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  1. It's been a while since I last did anything anniversary-related this year, and while I've definitely done SpongeBob's 20th, this crossover is meant to celebrate the first movie's 15th anniversary. It's also the 70th Anniversary of The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, which, I've admittedly never seen in my life, but I do know of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, so that gave me the idea for this crossover.
  2. Made a graphic for the Little Mermaid's 30th Anniversary two days ago, but then made different versions using some of my previous Ariel drawings. The drawing in the second iteration of the graphic was actually drawn for a bigger tribute to the movie I had in mind, but I wasn't happy with the second part of that piece so I then switched to making this graphic and kept the Ariel drawing I'd already colored. Posting these her on the 19th feels somewhat poetic...prior to Sunday (the 17th; TLM's actual anniversary date) I'd thought that it was the 19th, but my childhood best friend's Birthday is actually on the 19th and I've another friend with a Birthday two days after that so I tend to confuse the dates a lot, which, coming from someone in a family with a ton of August Birthdays, is surprising.
  3. Deadline: Hey everyone! Just want to establish that the deadline for submitting nominations will be Saturday, November 30th, at 7pm EST! If anyone else plans to submit nominations, please be sure to do so before that date. Thank you!
  4. Frisky - Tinie Tempah, Labrinth
  5. Originally I wanted to save doing her mermaid form for her actual Anniversary date given how close it is to the date itself, but I could not help myself at. All. I JUST HAD TO DO IT ASAP!!!! As you can tell this one got super-special treatment; colored outlines and a background. I really like how the outlines turned out, so I might do it for one of the mystery dresses coming up as well. (Not for all of the rest though, because this series does need some consistency in its style.)
  6. Seventh dress in the series (I forgot that one of the dresses I did before - the pink one - was modified by me in order to emulate another dress too!) and I'm dipping my toe into the sequel! This yellow dress worn by Ariel in the very beginning of the movie is a favorite of mine from that particular movie. I also tried two different ponytail variants on top of the one seen here but they didn't look that great. And this is what my Ariel Dress checklist looks like, for anyone interested in seeing what I have in store...
  7. Do Not Feed the Monkeys - it's very fun and I love the pixel graphics and the detective-esque element of the game. Kinda hard to simulate the main character's life whilst trying to figure things out though, but other than that, it's a great game.
  8. Ariel Dress #5...her sparkly purple one! This one's very pretty and shiny in the movie which is what I quite like about it. Two versions here, because I wanted to try my hand at a background - like, an actual background - with this particular dress of hers. This scene from the movie is one of my favorites and it only makes sense I make an effort. I'm pretty proud of how it turned out too.
  9. Howdy, everyone! It’s that time of year again! No, put those turkeys and Christmas trees away. It’s time for the Golden Community Awards! And this mermaid is taking a break from collecting thingamabobs and whatchamacallits to host this year! And yes, everything’s getting dipped in gold this year! Golden logo, golden awards…all of it! Except for people. Every aspiring hoarder has his limits! I’m sure you’re all looking forward to it, so let’s go! Just like a mermaid needs legs to explore the human world, this show can’t start without nominating some people for the awards! But first, let’s go over the rules: 1) Don’t nominate yourself. After all, we are a community! As you can see, I've already put the “Golden” in Golden Community Awards, and when we start nominating we’re putting the “Community” in there too! 2) You may nominate between 2 to 5 choices for the Member and Spin-Off-Literature categories, and can only nominate 2 categories for the Hall of Fame categories. 3) You’re most welcome to skip any of the three sections if you’re not able to nominate anything for their respective categories…but please do try to at least nominate for one category! 4) If you really don’t know who or what to nominate for a particular category in a section, you are most welcome to skip that category. However, don’t do this for every category otherwise you may as well just skip the section, yeah? 5) Don’t copy/paste other members’ nomination lists. I’m sure you may have similar choices as others but down to the T? In the words of a Hatter, let’s not be silly! 6) Don’t get upset if you aren’t nominated in this topic. There’s always next year! Now go forth and nominate! (All sections are the same as previous GCAs. However, we’ve made some modifications to the category lists. For Members, “Most Serious Member” and “Smartest Member” have merged with “Maturest Member” which is now called “Most Mature Member”, and “Most Unique Username” and “Most Missed Member” have been cut. For Spin-Offs & Literature, “Best Minor Character”, “Most Creative”, “Most Well-Written” and “Most Dedicated Writer” have been cut.) CATEGORIES: Remember...for the Spin-Off & Literature and Member categories to need to nominate between 2 to 5 choices, whilst for the Hall of Fame you can only nominate 2 choices. If you're not sure on the past Hall of Fame winners, do be sure to check the category spoiler and/or jjs' Signature. There is no deadline...yet. But be sure to submit you nominations as soon as you possibly can! If you're unsure as to what any of the categories mean, then do be sure to ask! The prizes will be revealed at a later date... Now go forth and nominate!!!
