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  1. this episode is guest written by rdsp episode 3 splitting mythix [opens to mythix doing chores] mythix: i have a lot to do and theres a lot i want to do at the same time [shows a Palpitoad that OBAB catches and checks the IVs to, it turning out to have 93% IVs] OBAB: WOAH! Hey guys look at this! mythix: arrgh i cant take not being able to do everything at once! ok, now im going to think about what im gonna do from here [cuts to copy room in SBC's offices] mythix: ok just gotta set this copier to copy me the right way and well be good to go [mythix sets copier to create three copies of himself] mythix: ok now to just get in [mythix climbs onto the copier as it clones him. the three clones exit the copier] mythix: there we go, ill name you mythix 2 mythix 2: Pleasure to meet you. mythix: youre mythix 3 mythix 3: who are you talkin to mythix: and youre mythix 4 mythix 4: gah i hate winx club mythix: oh no these clones are different from me well i hope they wont cause too much trouble [the next day mythix 2 is seen sweeping the halls of SBC and jjs walks up to him] jjs: how's it going with the chores mythix mythix 2: Why, it is very intriguing how there are so many peanut shells outside of Ol' Bold and Brash's quarters! But he claims to be disgusted by peanuts! Has he been concealing the truth from all of us all this time? jjs: uh mythix you ok buddy mythix 2: Why, most assuredly. I have just been working here doing those chores you asked me to do, is all. jjs: sure, I'll pencil in some counseling sessions if you need them [cut to mythix 3 talking to users] Honest Slug: Don't you get it, ToS is a very bad episode mythix 3: how dare you say tos is a bad episode grr argh rage anger despair now face the wrath of the winx Honest Slug: wow this is getting out of hand Prez: calm down its just an episode of Spongebob lol mythix 3: i cant calm down now im gonna summon the winx club to fix your opinions Prez and Honest Slug: gulp [cut to OBAB and mythix 4 talking in the SBC courtyard] OBAB: I've noticed you haven't said anything about Winx Club today mythix 4: thats because i hate winx club OBAB: Wait you hate Winx Club now? o_O mythix 4: i always have didnt you notice OBAB: mythix you've been acting strange all day mythix 4: strange? how OBAB: Well, I dunno, I guess you aren't yourself? mythix 4: i gotta get going OBAB: Wait let me turn the tv on [OBAB turns TV on and it shows Paw Patrol] OBAB: Hey look its Paw Patrol mythix 4: ew OBAB: You hate Paw Patrol now too? o_O mythix 4: i really gotta go, see ya later OBAB: [stares off into space] What is going on... [cut back to mythix's room, where mythix is relaxing] mythix: today has been a very good day now that i can make my clones do my chores for me [a knock is heard at the door. Enter mythix 4] mythix: hi mythix 4 how are you today mythix 4: [points at Winx Club posters on wall] ew why would you put this trash up in here mythix: hey i love winx club :fred: mythix 4: well i dont [another knock is heard. Enter mythix 3] mythix 3: did i hear someone saying bad things about winx club mythix 4: you heard me mythix 3: why do you hate that great show now im gonna summon the winx to teach you a lesson mythix 4: then ill get the ones from world of winx mythix 3: screw you world of winx sucks mythix 4: its quality entertainment mythix 3: get the hell out of here with your insults mythix 4: how about you [they fight, as another knock is heard. Enter mythix 2] mythix 2: Ah, fighting over a television show, I see? How immature. mythix 3: whats it to ya mythix 4: yeah were just trying to settle a dispute mythix 2: Well, I do believe your grammar requires improvement. mythix 3: in what way mythix 2: Well, you should start using capitalization. And stop ending your sentences without punctuation. It is hideous. mythix 3: shut up grammer nazi mythix 2: Hah, you cannot even spell or say "grammar" right! You two need to try harder! mythix 4: well show you brainiac [all 3 of them get into a fight] mythix: i must take evasive action [mythix jumps out the window into the courtyard, where OBAB is standing] OBAB: Hey mythix, were you serious earlier when you said you hated Winx Club and Paw Patrol mythix: i never said that OBAB: But you just- mythix: ok ill tell you what happened OBAB: Go on mythix: you see last night i cloned myself with the copier in the office due to missing that palpitoad and now my clones are on the loose because they have different personalities OBAB: I see. We should warn everybody before they cause too much damage mythix: i agree [they go back over towards mythix's room, where the clones are still fighting] OBAB: Calm down mythix clones mythix 3: why should we OBAB: Don't make me use thicc mythix: no thicc OBAB: MR KRABS mythix 3: NO OBAB: IS ONE- mythix 4: STOP mythix 2: I will put an end to this! [uses ray gun on OBAB, splitting him