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  1. Whats the worst show with a cat as a main character that you have ever watched
  2. no more normies from winston steinburger and sir dudley ding dong is one of the best episodes of a show ever
  3. Episode 2 the fate of 2 worlds (At a secret base somewhere inside toon world) (We see a guy hiding behind shadows) ???:it's a good thing I happened to snatch you from the portal before you got here Winter:who are you (We see the guy leaving the shadowy looking area (We see the guy is greninja) Winter:did mythix make this show oh right) Greninja:yes he did but i will be the one who will end it with a depressing ending he never had control of this show ever due to my precious robots Winter:cartoons are real I can't believe it Greninja:of course but I was the most sentient you see my anger from me being written out of the Pokemon anime has made me rageful and filled with desire for revenge I had a bond with ash Winter:ash greninja was forced Greninja(screaming):no one should ever says that to me Winter:ok admittedly I was saying that because mythix says that and I wanted to annoy you greninja:spread the virus my puppets (Rdsp and obab walk up to winter and poke winter) Greninja:now I'll all need to do is wait for the blood moon which isn't actually made of blood just the moon turns into a shade of red that looks like blood and gives me the ability to combine super polymerization regular polymerization instant fusion and ultra polymerization to create chaos fusion which will allow me to make sacrifices to permanently fuse me with ash and make me much stronger than we ever were in our ash greninja form you see this virus was made so I could create this blood moon by sucking up energy from all who have gotten it Rdsp obab and winter:got it master (With our main characters) (Jjs spits out coffee he was drinking while reading his tablet readings) Jjs:according to the readings on my tablet the virus is getting to so many characters i it can affect liveaction now due to how strong it's getting Mythix:this is getting really bad Klu:I'll solve the mystery of who did it Mythix:then let's get to it (Enter song) Mythix:klu is on the case Jjs:klu is on the case Klu:can I stop this virus or will it get to us Song singer:now that the virus is getting stronger we are at risk Klu:could it take over this world Mythix:we won't let it happen Jjs:because we don't know if this thing can end Jjs mythix and klu:so we'll make a cure (Song end) Jjs:remember I mentioned that apparently I did not create the virus (Flashback) Jjs:it turns out my portal did not create the virus someone else did according to my tablet (Flashback end) (Back with greninja) Greninja:a few more infections and I can create a blood moon for 3 hours) Rdsp:what can we do master) Greninja:I would have you infect more people but having you guys go through portals takes energy of mine so stay wait i just realized something hold hands Rdsp:yes master (Rdsp obab and winter are turned into dust from touching hands) Greninja:what I didn't tell them is that when people who have the virus touch each other's hands all their remaining energy is sucked out of them and they turn to dust thus giving me all their power now tonight I'll make that blood moon and I'll destroy earth and toon world and remake them in my vision (With Jaden Yuki) Chazz:it's time to duel (Flash a few minutes where chazz is about to win the duel with armed dragon catapult cannon) Chazz:armed dragon catapult cannon attack with cannon catapult blast (Jaden's life points drop down to zero while chazz has 4000 Chazz:told you my deck upgrade was going to be good (Jaden looks at his deck) Jaden:hey where did my fusion cards go (Back with mythix) Wile e coyote:the world's ratings are of the scale someone must be making a blood moon they must be up to something really bad G3 rainbow dash:we must stop them at all costs Mythix:we'll need some cartoons to help us jjs call the Winx club (Jjs uses his tablet to call the Winx club and Danny phantom who all are luckily not affected by the virus and they accept in helping the fight) (Back with greninja it's now 10 pm in toon time) Greninja:now it's blood moon time (Greninja blasts the moon and it turns red but also the sky starts to turn into gray and red at the same time) Greninja:now chaos fusion I use mythix and Chloe Carmichael and all of ash's unova team the remaining energy of the drawn together cast that isn't erased bliss Donny and the Powerpuff girls and scrappy doo as the sacrifice (All of those used in the sacrifice are seen being pulled energy into greninja Greninja:now fuse me with ash ketchum and this time we will actually fused in a proper way (The fusion summon animation from the yugioh arc v anime begins to play but instead there's lightning and its super dark and greninja and ash fuse in the opposite direction it normally appears in the anime) Greshadow:from now on i am no longer greninja i am greshadow and i shall take over this entire world (greshadow is shown to look like a shiny greninja