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  1. I love the shading on the Buisel and Oshawott drawings, and the backgrounds are really cool, too!
  2. Neither eps made my list, because I don't think quite much of them aside from being fun to watch. Plankton's Army is the one I'd personally prefer between it and One Krab's Trash because I love all the Sheldon gags. Also, Plankton episodes are quite fun in that they manage to find a way for us to try and sympathize with the show's key antagonist and you can with Plankton's Army.
  3. Little Mermaid inspired Eau de Parfum (which goes with - and smells like - the Little Mermaid Body Mist I bought the other week) A camouflage vest (US: tank top) with Los Angeles written across the chest. A Disney Necklace which has the words Be Yourself with a Mickey Heart between them. Two SpongeBob Mystery Plush Key Rings (I got Adorable SpongeBob and Patrick) Alex in Wonderland by Simon James Green. 2 Spider-Man tops where you lift the front of the shirt over your head to reveal the body and a mask on the other side. A Captain America version of the above Spider-Man top. An Alice in Wonderland Pen. A Winnie the Pooh Keyring. Aaaaaaaand, on eBay, an Ariel pin that's the letter A in the style of Ariel. Looking forward to that coming in the mail!
  4. The idea hit me in the wee hours of the morning and so I was inclined to do it. Noticed a couple of issues in the version I'd exported when I'd finished it so I just went back to correct those and I also added the flowers because it wouldn't be the SpongeBob logo without a flower somewhere.
  5. Patty Hype: I...don't really have much to say about this one. I like it, but it doesn't really have much going for me. Nice to see it made the list, I suppose. It's A SpongeBob Christmas: So I managed to contribute to making this episode a part of this list for the first time ever, and this was my #1 so...yay! A lot of the appeal of the episode for me is the fact that it's in stop-motion, even the Patchy sub-plot which is cute and it doesn't wear out its welcome for me unlike other Patchy appearances in specials. I love the songs - Don't Be A Jerk...It's Christmas - most notably. And also this ep very much falls into the "I'm a sucker for specials" territory that influenced a lot of my own list. I prefer this Christmas episode to Christmas Who mostly because I found the plot more intriguing than the last one - and I love the five-o-clock shadow thing the Jerks seem to get with the Jerktonium, and just out of personal preference making it one I'd favor rewatching. It's an absolute darling of an episode in my eyes and the only special with one perhaps competing for its spot having finally seen it with a place in my heart.
  6. Thought I'd keep at having fun with logo designs and tried my hand at a neon sign text effect. I had such blatant disregard for the tutorial and managed to animate it myself - because it wouldn't truly be a sign if it didn't flash on and off! - so I'm happy that it turned out as well as it did. I don't know what to even use this with because the background helps make it work and I'll never want to use such a background for a signature...I'll find a way.
  7. A request from a new friend of mine who wanted me to draw Weiss from RWBY. He's interested in crossdressing as her for Comic-Con in October, and I'm looking forward to seeing him there! Since I don't watch anime but have drawn anime characters for people in the past and also because I really like him I happily complied and this was the result. I'm eventually going to color this, but I'm saving that for him. I have another request of his I'm got to think about before I get on with it and then I should be back on my Dream Daddy profile adventure.
  8. One of these bad boys in raspberry. I got five over the weekend and am already halfway through 'em. They're technically drinks in spite of the fact that you can't outright pour it in your mouth. Odd.
  9. Unapologetic Bitch - Madonna
  10. CRAIIIIIIIG! Technically finished the coloring last night, but I decided to add some shading here and there to make him stand out a little more. I'm soooo happy with how he turned out, especially his head shape and hairstyle, since I've been trying to draw him for months but they've always held me back.
  11. A profile of Mat from Dream Daddy, because of course I had to start drawing my favorite LIs at some point. Colored using the exact same process I used for Amanda, but the difference here was that I knew what I was doing so I loved it.
  12. Happy Birthday @Klu, and welcome to the wonderful world of adulthood! Hope ya have a good day today!
  13. Jenny From The Block (w/o Rap Version) - Jennifer Lopez
  14. Been hella bored today, so I've just been making more logos for myself for potential signatures and what have you. One inspired by the Little Mermaid logo. My favorite of the ones I've made today. I'm a sucker for red and gold. It's so shiny! Something cute and colorful. I'll probably end up using this for basic sigs I make for myself in the future.
  15. sticks a flashlight in your eyes and grabs a megaphone CAN YA HEAR ME NOW???
Doubloons: $21,487

Yellow 1
Free Toy Free toys for everyone!1
Ragboy Fresh from the trash!1
SBC Music Hat An exclusive hat for your iFish character to celebrate SBC Music 2.0's release!1
Not Dead Ted's Shirt 1
Sky 1
Squidward Soccer Given to whoever completed the Soccer Ball Hunt at Sponge Cup.1
Indie Soccer Shirt 1
Soccer Ball 1
White 1
Ocean 1
ChefBob Puppet Terrible at cooking. Excellent at roasting!1
Sponge Popsicle 1
Buccaneer Outfit 1
Pirate Hook 1
Captain's Hat 1
Pink 1
Eyepatch 1
Pearl Frankenstein Bride Given to whoever completed the Candy Hunt during Octerror Fest 2018.1
Candy Collectable Given to whoever won it from the Trick or Treating minigame.1
Ugly Xmas Sweater - SpongeBob 1
Ugly Xmas Sweater - Presents 1
Jingle Bell Hat 1
Red Nose 1
Bauble Eyes Shopping, decorating and plenty of beauty!1
Santa Pants 1
Blue Mittens 1
Santa Boots 1
Red Scarf 1
Snowball Given to whoever won it from Snowball Throw at Snowcember Ball 2018.1
Gingerbread Man Given to whoever completed the Present Hunt at Snowcember Ball 2018.1
Blue Swim Trunks 1
Orange Hoodie 1
Ring Master Hat 1
Snail - Christmas 1
Jellyfish 1
Rocky 1
Patricia Face 1
Plank Never enter a hat store again!1
Patricia Skirt 1
Patricia Hair 1
Patricia Top 1
Ice Cream Cone 1
Lollipop 1
Popcorn 1
Starlet Hair 1
Starlet Dress 1
Starlet Pearl Earrings 1
Starlet Pearl Necklace 1
Film Script 1
Will Smith Autograph Given to whoever won it from the Movie Makers minigame.1
Flower SpongeBob Given to whoever completed the Flower Hunt during March Madness 2019.1
Thanos Gauntlet An exclusive item given out during the reign of King WhoBob.1
Thanos The hardest choices require the strongest will!1
Thanos Helmet 1
Thanos Legs 1
Thanos Shirt 1
Clarinet 1
Squidward Shirt 1
Squidward Neck Meh.1
Soap Pants 2
Pride Flag To show off your pride!1
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