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  1. Ne-Yo - One In A Million Getting into some Ne-Yo songs cuz one of my close friends' Birthdays was yesterday and he's up North in uni and I kinda miss him so. (He got me back into Ne-Yo a couple months ago when he showed me his Spotify playlists and I love him for it lol)
  2. Winnie the Pooh has been a part of my life for my entire existence; I've grown up with the silly old bear and his similarly charming friends and everything related to them has a special place in my heart. It wasn't always obvious after I started going to school, but in the last year or two my interest has become increasingly apparent and it never actually dissipated. I've had the TV video cassettes, a cot, all the films (except the original featurette film until recently)...even some nice looking books of the original Winnie the Pooh. Don't quite know where they are but I'll definitely have to find them. My favorite characters have to be Pooh and Tigger. They've always stood out to me the most and I just adore them so much! I even have a Tigger hoodie that I love to wear, and it even got a person on my animation course to give me the nickname Tigger, so that's fun. My favorite movie is actually one that isn't featured on this list: Springtime with Roo For anyone who isn't aware of it, it's this Roo and Rabbit-centric movie that's essentially an Easter adaptation of Dickens A Christmas Carol - Tigger even references this fact when he begins taking on the role of the movie's equivalent Ghost of Christmas Past. I recently watched the movie again for the first time in literal years and fell in love with the songs and animation all over again; 2000's Pooh will always be my utmost favorite era of the franchise for all the movies that came out during it, as they are all rather whimsical in regards to the animation and Carly Simon is always a treasure (particularly with Piglet's Big Movie - With A Few Good Friends is my favorite WtP song).
  3. Let's see how lucky I can be with attempt number three!
  4. Just as the sea witch waits for the third day, I spend such an evening making my way Through the haunted hollows of these woods To try and capture the lingering spooks.
  5. Trick or Treat, SpongeBob! pets Gary who slithers beside SpongeBob You too, Gary!
  6. Heya, Beano! Long time no see! 😁 You doin' GCSEs then? What subjects did you take?
  7. A Boy And A Priest: The fact that this episode focused on Butters actually got me pretty hyped for the episode, and having watched it it's clear that, while it's a take on topical events, it's also the sequel (of sorts) to Red Hot Catholic Love, and Maxi's speech towards the end referencing that episode was great. The relationship between Butters and Maxi was also incredibly done, and I believe this to be completely unintentional on Matt and Trey's part. but it kind of gave me a surrogate father-son vibe which is perfectly in line with what's been established with Butters' character. This all said, the episode probably does end up going out of its way to use the word 'cum' as often as it can, but the "It's an 8 year old's Birthday party, of course it's cum!" line from the Auxilary is such a solid joke that had me laughing so much that I'll forgive the episode for this fact. (also considering it's Clyde's Birthday party, I have to ask...the boys are supposed to be 10 or roundabouts, right, since they're in the fourth grade? I assuming this is just an error on their part with what the time constraints they have but not that it takes anything away from the joke or anything). So, yeah, this episode was actually pretty solid in comparison to the premier. The ending was absolutely awesome and it was great to see some sort of within-season continuity via. Stan's arm. The Problem With A Poo: This episode, to me, was a bit of a mess, truth be told. I think the most major problem I had with the episode was the way it treated Mr. Hankey. And no, I don't mean within the events taking place i the episode itself - in that context, Hankey deserved everything that came to him based on everything he'd said - but rather the way Matt and Trey just decided to seemingly desecrate his character. I don't know about you guys, but I felt like Hankey was rather OOC this episode. I can buy the idea of him doing crazy shit like him taking Ambien and acting stupid, but he was needlessly cruel for no other reason than to serve the plot. I do love the end of the episode though; the Simpsons jab was everything and I'm proud of myself for already knowing without doing research as to what the context of the joke is. The B-plot, I personally thought had a lot more going for it, and I'm somewhat glad that they're not pretending Season 21 doesn't exist. The fact that they brought back the PCP/Strong Woman relationship of all Season 21 things was perhaps a good choice, and also one that certainly didn't wear its welcome in the S21 finale. Now, my inner South Park nerd would like to just take a tangent here to point out that Strong Woman has technically been pregnant for ten months, considering that Splatty Tomato - my reference point for when the PC babies where conceived if the episode's context is of any indication - aired last December. Anyway, the PC babies were the best part of the episode to me; I don't quite know what to make of the whole dynamic between Strong and PCP from here on out but I am hoping that the show does something more with this. I'd love to see the PC babies again and quite frankly they'd probably make a decent plot device if the show continues to delve into politics. And another thing...Mr. Hankey's departure from the show made me think of something: have we lost Mr. Garrison at this point? I mean, at this moment in time I have a hard time imagining a feasible way for the show to bring him back as just Mr. Garrison. I think I'd love it if the show found a way to do so because I really do miss the old Mr. Garrison; the one that got eaten up by the show's "necessity" to have a Trump stand-in for 2/3 seasons. And personally, I feel like this episode probably would have worked better if it was Garrison doing wrong as opposed to Mr. Hankey; Hankey is, in essence, an old favorite from seasonal South Park episodes. Garrison, on the other hand, is (was) a major character with a consistent presence and an established personality that had him acting controversial. As it stands, A Boy And A Priest is my favorite episode of the season, and The Problem With A Poo is my least favorite. Dead Kids probably sits bam smack in the middle of the two.
  8. Three t-shirts I need for a comic book project I'm working on, an Aladdin lamp tea pot, a set of Ariel 'Mermaid Hair' pajamas and a pink Cheshire Cat nightshirt, all from Primark. An Ursula bracelet from the Disney Store. And a black Mickey jumper from H&M.
  9. I love the feeling of knowing exactly what I want to do for a project; really having fun thinking of things to do for my comic assignment due next month.

  10. I don't know; I feel fine, but I also feel empty. Like I'm missing something in my life, and I think it stems from my longing to develop a romantic connection with a guy in the near future. I honestly thought it'd be easy for me to start afresh socially in that particular department once I came to university, but since I now live at home and commute, not much has honestly ended up changing. And yet, I am still happy with what I have and love all of my new friends dearly, and coursemates, too (who for the most part also pretty much commute like I do meaning that we're sorta similar in personalities and I actually love this fact). And I suppose going off of this, I'm a little scared of developing romantic crushes on guys that I know do not reciprocate that particular feeling, as I had done such during my sixth form years in two noteworthy instances. Sure, it's all harmless to only have a crush on someone and not act on it for everyone's sakes (including your own), but it only amplifies the feelings I've mentioned above, for me, so it's always a little conflicting.
  11. Ghosts from beyond, I have returned Your capture, it's true, I do still yearn So I cast my net, in hopes of a bite From one of you this dark frightful night!
  12. Oh, Squidward! Trick or treat! I hope you have some fine confectionary for me!
  13. Tried my hand at drawing a toony version of me yet again...letting the hair roam free!
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