mixed in with all the aspects of ash greninja but its 10 feet tall and he has ash’s unova hat on) Greshadow:i am the ultimate being (greninja walks outside as to not destroy his house as he snaps his finger and absorbs all the remaining energy of the toons with viruses and greninja grows to be 17 feet tall) Greninja:mwahahahahahahaha thanks for creating my virus for me clemont Clemont:of course i wish to serve you (back with our heroes) Klu:where is mythix Jjs:i don’t know but i think the fabric of this world is falling apart Wile e coyote:i think i found out who it is G3 rainbow dash:that person looks creepy (they hear lightning outside) Greshadow:i have achieved perfect power (the winx club and roxy in cosmix for the winx and believix for roxy and danny phantom come) All of the winx club plus roxy:winx convergence Greshadow:that barely did anything to me MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA to achieve my perfect form i only need to absorb one more sacrifice that didn’t have the virus Roadrunner:then why didn’t you do that earlier Greshadow:because i thought it would be funny if you watched me absorb iris from pokemon (somewhere in unova) Iris:i really hope i can get over my fear of ice types) (she is absorbed into greninja) (greshadow grows to 100 feet tall) (inside of the realm they have been sent to) Mythix:this stinks Chloe:i hope they can defeat him Iris:what could this stone that appeared in my hand be Xandir:it could be the key to getting us out of here let me rub it to see what it is Toot:being inside of here is even worse than not existing (xandir rubs on the stone) Iris:i hope we can get ash away from him he and cilan are my best human friends Scrappy:it says when you read this you will be granted a new power that can stop the ultimate evil from destroying everything (a glow comes out of the rock as the megaforce and samurai power rangers appear in the outside realm) (back with the characters outside) Troy jaden and lauren:whats this power (we hear gosei’s voice zords combine legendary mega samurai gigazord ready) (all zords featured in samurai along with all the megaforce zords and super megaforce zords are combined) All super megaforce rangers robo knight and all samurai rangers:mega mode power ha (the super megaforce suits are all transformed to look more like mega mode only suit that is not changed is robo knight’s and they are put into the cockpit of the megazord which is like the super megaforce one but remade to fit all 14 rangers that are in it) (inside the cockpit) (mike activates shogun mode) All the rangers:super ultimate samurai victory charge activate (a rainbow beam of light attacks greshadow) (back outside the cockpit) Greshadow:you thought that could destroy me once i defeat you this world will be reshaped in my eyes Greshadow:shadow charge (the legendary mega samurai gigazord is destroyed and the samurai and megaforce rangers and robo knight are all erased) Greshadow:now nothing can stop me Tecna:are you sure you used so much energy in trying to destroy earth and the sun that you aren’t at full health along with the blast weakening you more and how do you know for sure they are gone) (the legendary mega samurai gigazord returns to existence along with all the rangers inside it but this time the operation overdrive rangers and all their zords appear and combine with the legendary mega samurai gigazord) gosei: legendary mega samurai gigamax ready) Wile e coyote and jjs:you see the magical stone that was used allowed them 2 chances if the first time failed the operation overdrive rangers could appear and create this powerup (in the cockpit of the legendary mega samurai gigamax) All the rangers:ultimate dimensional victory charge activate (outside) (greshadow is shown to be seizing to exist) Jjs:what now G3 rainbow dash:well darling our world will be reset and some changes may happen to the human world and your world i do know that everyone who was erased will be recreated and everyone who was in greshadow but mythix will have their shows remade or have a spinoff due to being inside of greshadow making it impossible to come back in their current forms due to them being inside him when he was erased from existence (2 days later the blood moon is gone and the sky is back to normal and everyone who was used in greshadow’s sacrifice with the fusion cards was respawned with 2 exceptions with spanky ham no longer existing being replaced with a parody of yuma from yugioh zexal) Scrappy doo:thanks for saving us all we had a fun time with all of you Rdsp obab and winter:unfortunately all our friends on the island are turned into stone Yuka (parody of yuma from the new drawn together version):since greshadow is gone his effect of the island turning to stone should be gone and you will all be transported to your own world but unfortunately this will create a rippling effect creating 2 universes one where the events of ever since you got transported to that island happened and one where all of it never happened and your friends in the first timeline will be back home before