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  1. She's So Lovely - Scouting For Girls
  2. The Mistress of All Evil made made her way into the line-up! And yes, she's a happy gal because she was invited! Figuring out how to draw Maleficent is all kinds of confusion...but coloring her was great and unlike most of the others in the series she's got a colored outline for a majority of her body (or robes, rather, I guess XD). Aaaaaaaand this darling post I've put on Instagram and Twitter but am so happy with I can't resist sharing it again!
  3. 2 shades of Matte Lipstick; one's called Cherry, and the other Ruby. They're both red shades. A H&M x Pride Mesh T-Shirt A H&M x Pride Long-Sleeve Top
  4. So as it turns out...level chapters are gonna be long as hell to write, and I'm probably barely halfway through Jellyfish Fields and I'd like to be able to upload some progress sooooo...I may as well upload each level in this parody in three parts. The splits will most likely correspond with entering new zones, although I might alter this principle in the future (looking at you, Sand Mountain). This might also help balance the word count between chapters a little more. - Chapter III – Jellyfish Fields - Part 1 French Narrator: Jellyfish Fields. Basically green, green, purple, and even more green and purple. Very bright world. Squidward: *is running away* Fodder: Come back! I just want a kiss! Kissy kissy kissy! Squidward: Oh my god, I’m so close to the end of the level I-! Jellyfish: Surprise, bitch! Squidward: Welp, fuck. *is catapulted into the air as he’s stung in the ass* Fodder: Fine, screw you, then! SpongeBob: *finally arrives* This whole taxi thing seems kinda stupid, now that I think about it. I mean literally every single place I’m gonna have to go to in this game is on my doorstep. Squidward: I AM SCREAMING IN PAIN COME AND TALK TO ME! SpongeBob: I honestly don’t have a choice, the game literally cut to this dialogue. Also, where did your bandages come from and why the hell couldn’t the devs give me pajamas if they can modify your appearance? Squidward: Because they clearly know the fans like me more, so hush yourself. AND NOW BACK TO SCREAMING IN AGONY BECAUSE CLEARLY I AM IN PAIN AND NOT JUST EMOTIONALLY THIS TIME! SpongeBob: Oh yeah, how you doing? Squidward: About goddamn time you asked, and what the hell do you think? Do I LOOK okay to you?!? SpongeBob: I mean, you were always ugly, so is that a trick question? Squidward: … SpongeBob: Er, I mean….you look great! Yeah…you uh…you’re glowing…right? Squidward: Do I look like I’m pregnant to you? SpongeBob: Given the situation I caught you in earlier, is that a- Squidward: OH MY GOD, STOP TALKING! SpongeBob: Hey, I conveniently know something that could potentially cheer you up! Squidward: Well, I’m all ears! SpongeBob: King Jellyfish Jelly! Squidward: The stuff you eat also cures stings? SpongeBob: Yeah. Cool, right? Squidward: Seems like plot convenience to me. SpongeBob: Do you want the shit or not? Squidward: …well, that means you could potentially die on Spork Mountain so please go off on your quest while I thrive in your absence while also screaming in pain! SpongeBob: (actual dialogue, and in that totally different voice for absolutely no fucking reason) You do that! Don’t worry, Squidward! I’ll bring back that King Jellyfish jelly for you to rub all over yourself! Squidward: Uh, is that a joke about- SpongeBob: No. *proceeds to bugger off to go do the thing* Sign: Yoo hoo! SpongeBob: Oh god, please, no… Sign: Welp, you’ve already come close to me, so I guess I get to tell you shit! Yay! Anyway this is goo and you can’t swim in this. SpongeBob: Good to know. Sign: How sad. Maybe you should learn to fucking swim. Pussy. SpongeBob: I knew I was right to hate you. Box: *exists* SpongeBob: OOH, REFERENCE TO THE SHOW! ME WANT-Y! Box: Ha, find the other box in this part of the level and then you can use us to teleport! SpongeBob: Ugh, effort. Sign: You know I could’ve told him that. Box: Shut up, no one cares what you think. SpongeBob: Yeah, you tell the bitch! Anyways, I better get on with the thing. Clamshell: Pay me money, sucka! SpongeBob: What the hell for? Clamshell: Uh…are you blind? Do you want to cross this bridge to do the level or not? SpongeBob: Joke’s on you cuz I see another route behind me! Clamshell: *says nothing because it’s not stupid and is getting a sadistic