  10. I've had my Dream Daddy background on for like half a year and can't remember the last time Ariel was on my desktop and that changes today.
  11. I mostly watched this episode cuz I thought the writers were off their meds but to my surprise, I actually loved this episode...? Probably one of my favorites of the season. "Don't worry son! Daddy is coming!" - hearing Plankton genuinely care for a child is so out there and unbelieveably wholesome I actually laughed at the absurdity before it hit me that he cared and then I smiled. Like sweet jesus, this is so adorable.
  12. Chapter IV – Jellyfish Fields – Part 2 Mermaidman: *is in Jellyfish Fields because…why the fuck not* SpongeBob: Ohmyfreakingawwwwd it’s Mermaidmaaaaaaaaaaan! Mermaidman: Shut up, you’ve seen me countless times in the show so you have no right to act like that. SpongeBob: Okay fine, but seriously, what the hell are you doing here? Mermaidman: Uh… SpongeBob: … Mermaidman: … SpongeBob: …goddammit I hate old people. Mermaidman: Wait! I’ve got it! Your fr- SpongeBob: The game camera just panned to Patrick stuck on an island and obviously I was somehow able to see that too so I’m just gonna go do the thing then. Mermaidman: Nope, that wasn’t it. You need to massage my feet. Bitch. SpongeBob: What is this, a porno? Fuck off. Mermaidman: You can’t escape this dialogue unless you do it. SpongeBob: …well shit. Mermaidman’s feet: Hahahahahahaha! Patrick: IMMA JUST START SCREAMING OVER HERE AND HOPE SPONGEBOB WILL HEAR ME BECAUSE VIDEOGAME LOGIC BE LIKE THAT, YO! SpongeBob: There, now sod off, your feet are whack and I loathe you with every inch of my being. Mermaidman: But wait, you haven’t even gotten to my d- SpongeBob: IGNORING KTHX! Sign: Hey you can slide down this you know. SpongeBob: No duh. Sign: But…you will need to use your tongue. SpongeBob: Welp…still sounds like a better deal than what I just went through. *gets out his inexplicably long tongue* Mermaidman: Damn, that could do wonders on- SpongeBob: I swear to god I will hit you. *fucks off down the hill* Groovy battle music that’s honestly pretty awesome: TIME TO FIGHT! SpongeBob: Yeah, like this is an actual fight. *opts to ignore all the robots and hits all the buttons across the three islands because why even bother with riff raff* Fodder: You insult us. SpongeBob: Feeling’s mutual. Patrick: MY HERO! SpongeBob: I mean…now that I see you you’re literally out of harm’s way. Patrick: What’s your point? SpongeBob: Uh…can I just have the thing, please? Patrick: Sure. *farts out a golden spatula* Spatula Obtained: Patrick Is A Pussy…Save His Ass Patrick: Wanna fight me? SpongeBob: Hey, cool, you got it for me! So long! *yeets the fuck out of the map…somehow* Patrick: Oh, goddammit. I just had the right fantasy to mas- Aquatic Konquest: HEYYYYYYY I remember something in the previous bit that might be worth our time! Patrick: No I am not going back there. Aquatic Konquest: Like you have a choice. Patrick: Touche. *is forced to backtrack to first section through the teleportation box* Mermaidman: Young man, have you come to rub my feet? Your little boyfriend didn’t finish what he started. Patrick: Ignoring kthx. Mermaidman: DAMN YOU YOUNG PEOPLE! LISTEN TO ME! Patrick: Great, now I’m back where SpongeBob ditched Squidward. What do you want? Sock in the water: YOO-HOO! Patrick: Oh, right. Freezy Fruit: Throw me, daddy! Patrick: *throws the fruit* Let it go….let it go… Squidward: If you sing that I will personally murder you. Sock: Yay! I’m being rescued! Patrick: Coolbeans, now can I get back on track? - Patrick: *has returned to where SpongeBob left him* Sign: Heya! Patrick: Oh, no, not you. Sign: Yeah, yeah, save your bullshit. I just wanted to tell you how you have these super cool throwing abilities. Patrick: That…is pretty cool, actually. Now please explain cuz I’m dumb. Sign: So you have this special infinite supply of watermelons that you can throw places to do whatever the game needs you to. Also you can throw tikis around but they won’t last once you throw them. Make it count anyway. Patrick: Hardly a problem. I doubt I’m gonna need to throw tikis around anyway. Sign: Oh, and the fruit only lasts for a couple seconds before it goes all mushy and shit so you need to use the very few brain cells you have to figure out what the hell you need to do before you realize you done fucked up an opportunity. Patrick: And there’s the catch. *solves the first puzzle* Sign: Well done you! Now this is a bus stop. The placement of these things is purely convenient for gameplay but