you guys Jjs:i finally managed to create a portal to get us back to our homes we’ll miss you (mythix tries walking in but ends up getting bounced back) Iris:unfortunately it appears due to the events of mythix being part of greshadow’s sacrifices he is now considered a cartoon character Jjs rdsp klu obab and winter:we’ll miss you mythix Mythix:i’ll miss you too (jjs rdsp klu obab and mythix walk into the portal and walk into their world) Mythix:guess i can spend time with you guys G3 rainbow dash:i also forgot to mention i updated the machine a bit so they can be transferred to the day they were sent now that those events will never happen and also every human but the people from and no one but sbc will remember you existed Mythix:that is a great idea due to me now being meant to be a cartoon now Scrappy:would you like a new name since mythix was a username and this show can’t have you exposing your real name Mythix:can i be called ray since that's what vector was called while he was pretending to be yuma's friend on earth and i was thinking of making my username vector the darkrai and it reflects on the fact I'm living a different life now Yuma:of course Vector:I'm perfectly fine with that (The end) now that this show is ended i have an announcement i will be making new lits based on already existing media in this same thread if anyone wants to write I'll give them 2000 doubloons if i think the episode is good enough Current projects Pokemon lit restarting ash's adventures but this time in unova Ppg reboot focusing on mixing aspects of all shows Fairly oddparents remake introducing Chloe in season 1
  4. Season 2 episode 1 welcome to toon world (At g3 rainbow dash's house) G3 Rainbow dash:welcome to toon world darling a bunch of toons and liveaction shows and movies came to life randomly Jjs:wait what G3:yeah and a ray that looked like a rainbow came shooting out of the sky Mythix:that's what the ray that sent us to this world looked like Rdsp:does that mean Klu:who knew jjs could create life Jjs:well I never thought it was possible either (We see 3 planets filled with life that have giant statues of jjs) Jjs:(laughs in a nervous way) (We suddenly see a zombie looking version of minty walking in) Rdsp:I think that ray spread a virus Klu:uh oh (They all run away only for the virusified minty to grab onto obab and the virus is spread to him) Jjs:I'll work on a cure Narrator:jjs loves working on a cure everyone loves working on cures Klu:what are you Peppa pig's narrator Peppa pig Narrator:actually I am your shows narrator had to get a drink of water so he asked me to look out on all narrating this show needs Jjs:um we should probably get back to running away Mythix:good idea (They get near a cliff but walk over it without noticing) Rdsp:um how did we not fall off that and walk to the other side of land (Mythix falls off instantly) Jjs:I'm gonna miss him (starts crying) Rdsp:how did he fall off but not us (Mythix's ghost comes up and flies next to jjs) Mythix:silly rdsp its because I looked down and we're in a desert that looks like it came from a roadrunner cartoon haven't you watched enough television we are in a toon world after all Jjs:if we're using toon logic will you be back to normal by commercial break (One commercial break later) (We now see mythix is alive again) mythix:it's a good thing we're using Looney tunes logic (We see the roadrunner and wile e coyote come running through) (A trap meant for roadrunner falls on mythix) Mythix:oh come on this is ridiculous I love cartoons but I hate being in them G3 rainbow dash:darling why did you trap my friend Wile e coyote:hey roadrunner my old pal could we stop our game while I talk to these people Roadrunner:okay Mythix:the road runner can talk Road runner:yeah I just prefer not to during our games Jjs:I thought wile e coyote wanted to eat you Wile e coyote:hahahahahahahaha no I would never eat a roadrunner that's disgusting we're just friends who like to play games due to our cartoon logic Mythix: we should go to Rdsp:no we are not going to the drawn together part of this world to see how it would look like after the movie Mythix:how did you now Jjs:he read the captions (We see captions that say I want to see what happened to the drawn together cast in this world since they all died in the movie) Wile e coyote:ok so as the virus spreads it's messing up our worlds the more people who get the virus the more cartoon logic will not work and the world's will mess up that's why your friend turned into a ghost until the commercial instead of becoming flat like a pancake and why you guys faded during a commercial (1 commercial break later) Wile e coyote:break mythix:I love when commercials interrupt important scenes Jjs:HOW (We see a virusified bugs bunny and Lola bunny) Mythix:no relation G3 rainbow dash:what Mythix:it's a joke from tiny toons theirs characters named babs bunny and buster bunny who are not related but say no relation when they bring that up Jjs:RUN (G3 rainbow dash rdsp jjs klu and mythix wile e coyote and road runner start running