into two different OBABs] OBAB 1: Hi OBAB 2: Hi mythix 2: Oh no, there seems to be an error. I have unintentionally created two identical Ol' Bold and Brashes! This is my worst blunder yet! mythix 3: oh no theres two now mythix 4: what are we gonna do OBAB 1: THICC OBAB 2: SWOLE ACTORS all 4 mythixs: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO [just as that happens, jjs busts down the door] jjs: what is going on in here mythix: um i can explain [jjs notices that there are 4 mythixes and 2 OBABs] jjs: what the hell is this mythix: what mythix 2: do mythix 3: you mythix 4: think OBAB 1: this OBAB 2: is? jjs: [rubs eyes] am I seeing things mythix: no its real jjs: well then, tell me, how the fuck did this happen mythix: well i used the copier because i wanted to do more things than just chores around here and it made a few clones but their not like me and its all a mess jjs: well, why are there two OBABs mythix: long story short mythix 2 cloned him on accident jjs: I'll let you off with a warning but know this: never, and I mean never, use the copier to clone yourself again ok? mythix: i promise jjs: now let's figure out how to fix this problem mythix: hm i know jjs: what mythix: you know how i went through the copier to copy myself well what if i went through it backwards jjs: intriguing, try it out [in the office, the 4 mythixes and the two OBABs go through the part of the copier where the copies came through and they're back to normal] jjs: I can't believe that worked OBAB: Woah, what happened... mythix: its a long story and i dont think you want to know jjs: just remember this: do not do that again, ok? mythix: ok [Prez and Honest Slug enter] Prez: Gee, I'm bored. Hey Honest why don't we clone ourselves? Honest Slug: why not mythix and jjs: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO [they jump into the copier and copies fill the office all the ways] [the end] (Episode 4 the pokemon community coming next friday)
  2. yesterday i got a shiny gothita in black 2

  3. Mythix wants to celebrate the 15th anniversery of winx club starting a party where everyone is invited but two members of the wizards of the black circle try to ruin everything Episode 2 Winx Club’s 15th Birthday (on sbc) Jjs:why are we using scripts and non caps again mythix:probably because i am bad at not using those obab:Thicc thicc thicc thicc is better than Winx club and paw patrol combined Jjs and mythix:Here we go again said obab:Their actors (Winter and Slug post Sonic’s feet) obab:AAAHHHH (Obab runs away) Jjs:wait we were really gonna do that scene this episode mythix:yes why wouldn’t we Jjs:to not overuse a gag Mythix:speaking of that i want to celebrate a party for winx club and anyone on sbc is invited Jjs:you are not hosting a party you have sbc school tomorrow mythix:if i can’t host this party then i will turn all the skins into breadwinners and sanjay and craig and pets or pests skins Jjs:ok you can host a party Magic:good who should i invite first Wintermelon:invite the winx club Mythix:i was already doing that (the winx club come) Tecna:hi everyone our friend mythix invited us here Obab:what's next the breadwinners Mythix:about that i could only invite one the other one was sick (sway sway comes in with 1000 loaves of bread) Sway sway: i brought lots of bread like pizza bread and french fry bread Wintermelon:ew pizza bread wait did you say french fry bread (wintermelon eats all the fry bread) Wintermelon:now i can say breadwinners is better than the loud house Rdsp:also weren’t you magic last episode Mythix:i changed my name for this episode to celebrate winx club Rdsp:oh Obab and slug:WHY DID YOU INVITE A BREADWINNER HERE Magic:everyone is invited except banned sbc members (tom and jerry enter) (through the power of slapstick jjs’ room is destroyed) jjs:WTF WHY MY ROOM I HAD MY HIDDEN V13 SKIN IN THERE (handy manny enters) Handy manny:i can fix it jjs:NO GET OUT ONLY BOB THE BUILDER AND THE FRY COOKS ARE ALLOWED TO FIX MY SKINS (handy manny walks out) (spongebob walks in) Spongebob:did you say i can fix it ok (spongebob uses his spatula covered in grease and ruins the skin more) Spongebob:did i help a bit jjs:HELP HELP YOU HELPED ENOUGH TODAY GET AWAY FROM ME AND BY FRY COOK I MEANT CHA KIERAN AND PATTY Rdsp:ew sitw reference Mythix:anyways more guests should be arriving soon) (duman walks in) Duman:i am here to destroy the party (duman transforms into a cat and scratches at the banner) Jcm:ew a cat (jcm starts barking) (jcm chases duman around the room) (ogron enters the room) Ogron:hello winx i am here to conquer this party (winx enter butterflix) Ogron:looks like your new transformation is weaker than us (tecna stops ogron with prismatic ray Ogron:ok we give up don’t hurt us wait where’s duman\ Jjs:and where is jcm (in jjs’ room) (we see the room is barely holding) (jcm and duman destroy the rest of the room then enter patty’s