you can switch between yourself and SpongeBob. SpongeBob: Bring me back and I swear I’ll kick you, Patrick. Sign: Ignore him, he’s just bitter that his ass is fucking useless for quite a while to go now. Now git. Patrick: Okay, cool. *does the things and comes across a see-sa-I mean, teeter totter* What is that? Sign: See the fruit? See the target on the end? Figure it out for yourself now, dick. Patrick: And all good alliances shall come to an end. Sign: Bitch I’ll be back. Patrick: Also I just realized you insulted me a few lines back but whatever I’m out of here. *yeets the fuck away into another part of the level* Ow, my ass. Thunder Tiki: FUCKING THUNDER THIGHS! WATCH WHERE YOU LAND THAT MONSTER! Patrick: Oh, yeah, what’re you going to do about it? Thunder Tiki: Observe. *explodes in Patrick’s face* Patrick: Well, shit. Wish I knew you did that. Sign: Am I a joke to you? Patrick: Is that a trick question? Sign: Aww…you gonna hit me? Throw one of those tikis at me? Patrick: Aw, hell yeah, thanks for the tip. Plankton: HEY! I’M RIGHT HERE! STOP HARASSING THAT BITCH-ASS SIGN AND COME TALK TO ME GODDAMMIT! Patrick: *is stupid and blind…but mostly stupid* Plankton: …I am not even that small in comparison to the rock I’m standing on, you dumb lummox! Patrick: What’s a lummox? Plankton: Doesn’t matter; kids playing this won’t understand what it means anyway. Patrick: What are you doing on a rock anyway? You’re pretty obvious to spot and you’re normally on the ground anyway. Plankton: Kids are dumb. Patrick: You’re dumb. Plankton: Up yours. Patrick: Now that I’m allowed to acknowledge your presence what the hell are you doing here? Plankton: Honestly…I have no idea. I was going to beat the shit out of you after airing me just a while ago but since the game has a small variety of secondary characters to appear in levels I guess I’m here to help you or some shit. Patrick: No thanks, I’m not interested. Plankton: Just go in that fucking cave over there and learn some shit so we can progress through this level, yeah? Patrick: Do I have to listen to the signs? Plankton: Yes. Patrick: UUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Signs: Well, fuck you too. Plankton: There’s a Golden Spatula in it for you and I’ll let you live. Patrick: Honestly I think I’d much rather die than put up with another godforsaken tutorial. Plankton: I hear ya. Now fuck off. Patrick: *fucks off* Button: *is on the ground* Patrick: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Sign: Use your head. Christ sakes… Patrick: *jumps and does a head slam into the button, which…works…huh* Sign: That’s a way of approaching it, I guess. Patrick: Your literally just said I should use my head. Sign: …jesus you are dumb. Patrick: Yeppers! *goes into the cave* Cave: *is relatively easy to go through* Patrick: Yeah, but fuck the throw fruit for platforming in this game. Golden Spatula at the end of the cave: Coo-ey! Up hereeeeee! Patrick: Ooh, shiny. *makes his way through the easy-to-fuck-over enemies and Duplicatotronsto get the Spatula* Spatula Obtained: You May Be Stupid But You Made Your Way Through A Cave Patrick: Shut up you. *leaves the cave* - Coming up next: The jellyfish voyeurism we'll all been waiting for! The end of the first level is almost upon us!
  13. New Original Character time! Yay! This guy's name is Kasin. The name is of Hindu origin (apparently) and meanings related to the concept of purity and appearing like a conqueror. The name choice is meant to be a bit of an ironic one since he's a bit of a devious fellow. Not necessarily evil or malicious but far from being an angelic individual. However, he's a prince of an underwater kingdom with eyes on a young merman he met whilst travelling across the seas on royal business (an already established character of mine). As a Cecaelia though, he's considerably bigger than the merfolk (say 3-4 times) which means it is very hard for him to persue the merman undercover. Originally I did this just for a class I thought I needed to do it for, but then the lecturer was like fuck it all and I never got to use this so I decided to give him a name and a story so he wasn't a waste of time. I quite like him.
  14. Two more for the Ariel Dresses series, both doodled on Friday and colored simultaneously only a while ago. No variants for these two. It was tempting to try a whiter dress for the Wedding dress, but since I used a shade inbetween cream and white for the main dress when coloring it in anyway I just stuck with it.
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