAquatic

    What'd ya last watch? (Movies)

    Finding Dory for the first time ever I cried and I didn't even expect to cry during the film, goddamn
  14. LocalAquatic

    Ask LocalAquatic

    Season 21 was pretty good; quite an improvement from the hit-and-miss Season 20. But there's still lots and lots of commentary on Trump's presidency and most of it flies by me unless I read about it because, of course, I'm not American.
  15. LocalAquatic

    Ask LocalAquatic

    I'm afraid not, sorry. ☹️ I'm finding it hard as it is to write for a South Park fic I started last week and I've barely finished the first part of it.
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