room) Jjs:you owe me for how badly this party went Mythix:fine but can i have my name changed back Jjs:you owe me 5000 doubloons first Mythix:fine (mythix pays up) Jjs:and your king neptune Mythix:fine (mythix pays again) jjs:NOW NEVER HOST ANOTHER PARTY AGAIN (sbc falls apart) jjs:ARE YOU KIDDING ME NOW I HAVE TO REBUILD THE FORUM (mythix’s username gets changed back to magic) Magic:no hard feelings jjs:NO HARD FEELINGS TERMINOOB IS COMING BACK TOMORROW Magic:ouch sorry about that Jjs:for now on you have to do chores Magic:but i hate chores Jjs:no buts i don’t care if you miss a 93 iv palpitoad on pokecord Magic:but chores are so boring Jjs:you will be done with them once the forum is fixed Magic:at least it could not be worse (ssj comes from a portal Ssj:i have come to invade sbc magic:welp here we go again Jjs:um magic’s party kinda destroyed sbc so come back in a later episode Ssj:fine i will be back for episode 10 Episode 3 splitting mythix coming next friday
  4. yeah i was not asked to before so i will work on that after and stuff with the last jedi
  5. i liked the first movie so who knows maybe this movie has a chance of being good
  6. 1 sharks vs pods 2 pull up a barrel 3 copybob 4 married to money 5 the whole tooth 6 the fishbowl 7 whats eating patrick 8 salsa 9 sactuary 10 nutmare 11 mall girl 12 executive 13 company picnic
  7. Episode 1 another show Magic:i have decided to make another show (sbc gets trapped into a vortex) Obab:wtf another show why Rdsp:can it at least not be script mode and have us type in caps Magic:next episode maybe or the next 100 depends when we have the winx club forum event Jjs:why would i host a winx club event this is a spongebob forum lol Magic:because its my show (winx club skins start being on the forum) Jjs:wtf how is this possible Magic:what i say goes Jcm:whats next you make me get a cat avatar not in a million years i hate cats (jcm reappears with a cat avatar) jcm:WHY Magic:looks like the caps barrier is broken i just wanted sbc to stop using caps Rdsp:not to be a grammar nazi but well WE NEED CAPS (everyone’s grammer i mean grammar fixes but Magic’s) Finally said Rdsp Wait where are the periods and things we use for people speaking said Wintermelon Magic:well i programmed it so those would be harder to fix Well as long as you don’t program me to like Jo Jo Siwa then thats ok said Wintermelon Magic:thanks for giving me an idea (literally 1 second later) WHY DO I HAVE A PEANUT SQUIRREL AVATAR SAID OBAB mythix:FOR ALWAYS SPAMMING THICC I don’t want to do a Winx Club Jep but since i have to said Jjs magic:oh and the prize is 50 king neptunes I guess since i have to said Jjs Magic:oh and obab you now have to wear a shock collar that will zap you each time you say thicc and each time you get zapped you like henry danger more (shock collar appears on obab) Thicc thicc thicc thicc said Obab (obab gets zapped 4 times) Henry Danger is better than Sonic Boom’s cartoon said Obab do you think mythix is going too far said goofy goober Nah said wintermelon (after jep) Looks like magic won by getting all the points you can in a game so he wins 50 king neptunes said Jjs Magic:might as well make an episode about a king neptune in the future Magc:i have decided to cancel the show and make a new show 3 months later :godhimself: said wintermelon Please don’t just continue this show instead of making 100 show topics said Obab Magic:oh wait heres the deed of sbc back so even during this reign i have no full control Jjs At least you don’t have full control like the cytube show minus episodes you written said obab Lets celebrate by watching Wunschpunsch said Prez Magic:also obab you can take off the shock collar now Christmas Danger is better than Krab Borg said Obab Magic:oh god did he say thicc 6 more times sheesh (shock collar gets taken off) I promise to never say thicc again said Obab (all affects of Magic controlling sbc are gone) 1 episode later Thicc thicc thicc thicc is better than Winx club and paw patrol combined said Obab Here we go again said Jjs and Magic Their actors said Obab (Winter and Slug post Sonic’s feet) AAAHHHH said Obab (Obab runs away) Episode 2 Winx Club’s 15th Birthday coming next Friday
  8. a pretty enjoyable show i love it 10/10 show
  9. either that or its because its just a small gag
  10. i am pretty sure that was to boost the ratings spongebob still gets high ones so i doubt it will get a crossover as long as it does not get a loud house crossover we are good
  11. this was a fantastic season better than anything i can write
  12. i hope its as good as seasons 10 and 11 or as good as season 8
  13. lets celebrate the god who created yoshi ratings btw my leg sucks 3/13 tyler is a happy yoshi
  14. better opinion high sea diving is the worst episode for promoting littering and squid noir sucks for showing none from michigan
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