boner for what’s yet to come* SpongeBob: Haha, what a loser, I can’t believe it actually didn’t put up a fight, the coward. Path: *ends* Sock: Hiya! SpongeBob: …well, fuck. Sock: Take me! Take me! SpongeBob: … *takes the sock anyway* …I still don’t want to do this but I guess I might have to compensate for shit down the road so I guess I must… Clamshell: Back again, I see? SpongeBob: Not another word. Here’s the dough, now let me pass. Clamshell: Can do! *does nothing* SpongeBob: … Clamshell: … SpongeBob: … Clamshell: … SpongeBob: Uh, aren’t you going to do something? Clamshell: Nope! Plane: *flies over SpongeBob and drops planks that coincidentally complete the bridge* Clamshell: There you go! SpongeBob: Are you telling me you had me pay for a fucking ex machina? Clamshell: Yyyyyyyyeppers! What’re ya gonna do about it, bee-yatch? SpongeBob: *doesn’t bother to counter and sods off across the bridge* Checkpoint: Peek-a-boo! SpongeBob: Ugh, there’s no way in hell I’m going to need these ev-er. Checkpoint: Unless you’re dumb-ass finds itself in the goo. SpongeBob: Yeah, but this is a parody, so good luck trying to justify your existence. Checkpoint: Uh…oh, goddamn you. SpongeBob: Exactly. Now to explore this side of the bridge! *explores this side of the bridge and basically does all of the shit possible* Cannon: *exists and shoots pufferfish for some reason* Random Pufferfish #384: HASHTAG PUFFERFISH LIVES MATTER! SpongeBob: Is this supposed to be challenging? Like, there are obvious safe spaces on some of these ledges I don’t see how- Random Pufferfish #386: HASHTAG PUFFERFISH LIVES MATTER! SpongeBob: I wonder if I can- *hits the cannon* Yay! It worked! Gary: Meow. (“Oh, for fuck’s sake!”) SpongeBob: Cool it, Carol, now what the hell do you want? Gary: Meow. (“To jump off that cliff, hopefully.”) SpongeBob: What cli- Cliff: Do I even need to say it? Bungee Hook: *randomly drops down and shows itself* HIYA! SpongeBob: Ooooooh, a bungee jump! That is so fucking awesome! Gary: Meow. (“Yeah, wait til the Movie Game where there’s obstacles. See how you like it then.”) SpongeBob: WHEEEEEEEE! *does the bungee jump thing* Golden Spatula: *literally obtained within the first dive* Spatula Obtained: Congrats…You Can Dive. #1 SpongeBob: …well that was uneventful. Gary: Meow. (“Yeah, that’s great, now fuck off. Tootles!”) SpongeBob: *fucks off up to the greenery on the higher level* Ham-mer: *is content with bashing a guy in the head* Fish: OW! OW! OW! OW! SpongeBob: Alrighty then…I guess it’s Ham-mering time! Ham-mer: … Fish: … SpongeBob: … Ham-mer: …I beg you to just close your mouth. Fish: I will pay you to shut up. SpongeBob: Oh, I hate you both, that was a solid joke. Ham-mer: Bitch who’s laughing? SpongeBob: *defeats the Ham-mer in one move* Fish: …here’s 20 dollars. SpongeBob: Dollars are useless to me so no thanks, I’m just gonna ignore you now. *goes on down the path* Bowling Pins: *exist* SpongeBob: Seems kinda random, but I’m down. Sign: Hey… SpongeBob: … Sign: Hey…SpongeBob… SpongeBob: … Sign: Oi…guess what... SpongeBob: FOR GOD’S SAKE! I’M PAYING ATTENTION! Sign: Yo, you need the Bubble Bowl in order to do this cool thing. And uh…you don’t have that. SpongeBob: And your point is? Sign: Bye bye, now! SpongeBob: Jesus H. Christ… *ignores the sign and keeps going doing all the shit possible* Duplicatotron 1000: Heya! SpongeBob: Hey. So what do you do? Duplicatotron 1000: I’m an enemy spawner that’s pretty easy to destroy so I doubt you’ll get annoyed with me! SpongeBob: Yeah, that sounds legit. Duplicatotron 1000: *spawns a Fodder and a Ham-mer* SpongeBob: Oh boy…as if I didn’t get the impression already… *destroys the machine* Fodder and Ham-mer: What about us? SpongeBob: Oh, please. Like either of you were in my way when I went to destroy the thing, but if you insist… *destroys the consenting robots because of course they insisted so it’s not malicious* And so with the button pushed I’m finally able to get the thing. Yay. Spatula Obtained: One Area of Jellyfish Fields Explored…Good For You? SpongeBob: Screw you, I’ve had to endure a lot of bullshit in this one part alone to get to you. Signs, Checkpoints, Squidward, Random Pufferfish #godknowshowmany, Ham-mers, Fodders: EXCUSE YOU??? SpongeBob: Did I stutter? Didn’t think so. - Coming up in Part 2...no jellyfish voyeurism yet, but a creepy old man and the dimwitted best friend await!