away from bugs and Lola) Wile e coyote:I know where the portals to the other parts of toon world are Mythix:now I'm thinking of yugioh (They enter inside of wile e coyote's house) Wile e coyote:I've been making portals to come across my friends (Bugs and Lola walk in) Bugs:we want to infect you (Wile e coyote mythix jjs rdsp g3 rainbow dash klu and roadrunner all jump into the portals) (in the paw patrol world) (We see all the paw patrol have been infected already) Mythix:you have got to be kidding me (The characters run again) Mythix:of all shows it had to be paw patrol (Rubble comes driving in his vehicle) Mythix:you have got to be kidding me Wile e coyote:my portals have one more use lets try it) (Rdsp is scratched by rubble) Mythix:NOOOOOOOO (Wile e coyote fires his ray and mythix jjs klu g3 rainbow dash wile e coyote and roadrunner are sucked into it) (In the world of fresh beat band) Wile e coyote:we're saved until the virus gets stronger as long as we're in a liveaction show we are protected from it but the virus is causing the normal portals to shut so that's why almost no one is going into these parts of the world since right now we are in liveaction) Twist:hello new people its nice to meet you we don’t see cartoons very often come around here (everyone is turnt into liveaction due to this being in a liveaction show yes even the characters who were already animated) Jjs:can we stay here so we can work on the vaccine for this virus shout:of course you're welcome to stay would you like to sing along with us Mythix:of course I love your show Mythix:cause when you fall Fresh beat band:or skin your knee (one friends give friends a hand song later) Jjs:would You want to help me wile e since you're a genius Wile e:of course Narrator:so as our heroes are now in the world of the fresh beat band how long until the virus gets stronger heres a total recap of peoples current states jcm wintermelon goobz slug patty hippy coffee and clappy and Hayden are on sbc island turnt to stone along with all the evil robots rdsp and obab are infected jjs klu and mythix are not infected non infected cartoon characters include wile e coyote roadrunner and g3 rainbow dash they befriended marina twist kiki and shout who are members of the fresh beat band for cartoon characters ryder rubble marshall chase rocky zuma and sky bugs bunny lola bunny and minty are infected
  5. Season 1 finale the destruction of sbc (note I scratched the season 1 ideas that were remaining and decided to move onto season 2 after this episode) jjs:have you guys noticed something odd about mythix Obab:like what Jjs:like the fact he had his hair turn on fire or the fact he has been strangely cruel like that time he took over sbc in episode 1 or (Flashback to back when jep existed) Jjs:game is catdog themed mythix:I hate catdog turn it to every witch way themed Jjs:no rdsp had a king Neptune he used to make this game Mythix:fine (All the skins turned into Dora the explorer themed) jjs:I get you hate catdog but how did you even change our skins Mythix:I love plot armor Jjs:I'm going to ban you (Jjs tries banning mythix but all it does is damage the jeopardy room and mythix is immediately unbanned) Jjs:I hate plot armor (Flashback end) Jjs:and that's why we cancelled jeopardy (Off sbc island) (We see the "skin on mythix" fall off and we see metal under it and a bunch of controls) Robot mythix:master I decided we should make a genie so we can drain the plot armor that we took off regular me so once we destroy sbc they can't fix it (The chair of robo obab turns around and we see he is the master of the evil robots) Robo obab:good they will never be able to get home if they can't even be on sbc Robo jjs:reminds me of when we made that virus that sucked sbc users in (Flashback) (In the real world) Jcm:oh boy it's the 2019 spin-off festival (At obab's house) Obab:oh nice I love the skin this year (Suddenly a portal appears out of the devices of everyone who was on sbc in the past 15 minutes and everyone gets sucked in) (We see rdsp jjs jcm obab wintermelon goobz slug patty hippy coffee and clappy and Hayden and klu)getting sucked into the portal ) (Turns out robo Hayden and robo sbl were the robbers in its an sbc christmas) Narrator:now you may be wondering how was mythix not sucked into the portal you see (At mythix's house it's 1 pm on Saturday and mythix is still sleeping) robo jjs:now let's do this (They blast mythix into the internet in space so they could take over the show) (But not after we see them turning jcm into a dog) (On sbc island) Jjs:where are we jcm:and why am I a dog and why do I suddenly want to chase squirrels and cats Wintermelon:this can only be the work of a new mythix show Robo Mythix:I have decided to make another show (Sbc gets a forcefield over it) Robo mythix:(thinking) I'll just change this to me putting it into a vortex around sbc so no one finds about our secret so I can drain the plot armor and make it so they can never fix sbc (Flashback end) (In space on a rocket) mythix:I have to get out of here thank goodness in the