  5. My right arm feels kinda sore from when some friends and I went bowling on Thursday. Kinda sucks how the pain's only been around since this morning and yet didn't hurt at all for the rest of the day I actually used but ho hum, I guess that's how it works.
  6. Definitely making a series of this now, and my third entry is none other than my favorite DV, Ursula! Aaaaaaaaah this was so much fun to draw!
  7. Honestly, I think the remake looks rather nice from what the trailer shows of it so far. And the fact that they're using real dogs for filming is a huge step-up from having it just be a CG-fest. Sure, it's obvious when they're using it for the characters when they're evidently talking on screen, but for the most part is true to the concept of a live-action remake which is far more than what a majority of Disney's remakes can claim to be. The eyes are a wee bit unsettling but that's a relatively minor issue I have that probably won't affect much at the end of the day. Probably won't even end up seeing this because Lady and the Tramp honestly never appealed to me as a kid. And also I need Disney+. Damn.
  8. Happy Birthday, @imagoofygoober2004! Have a good one, young goober!
  9. If she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will! Been thinking about making a mini-series of Chibi Disney Villains since drawing the Evil Queen, so here's another entry for it in anticipation: Cruella! Don't think I've seen 101 Dalmations in its entirety but Cruella as a character has always stuck with me. Probably helps she's also iconic as a primary Disney Villains member.
  10. Happy Birthday, @Coffee_lover! Have a good one!
  11. London Boy - Taylor Swift You know I'm loving London Boy....
  12. Happy Birthday, @scarypants! Have a good one, mate!
  13. A mashup of You Need To Calm Down, Sunflower and Paper Planes that...surprisingly works and is the best thing I've heard in a while.
  14. I can't believe SBC is 10 years old...just goes to show how wonderful the community is! I don't even think I could perfectly go on to say how much the community means to me - and believe me, I've been thinking about what I would say for quite a while - but I'd like to try now and compile my thoughts the best I can. I've only been a member of the site since 2017, practically the tail-end of the site's first decade, and even then I wasn't a truly active member around these parts until 2018. As much as I love - or have loved - the sponge this forum adores so, my reasoning for being active around these parts recently is instead due to the wonderful community this site has and how close everyone is with one another. Being a member on SBC, I've come across so many wonderful people with various personalities, each one charming in their own unique way. And it's been a reason why I've felt so attached to this place.The feeling of a tight-knit community with open, loving arms is there and it is due to such solidarity the site has managed to thrive in it way it has and, for me personally, has been one of the reasons I've always loved it here since becoming more active. I definitely feel like my life wouldn't be the same without this community and all the wonderful people it has introduced me to. I love you all! The fact that a forum dedicated to a cartoon starring an anthropomorphic sponge has thrived for a decade goes to show that it's not just about SpongeBob that keeps us together, but it's also about the community. A community that shows an undying love for the show it was created in dedication to. A community that continues to provide us with a platform to connect with others that lead to blossoming, long-term online friendships. So here's 10 years of the SpongeBob Community. A community, with the effort and passion of both the staff and member alike, that has, does, and will continue to stick together through thick and thin, and I couldn't be any more grateful and honored to be a part of that world. No I toootally did not intend on ending with a Little Mermaid reference shush your face.
  15. I'm obsessed with the Evil Queen atm, so I wanted to draw her.
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