internet we apparently don't need food since this is not our physical forms (Outside sbc island on the same island the robots are) Robo toons and robo users:Tonight we strike and destroy sbc (With robo mythix) Genie:I shall grant you nine wishes please not this only affects people on internet earth since you drained the plot armor enough to where i can't affect the whole internet galaxy (9 wishes later) Robo mythix:and my final wish is for sbc island to be destroyed in 3 hours) Genie:all your wishes have been granted (The genie turns to dust due to the plot armor being successfully drained) (With jjs a few minutes ago) Jjs:I can detect genie magic I should put the hat I made in case something like this ever happened) (Jjs puts a machine hat on his head) (Jjs uses his headphones he invented to hear what they say) (A few minutes later on discord) obab:don't guy guys just hate avatar the last air bender klu:it's even worse than the Simpsons but both shows are garbage Jjs:oh no it's already happened Klu:what happened Jjs:your memories are being altered by a genie i put a hat I invented that is shaped like a tinfoil hat to avoid having my memories altered obab:hahhahahha you've been watching too much movies recently jjs winter:obab you know how much of an inventor jjs is I believe him Everyone else but robo mythix:I agree Robo mythix:you're just pathetic and stupid jjs I always hated you Rdsp:wtf mythix jjs:hes just using his Clone to replace him while doing his wishes it turns out he's a robot that replaced the regular mythix think of it his head set on fire and he did not die or feel any pain Robo mythix:so you found out jjs:we have to get out before the robots attack robo bloom:you thought we were the real cartoon characters but we are now to destroy all the buildings Jjs:to my house Jjs:I put the forcefield on my house it can only last a few of these attacks Jjs:you know that forcefield that keeps us from leaving I found a way to get past that I'm going to finish that machine that gets us out of here plot armor or no plot armor jjs:I also managed to get mythix back from space Mythix:hi Everyone:we missed you mythix now that we know you were gone Mythix:I missed you guys too rdsp:I wonder who made the robots let me guess some random sbc user we think of as bad Mythix:I wonder too Wintermelon:probably whaleblubber or Elsa or jaleco or sperngeyberb jjs:I also used a machine that can return all your memories to normal (All their memories that the genie changed are returned to normal) jjs:ok their the machine is done (The machine glitches when turned on and only manages to bring jjs obab rdsp wintermelon klu and mythix to the portal) robo mythix:yay sbc island is gonna be gone in 10 seconds Robo tecna:aren't we on the island Robo mythix:worth it Narrator:what the robots did not know is that the genie still had a rule that it could not kill people so all it did was turn the entire island to stone Robo rdsp:what's happening stuff is turning to stone Robo mythix:oh come on (Inside jjs' house Everyone inside jjs' house:oh no we were left behind this is bad Narrator:it turned out that jjs' machine also glitched by making cartoons real and sent jjs obab rdsp klu and mythix to a cartoon world and jjs also accidentally spread a virus throughout the cartoons (In the g3 mlp world) G3 rainbow dash:hello darlings wintermelon:NOOOOOOOOO mythix:how did this happen Jjs:looks like we ran out of time but I heard the narrator say that I accidentally made cartoons real and I spread a virus mythix:what could this virus being doing Narrator:sorry mythix but we ran out of time see you all next season Mythix:don't you dare make the episode end The end See you all next season
  6. i prefer the season 10 fop intro over the other fop intro duelist kingdom may be the worst arc in all of the yugioh franchise because the duels got so boring and hard to watch the best arc in that yugioh show is actually the virtual world arc with noah because of how entertaining the duels are and the story is amazing (even if its not as good as anything from arc v's first 2 seasons or anything from zexal i say first 2 arc v seasons because i never saw anything from arc v after that yugi yami yugi and yusei are boring protaginists galaxy eyes photon dragon looks so much cooler than blue eyes white dragon channel chasers is only a 7/10 chop kick panda is a better movie than kung fu panda rainbow dash from fim is one of my least favorite animated character (shes amazing in g3 and g3.5 though) master roshi is an awful dragonball franchise character megaforce is my favorite power rangers season and dino charge is my least favorite the simpsons is a bad show and always has been homer simpson is a terrible character stinkfly was one of my least favorite aliens in the original continuity because of its terrible design and i am glad the reboot improved it
  7. obab from 2016:tos is good obab now:tos is awful wintermelon:tough guys let it all out is an awful scene slug:i am an honest slug rdsp:oshawott is good
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